WRAL-TV bows high-powered Baron radar

Capitol Broadcasting station WRAL Raleigh, N.C., has installed a high-powered Guardian weather radar from Baron Services, becoming the fifth station in the country to adopt Baron’s next-generation dual-polarization technology, introduced in 2004. Other Guardian users include WHNT Huntsville, Ala.; KRIV Houston; WFLD Chicago; and WNYW New York.

Baron’s dual-polarization radars differ from conventional Doppler radar systems, which transmit only a horizontal scan, by emitting both horizontal and vertical energy. Huntsville, Ala.-based Baron says the dual-polarization technique makes detection of specific precipitation types much easier, and will allow WRAL meteorologists to identify at the neighborhood level where and what type of precipitation is falling anywhere in its market.

WRAL, one of the first stations to provide high-definition newscasts, is already a longtime customer of Baron for the company’s weather graphics products. Last year, the CBS affiliate upgraded its weather graphics to Baron’s flagship FasTrac HD system.