Sinclair Talks Tough

Broadcast group says FCC’s gal should include the development of a next-gen broadcast technical standard that would allow TV service to improve 2/04/2013 12:01:00 AM Eastern

Sinclair Broadcast Group has suggested that the
Hippocratic Oath approach taken by broadcasters—
it begins with ”first do no harm”—that
seems to guide the upcoming spectrum incentive
auction shortchanges both the medium
and its audience. In comments on the FCC’s
September Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
(NPRM) suggesting a framework for auctions
and broadcast spectrum reclamation, Sinclair
says the FCC’s goal should include the development
of a next-generation broadcast technical
standard that would allow TV service to
improve, not just survive the government push
toward wireless broadband.

Sinclair points out that the FCC is all about
innovation and new technology and services.
It suggests broadcasters have not been invited
to that dance as well: “Sinclair finds the attitude
of the NPRM troubling in that it aspires,
at best, to do minimal harm to the broadcasting
service. This aims far too low. The same
NPRM touts the benefits that ‘flexible use’
of spectrum and evolving technology have
brought to consumers and the economy.”

Why go through the trouble of moving hundreds
of TV stations, says Sinclair, and not take
the opportunity to improve service on the other
end of that process?

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