CES: Samsung OLED TV Gets Quadruple Vision

Television allows viewers to watch two separate 3D programs simultaneously 1/09/2013 06:31:34 PM Eastern

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Las Vegas -- Samsung Electronics is showing off an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) HDTV here at the 2013 International CES that transmits four images simultaneously -- allowing two different viewers to watch two separate 3D videos.

The 75-inch "Multi-View" television also can let as many as four viewers watch four separate 2D images.

The feature works using active-shutter 3D glasses. The OLED TV displays 240 frames per second (two 3D images with left/right eye or four 2D images), and uses a Bluetooth-based signaling protocol to communicate with each pair of glasses. Tiny "shutters" in the glasses open and close to let through only the left- and right-eye images destined for the correct viewer -- without the glasses, you can see both 3D videos overlapping on the TV.

The Multi-View glasses include earbuds to deliver the accompanying audio stream for the separate videos, which also is delivered via Bluetooth wireless.

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