The Top 25 TV Station Groups

How To Read the Top 25

The Top 25 Station Groups are ranked according to the percentage of the 106.7 million U.S. TV homes they reach as calculated for compliance with the FCC ownership rules (coverage, FCC). The FCC method discounts the reach of UHF stations (ch. 14 and above) by half. The ranking also shows reach without the UHF discount (coverage, total). If a group owns or manages other stations in a market, those stations are not counted in the group's total. Sources: BROADCASTING & CABLE, The BIA Financial Network, Nielsen Media Research.

1 Viacom / VIA
(includes former CBS and UPN station groups)
38.81% coverage (FCC)
39 stations
44.82% coverage (total)
524 W. 57th St., New York, NY 1009
Phone: (212) 975-4321
Fax: (212) 975-6910
Sumner M. Redstone, chairman/CEO
Mel Karmazin, president-COO
Leslie Moonves, president/CEO, CBS
Fred Reynolds, president, CEO Viacom TV Stations Group
Dennis Swanson, executive vice president, COO

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WCBS-TVNew York (CBS; ch. 2)16.8296.829
KCBS-TVLos Angeles (CBS; ch. 2)24.9874.987
KCAL(TV)Los Angeles (Ind.; ch. 9)2
WBBM-TVChicago (CBS; ch. 2)33.1433.143
KYW-TVPhiladelphia (CBS; ch. 3)42.6542.654
WPSG(TV)Philadelphia (UPN; ch. 57)4
KPIX-TVSan Francisco (CBS; ch. 5)52.2842.284
KBHK-TVSan Francisco (UPN; ch. 44)5
WBZ-TVBoston (CBS; ch. 4)62.2072.207
WSBK-TVBoston (UPN; ch. 38)6
KTVT(TV)Dallas (CBS; ch. 11)72.0592.059
KTXA(TV)Dallas-Ft. Worth (UPN; ch. 21)7
WUPA(TV)Atlanta (UPN; ch. 69)91.8480.924
WWJ-TVDetroit (CBS; ch. 62)101.7820.891
WKBD(TV)Detroit (UPN; ch. 50)10
KSTW(TV)Seattle (UPN; ch. 11)121.5561.556
WCCO-TVMinneapolis-St. Paul (CBS; ch. 4)141.4951.495
KCCO-TVSAlexandria-St. Paul. (CBS; ch. 7)14
KCCW-TVSWalker-Minneapolis (CBS; ch. 12)14
WTOG(TV)Tampa-St. Petersburg (UPN; ch. 44)131.5190.760
WFOR-TVMiami-Ft. Lauderdale (CBS; ch. 4)171.3941.394
WBFS-TVMiami-Ft. Lauderdale (UPN; ch. 33)17
KCNC-TVDenver (CBS; ch. 4)181.2811.281
KMAX-TVSacramento, Calif. (UPN; ch. 31)191.1510.576
KDKA-TVPittsburgh (CBS; ch. 2)211.0931.093
WNPA(TV)Pittsburgh (UPN; ch. 19)21
WJZ-TVBaltimore (CBS; ch. 13)240.9940.994
WNDY-TVIndianapolis (UPN; ch. 23)250.9560.478
WWHO(TV)Columbus, Ohio (WB-UPN; ch. 53)340.7840.392
KUTV(TV)Salt Lake City (CBS, ch. 2)360.7210.721
KUSG (TV)SSt. George-Salt Lake City (CBS, ch. 12)36
WTVX(TV)W. Palm Beach, Fla. (UPN; ch. 34)390.6570.329
WGNT(TV)Norfolk, Va. (UPN; ch. 27)410.6350.318
WUPL(TV)New Orleans (UPN; ch. 54)420.6180.309
KAUT(TV)Oklahoma City (UPN; ch. 43)450.5970.299
WLWC(TV)Providence, R.I. (WB-UPN; ch. 28)480.5850.293
KEYE-TVAustin, Texas (CBS; ch. 42)540.5180.259
WFRV-TVGreen Bay, Wis. (CBS; ch. 5)690.3930.197
WJMN-TVEscanaba, Mich. (CBS; ch . 3)1770.0830.083

Other media interests: CBS Television Network and United Paramount Network (UPN); CBS Enterprises (CBS Broadcast International and King World Productions); Paramount Television (Paramount Network Television, Viacom Productions, Spelling Television, Big Ticket Television, Paramount Domestic Television, and Paramount International Television); Infinity Broadcasting Corp. (operates more than 180 radio stations); equity position in Westwood One (radio syndicator); Viacom Outdoor. Cable channels: MTV Networks (MTV: Music Television, VH1, Nickelodeon, TNN: The National Network, MTV2, Nick at Nite, TV Land, Country Music Television, and The Digital Suite from MTV Networks); Showtime Networks Inc.; 50% of Comedy Central (co-owned with AOL Time Warner Inc.); BET (including BET on Jazz and; Paramount Pictures; Paramount Home Entertainment; book publisher Simon & Schuster Inc., Famous Music Publishing; about 80% of Blockbuster Inc.; Famous Players, United Cinemas International, United International Pictures (film distribution); Paramount Parks. Online interests:,,, Nickelodeon Online,, Viacom Interactive Ventures (CBS, CBS,
2 Fox TV Stations / FOX
(subsidiary of News Corp. Ltd.)
37.82% coverage (FCC)
37 stations
44.44% coverage (total)
1999 S. Bundy Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone: (310) 584-2000
Fax: (310) 584-2087
K. Rupert Murdoch, chairman, News Corp.
Mitchell Stern, chairman, Fox TV Stations
Thomas Herwitz, president, station operations

