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FF/RWD: FX Recipe: A Nip, a Tuck, A Dash of ‘Anarchy’

Now in its 20th year, FX has launched some of the most inventive shows on basic cable and sent several industry figures into the stratosphere. Mainstay 'Sons of Anarchy' starts its final season Sept. 9.
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FF/RWD: This Is the End

As the last season of AMC’s acclaimed Mad Men begins—and we try to forget the end of How I Met Your Mother—it’s time to take a look at some memorable series finales and get ready to say good-bye to other shows that have announced they’ll be taking their last laps.

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FF/RWD: It’s Hip to Be Square

TV history has a periodic table-sized list of popular nerd characters, and they’ve always been on the outside looking in. Not anymore. A slew of shows with nerdy folks at the center proves that it’s now all geek to us.