Election Day Ad Buy for Animal Planet

Animal Planet targets politically-engaged viewers with major ad buys on CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post for Whale Wars 10/12/2008 11:10:00 PM Eastern

As this looong election season finally comes to an end, Animal Planet is hoping the electorate will happily trade donkeys and elephants for whales.

In an effort to promote its new series Whale Wars, about environmentalists who battle illegal whaling, the cable outlet is targeting politically engaged viewers with Election Day ad buys on a number of news and political sites. In addition to running ads on CNN and MSNBC, the network will have displays on and pre-rolls on CNN's video player, as well as on

Whale Wars ads will also run on the homepage and political pages of The Huffington Post on Election Day, and take over Yahoo! News the day after—when the country will presumably know who the new president is.

The campaign will also try to entice those political junkies to join the whale wars via a Space Invaders-type game in which you try to put your boat between the whales and the harpoons.

Forget "Country First" and "Yes We Can." Get ready for the return of "Save the Whales!"

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