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WNYW(TV)New York (Fox; ch. 5)16.8296.829
WWOR-TVNew York (UPN; ch. 9)1
KTTV(TV)Los Angeles (Fox; ch. 11)24.9874.987
KCOP(TV)Los Angeles (UPN; ch. 13)2
WFLD(TV)Chicago (Fox; ch. 32)33.1431.572
WPWR-TVChicago (UPN ch. 50)3
WTXF(TV)Philadelphia (Fox; ch. 29)42.6541.327
WFXT(TV)Boston (Fox; ch. 25)62.2071.104
KDFW(TV)Dallas-Ft. Worth (Fox; ch. 4)72.0592.059
KDFI(TV)Dallas-Ft. Worth (Ind.; ch. 27)7
WTTG(TV)Washington (Fox; ch. 5)82.0342.034
WDCA(TV)Washington (UPN; ch. 20)8
WAGA-TVAtlanta (Fox; ch. 5)91.8481.848
WJBK(TV)Detroit (Fox; ch. 2)101.7821.782
KRIV(TV)Houston (Fox; ch. 26)111.7010.851
KTXH(TV)Houston (UPN; ch. 20)11
KMSP(TV)Minneapolis-St. Paul (Fox; ch. 9)141.4951.495
WFTC(TV)Minneapolis-St. Paul (UPN; ch. 29)14
KFTC(TV)SMinneapolis-St. Paul (UPN; ch. 26)14
WTVT(TV)Tampa-St. Petersburg (Fox; ch. 13)131.5191.519
WJW(TV)Cleveland (Fox; ch. 8)151.4341.434
KSAZ-TVPhoenix (Fox; ch. 10)161.4291.429
KUTP(TV)Phoenix (UPN; ch. 45)16
KDVR(TV)Denver (Fox; ch. 31)181.2810.641
KFCT(TV)S(Fox; ch. 22)18
WRBW(TV)Orlando, Fla. (UPN; ch. 65)201.1480.574
WOFL(TV)Orlando, Fla. (Fox; ch. 35)20
KTVI(TV)St. Louis (Fox; ch. 2)221.0841.084
WUTB(TV)Baltimore (UPN; ch. 24)240.9940.497
WITI(TV)Milwaukee (Fox; ch. 6)310.8070.807
WDAF-TVKansas City, Mo. (Fox; ch. 4)330.7990.799
KSTU(TV)Salt Lake City (Fox; ch. 13)360.7210.721
WBRC(TV)Birmingham-Tuscaloosa (Fox; ch. 6)400.6470.647
WHBQ(TV)Memphis, Tenn. (Fox; ch. 13)430.6130.613
WGHP(TV)Greensboro, N.C. (Fox; ch. 8)460.5950.595
KTBC(TV)Austin, Texas (Fox; ch. 7)540.5180.518
WOGX(TV)Gainesville, Fla. (Fox; ch. 51)1620.1090.055

Other media interests: Fox only: Fox Television Network; Fox Television Entertainment Group (Fox Entertainment, Fox Television Studios, 20th Century Fox Television, Twentieth Television); cable channels Fox News Channel, Health Network, FX, 34% of Outdoor Life, 33% of Golf Channel; Fox-Liberty (sports). Networks (including Fox Sports Net): 49.5% of Fox Family Worldwide (Fox Family Channel, Fox Kids Network). Online interests: News Corp. is a partner in In Flight Network (airline audio, video and information service)
3 NBC / GE
(subsidiary of General Electric Co.)
33.55% coverage (FCC)
29 stations
38.27% coverage (total)
30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10112
Phone: (212) 664-4444
Fax: (212) 664-4085
Jeff Immelt, president/CEO, GE
Bob Wright, chairman/CEO, NBC
Jay Ireland, president, NBC Television Stations Group

