TV Ad Tech’s New Players

A company-by-company guide to the newest platforms available

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With interest heating up in programmatic advertising approaches that help automate buying and selling of inventory, B&C and MCN offer this list of advertising technology companies that are developing programmatic tools.

The list is not intended to be comprehensive; there are hundreds of ad technology companies playing one part or another in this ecosystem for digital platforms, where programmatic buying is already a well-established practice. In addition, deployments in the TV industry are still in their infancy, making it difficult to keep track of all the emerging players.

Rather, the list is intended as a snapshot of the range of technologies currently available. Each listing provides key contacts, a brief description of the kind of technologies the companies provide and, where possible, a sense of the work they are already doing with TV companies.


CONTACTS: Bob Lord, global CEO, AOL Platforms, (212) 652-6317; Dan Ackerman, head of programmatic TV, AOL Platforms, (650) 937-3803


OFFERING:’s programmatic video platform is already used to plan, buy and measure billions of video ads every month across the Web, mobile and linear television. Its cross-screen programmatic video technology is also being built into One by AOL, which the company says will provide a holistic view of a consumer’s journey through the marketing funnel.


CONTACTS: Brendan Condon, CEO, Media Properties Holdings,, (212) 260-4712; Sean King, chief revenue officer,, (951) 216-6570


OFFERING: Launched in 2013, AdMore’s automated TV buying platform reaches more than 110 million households across 200 DMAs. The platform is designed to optimize TV campaigns and reach targeted audiences more cost effectively; provides real-time campaign analytics along with Nielsen-verified audience and ratings measurement; also includes new tools for capturing data and using it to better reach consumers and boost sales. AdMore is a division of Media Properties Holdings.


Contact: Josh Speyer CEO, (888) 451-4705


Offering: A mobile ad serving and mediation platform that includes a variety of yield optimization tools; works with thousands of apps, from premium publishers to independent developers, to improve their existing ad network revenue through mediation and by tapping into the aerMarket’s demand inventory. On the programmatic front, it allows mobile video buyers to purchase mobile video inventory across AerServ’s platform, which encompasses billions of mobile video ad impressions daily. AerServ mobile RTB, which is based on the openRTB standard, has served hundreds of millions of impressions to date across dozens of partners in the private alpha.


Contact: Dave Irwin, president,, (630) 778-2764; Eric Schmitt, executive VP communications, TV and media,, (617) 794-1459


Offering: A major provider of advanced TV advertising software and data products used by leading TV distributors, network programmers and Fortune 500 advertisers; its Audience Interconnect platform has been used in hundreds of TV, VOD and online household and zone-addressable campaigns by local and national ad sales teams. In the programmatic space, Audience Interconnect provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system and analytic platform for audience research and segmentation, addressable campaign execution and campaign measurement for premium video ads across linear TV, VOD and online.


CONTACTS: Walt Horstman, president, (212) 356-8070


OFFERING: AudienceXpress automates planning, audience buying, optimization and daily reporting for TV campaigns across a national footprint using technology from Visible World and data from many providers. It’s Web-based sell-side platform aggregates inventory from multiple TV partners and is designed to help agencies and brands simplify buying and managing programmatic television inventory. The company also provides dynamic ad insertion on more than 100 cable networks.


CONTACTS: Tod Sacerdoti, CEO/founder; Brent Horowitz, VP/business development, (415) 677-9222


OFFERING: Provides clients with access to more than 45 billion monthly impressions across Web, mobile, tablet and linear and connected-TV devices from more than 21,000 supply sources; its end-to-end platform includes BrightRoll DSP, BrightRoll for Publishers and the BrightRoll Marketplace, a 100% programmatic, real-time bidding (RTB) exchange. Works with operators and inventory aggregators to offer inventory to advertisers from networks owned by AETN, Discovery, Disney, Fox, NBCU, Turner, Viacom, Univision and others.


CONTACTS: James Ackerman, executive chairman; John Sorensen, president, (616) 454-4400


OFFERING: Broadway System’s traffic, billing and ad sales management software is widely used by cable and advanced television networks; as part of an effort to help its network clients expand their programmatic capabilities, the company has recently developed integration with a major programmatic advertising platform.


CONTACTS: Alex Terpstra, CEO, Civolution, (31) 40-4100200


OFFERING: a major provider of technology to identify, manage and monetize media content, with a major focus on digital watermarking- and finger-printing-based applications. Civolution also offers a TV-Synced Ads platform used by agencies to deliver ads to second screens that are triggered by key words in TV content. Recently added “category targeting” in twenty-plus categories to its TV-Synced Ads platform.