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Marathon Men: Wheeler, Pai Face Hill

In its third FCC oversight hearing in the past four months, the House Communications Subcommittee spent several hours Tuesday gently grilling FCC chairman Tom Wheeler and senior Republican commissioner Ajit Pai on a host of topics. ...

Genachowski, McDowell Push for More Govt. Spectrum

Former Democratic FCC chairman Julius Genachowski and former senior Republican commissioner Robert McDowell frequently did not see eye-to-eye, but they are on the same page with each other, as well as cable ops, when it comes to freeing up more government spectrum for Wi-Fi. ...

NAB Mum on Mexico Coordination Announcement

The FCC says it has agreements in place to coordinate the repacking of TV stations along the Mexican border after the broadcast incentive auction with Mexico's similar move of its TV stations below Ch. 37 as part of its analog-to-digital transition. The National Association of Broadcasters, which has indicated intense interest in the issue, is said to be waiting to get more details before weighing...

Pai Pans Wireless Repack of TV Stations

FCC commissioner Ajit Pai has a host of serious bones to pick with the FCC's incentive auction plans — particularly repacking TV stations in the wireless band — and has made them clear to members of the House Communications Subcommittee. ...



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