Digital Pin Placement

New PGA digital feature to determine how top pro golfers play the PGA Championship

In a rare development in major professional
sports and a first for the PGA, digital users will
help determine how top pro golfers play the
PGA Championship by voting on the pin placement
for the par 3 15th hole on the last day of
the tournament at Oak Hill in Rochester, N.Y.

That feature is one of several enhancements
to digital coverage of this year’s PGA Championship.
Besides letting users vote on pin placement
at, Turner Sports has launched
an expanded suite of apps and will offer extensive
streaming coverage at in addition
to the 18 hours TNT will televise Aug. 8-11.

The digital coverage itself has become a
major undertaking, accomplished with some
75 to 80 people and two dedicated trucks,
explains Tom Sahara, VP of operations and
technology for Turner Sports.

Turner’s digital coverage draws on the host
broadcaster CBS’ massive presence, which will
include 49 HD cameras, one blimp, three large
television mobile units, two small television
mobile units, eight large trailers, two mobile editing
units, four uplink trucks and some 35 miles
of 12-strand fiber optic cable. “It is really one
of the bigger events we do,” says Ken Aagaard,
executive VP of engineering, operations and
production services, CBS Sports.