HBO Puts Episode Music Guides Online

Offers playlists, links to iTunes for tracks featured in episodes of ‘Treme,’ ‘Entourage’

HBO’s haunting new series Treme
has music at its core, with the
protagonist Antoine Batiste being
a trombonist and the series
itself named for a section of New
Orleans famous for its music.

This focus on music is carrying
over to the series’ online
component. Users checking out
the Treme Website on
will see what the network calls
an “episode music guide,” a
prominent section highlighting
sounds from each episode. Users
clicking through will see the name
of the song and artist, as well as
where the music appeared in the

It also features a “buy” button
on the right side of the screen
that leads to Apple’s iTunes music
store, where viewers can quickly
purchase any of the songs they
like. By referring users to iTunes,
HBO will get a cut of the sale,
though for most companies referral
revenue is generally so small as
to be inconsequential.

Treme may feature music more
prominently than most HBO
shows, but it was not the first series
to get the online music guide
treatment. An HBO spokesperson
says the network has had playlists
for selected shows, including
Entourage, for months, though
when relaunched in
January, the guides received more
prominent placement on the
show pages.

In addition to Treme and Entourage,
HBO guides are also available
for How to Make It in America.