Technology Seeks Obama in 30 Seconds

Group Held Similar Ad Contest for Spots Opposing Bush in 2004, Resulting in ‘Child's Pay’ Ad 3/13/2008 03:22:00 AM Eastern put out a call to members and others to come up with a 30-second TV ad -- "Obama in 30 Seconds" -- on why he should be the next president.

Obama in 30 Seconds took a membershipwide vote before Super Tuesday, with two-thirds needed for an endorsement, and got 70% for Obama, according to spokesperson Adam Green.

The group held a similar ad contest for spots opposing George Bush in 2004. That resulted in the "Child's Pay" ad featuring children working in low-paying jobs to pay off the $1 trillion deficit. said the winning Obama spot will get a national TV ad buy and YouTube play. Plus, the winner gets $20,000 worth of video equipment.

Budding videographers and Obama supporters have until April 1 to submit their ad, which will be chosen by a "motley crew" of judges that includes Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, cyberspace superlawyer and academic Larry Lessig and the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

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