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WNBC(TV)New York (NBC; ch. 4)16.8296.829
WNJU(TV)New York (Tele.; ch. 47)1
KNBC(TV)Los Angeles (NBC; ch. 4)24.9874.987
KVEA(TV)Los Angeles (Tele.; ch. 52)2
KWHY-TVLos Angeles (Ind., ch. 22)2
WMAQ-TVChicago (NBC; ch. 5)33.1433.143
WSNS(TV)Chicago (Tele.; ch. 44)3
WCAU(TV)Philadelphia (NBC; ch. 10)42.6542.654
KNTV(TV)San Jose-San Francisco (NBC, ch. 11)52.2842.284
KSTS(TV)San Francisco (Tele.; ch. 48)5
WNEU(TV)Boston (Tele.; ch. 60)62.2071.104
KXAS-TVDallas-Ft. Worth (NBC; ch. 5)72.0592.059
KXTX-TVDallas-Ft. Worth (Tele; ch. 39)7
WRC-TVWashington (NBC; ch. 4)82.0342.034
KTMD(TV)Galveston-Houston (Tele.; ch. 48)111.7010.861
KPHZ (TV)Phoenix (Ind., ch. 11)161.4291.420
WTVJ(TV)Miami-Ft. Lauderdale (NBC; ch. 6)171.3941.394
WSCV(TV)Miami-Ft. Lauderdale (Tele.; ch. 51)17
KMAS-TVSteamboat Sp.-Denver (Tele.; ch. 24)181.2810.641
KNSD(TV)San Diego (NBC; ch. 39)260.9420.471
WVIT(TV)Hartford-New Haven (NBC; ch. 30)270.9190.460
WNCN(TV)Raleigh-Durham, N.C. (Tele.; ch. 17)290.8720.436
WCMH-TVColumbus, Ohio (NBC; ch. 4)340.7840.784
KVDA(TV)San Antonio (Tele.; ch. 60)370.6730.337
WVTM-TVBirmingham-Tuscaloosa (Tele.; ch. 13)400.6490.649
WJAR(TV)Providence, R.I. (NBC; ch. 10)480.5700.570
KNSO(TV)Fresno-Visalia, Calif. (Tele. Ch. 51)570.4870.243
KHRR(TV)Tucson, Ariz. (Tele; ch. 40)740.3750.188
WKAQ-TVSan Juan, P.R. (Tele.; ch. 2)NR

Other media interests: NBC TV Network; Spanish-language Telemundo net; NBC Enterprises; cable channels Bravo, CNBC and MSNBC (with Microsoft Inc.), A&E TV Networks (joint venture with ABC Inc. and Hearst-Argyle), Telemundo cable channels Mun2 and Telemundo International, CNBC Europe; 32.5% of Paxson Communications (with option to take control); 15% of ShopNBC (formerly home shopping ValueVision International Network). Online interests:
4 Paxson / PAX
(NBC Inc. 32.5%)
30.91% coverage (FCC)
61 stations
61.83% coverage (total)
601 Clearwater Park Rd., West Palm Beach, Fla. 33401
Phone: (561) 659-412
Fax: (561) 659-4754
Lowell W. "Bud" Paxson, chairman/CEO, Paxson Communication Corp.
Dean Goodman, COO/president, Paxson Communications Corp.

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WPXN-TVNew York (ch. 31)16.8293.415
KPXN(TV)Los Angeles (ch. 30)24.9872.494
WCPX-TVChicago (ch. 38)33.1431.572
WPPX(TV)Philadelphia (ch. 61)42.6541.327
KKPX(TV)San Francisco (ch. 65)52.2841.142
WBPX(TV)Boston (ch. 68)6
WDPX(TV)sVineyard Haven-Boston (ch. 58)6
WPXG(TV)sConcord, N.H.-Boston (ch. 21)6
KPXD(TV)Dallas-Ft. Worth (ch. 68)72.0591.030
WPXW(TV)Manassas, Va.-Washington (ch. 66)82.0341.017
WWPX(TV)sMartinsburg, W.Va. (ch. 60)8
WPXA(TV)Atlanta (ch. 14)91.8480.924
WPXD(TV)Detroit (ch. 31)101.7820.891
KPXB(TV)Houston (ch. 49)111.7010.851
KWPX(TV)Seattle (ch. 33)121.5560.778
WXPX(TV)Tampa-St. Petersburg (ch. 66)131.5190.760
KPXM(TV)Minneapolis-St. Paul (ch. 41)141.4950.748
WVPX(TV)Cleveland (ch. 23)151.4340.717
KPPX(TV)Tolleson-Phoenix (ch. 51)161.4290.715
WPXM(TV)Miami-Ft. Lauderdale (ch. 35)171.3940.697
KPXC-TVDenver (ch. 59)181.2810.641
KSPX(TV)Sacramento, Calif. (ch. 29)191.1510.576
WOPX(TV)Orlando, Fla. (ch. 56)201.1480.574
KPXG-TVPortland, Ore. (ch. 22)230.9950.498
WIPX(TV)Bloomington-Indianapolis (ch. 63)250.9560.478
WHPX(TV)New London-Hartford (ch. 26)270.9190.452
WFPX(TV)Fayetteville-Raleigh, N.C. (ch. 62)290.8720.436
WRPX(TV)Rocky Mount-Raleigh, N.C. (ch. 47)29
WNPX(TV)Nashville, