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White House Adds Some Coverable Events

But spokesman suggests it was not a reaction to journalist complaints 11/22/2013 09:05:58 AM Eastern

The Obama Administration has added some bill-signings to the list of events open to White House press photojournalists, billing it as an example of efforts at openness.
Coming on the heels of a letter from those journalists complaining about a lack of access, Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked at a press conference Thursday whether that was in response to that letter.
He didn't exactly say no, but suggested that was not the case.
"I've seen the letter. Press access to bill signings is something that we periodically add to the President's schedule. That's something that we did just last week [the letter came this week], and I think is indicative of the efforts that we make here at the White House to give you and your colleagues access to the President as he conducts his official responsibilities as the President of the United States."

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