Two Cents

"I guess I was a bad Mouseketeer."

-Matt Drudge, after ABC Radio dropped his syndicated talk show, as reported by the Associated Press.

"Frankly, if I didn't have a hit show on TV, nobody would have called me."

-Once and Again's Billy Campbell on being cast as Moses in NBC's In The Beginning, reported by AP.

"I'd rather walk through a furnace in a gasoline suit."

-CBS' Dan Rather on election-night mistakes, from CNN's Reliable Sources.

"Gilmore Girls is the first series to come out of the Family Friendly Programming Forum, a consortium set up by advertisers like Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson to fund shows that parents and kids can watch together. And, yes, it is a pleasant surprise to find that the consortium's definition of 'family friendly' is broad enough to include a show about a girl who got pregnant at 16, raised a great kid as a single mom and didn't go straight to hell.

-Joyce Millman, in

"With recent presidential developments in this country, the premiere of the White House comedy DAG couldn't be more out of step. That's the problem with political humor. Like fresh bread, there's a time limit on how long you can hold onto it before it is hopelessly stale."

-Terry Morrow, of the The Knoxville News-Sentinel on the new NBC series DAG.

"The big thing today is reality TV. Every week the CBS reality cameras could be following O.J. at a different golf course, searching for the killer who could be a golfer. There is no reason why O.J. shouldn't be allowed to work in his profession. Marv Albert is back on the air. Robert Downey Jr. came out of prison to woo Ally McBeal. Why not O.J.? One day they're going to pick up on the idea. Somebody's going to do it."

-Critic Marvin Kitman, in Newsday

"I just can't sit and watch because as soon as I do, I start analyzing. I say to myself, 'They could have done this scene better' or 'That was a mistake' or 'Why didn't they have this character do that? 'I can't enjoy it. So I watch the History Channel.''

-Legendary television comedian Sid Caesar, now 78, explaining in The New York Times why he doesn't watch many television sitcoms. Earlier this month, 137 working scripts for his Your Show of Shows were discovered in New York, and have been donated to the Library of Congress.

"New rule: You punch 2 holes, voting booth explodes."

-David Letterman's Top Ten ways to end presidential election confusion.

"As it turns out, you can strand [our show] in the desert of whatever night you wanted to and at least some people, the people who think our show is worth a look, would be there, they'll find it. They've proven that to us now, and I'm grateful to them."

-Kelsey Grammer, in the Los Angeles Times, explaining the strong fan base of Frasier, despite its less-glamorous Tuesday-night spot on the NBC schedule.

"My big disappointment in the move to Tuesday night was that, in the seventh or eighth season, most shows do start to drop off in quality, the audience starts to drop off in interest, and that could easily have happened to us. It didn't, and how nice it would have been for the network to believe in the show enough."

-Co-star David Hyde Pierce, also in the Los Angeles Times.