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Robert Edelstein

The Five Spot: Dave Boone

On the morning of the recent Tony Awards ceremony, news started seeping in of the tragic shootings in Orlando, Fla., that left 49 dead. That created an important task for Dave Boone, a two-time Emmy winner and one of the most sought-after head writers of awards shows on U.S. television. Boone crafted some thoughts that, in collaboration with the writers for Tonys host James Corden, was delivered...

The Five Spot: Paula Weinstein

Paula Weinstein has enjoyed a successful producing career bopping back and forth between quality theatricals (Analyze This, A Perfect Storm) and groundbreaking television films (Citizen Cohn, Truman, Too Big to Fail). Her latest trick in that balancing act comes courtesy of her post as both executive VP of Tribeca Enterprises and EP for the Netflix series Grace and Frankie, which costars her...

Trying to Restore the THRONE of GAMES

The host, with a sly grin on his face, stares across at the celebrity contestant. The two are locked in a battle of wits in a game that’s simple, satisfying and ready-made for humor. Each person—separated by a large black panel with a small opening—must pick one of nine boxes, show the TV and studio audience its contents and describe it to the other person…who must guess if the description...

Power 100 2015

Even as we type the words “power List,” we understand that such lists have become something of an end-of-year staple, as much a part of the late-December festivities as noisemakers, champagne and Pitbull. ...

Don Garber

When Don Garber was a kid, growing up in Bayside, Queens, the schoolyard was everything. He’d come home from school, make himself a sandwich and head on over to hang out and play. Everybody was Italian, Irish or African-American—“I was the sole Jewish kid in my group of friends,” he says. Not that it mattered; it was all about the asphalt or the field, the competition and camaraderie, and...



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