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George Winslow

Nets Reach for the Clouds in Vegas

What began as a groundswell of interest in cloud and IP technologies last year is likely to expand into a much broader mass movement at this week’s 2016 NAB Show, as a number of broadcasters and cable network groups begin to radically revamp their own infrastructures and the ways they deliver video to consumers. ...

Stations Bring New Tech Wish Lists to Las Vegas

As the 2016 Nab Show begins, broadcast stations are facing a period of massive change and uncertainty as they grapple with the upcoming spectrum repack and rapid technological changes. ...

The Tech That Turns Advertising’s Rubik’s Cube

Rapidly changing advertising and television business models are making traffic and billing software more important than ever, which can be both a boon for vendors and a headache. ...

Super Bowl 50 Marks an IP Milestone

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