Star Tracker Goes to Oscars

Sportvision technology will allow for real-time celebrity tracking on the red carpet 2/20/2009 10:23:54 AM Eastern

The folks that brought you the virtual first down line in football, NASCAR's car-tracking system and the flaming puck seen in NHL broadcasts, are bringing that same technology to the Oscars.

E!'s pre-show broadcast of "Live From the Red Carpet" will include Sportvision technology that will allow real-time tracking of celebrities. The same technology was used at the Golden Globes, but there are new features this time around, says the company.

In addition to arrows and labels, Sportvision's Star Tracker image-based system will allow the hosts to track a star in "three dimensional perspective," allowing them to identify celebs who "are walking in close proximity to other celebrities who they are trying to avoid."

As with the Golden Globes, E! will also be able to create graphic "name tags" for the stars.Oscar Star Tracker

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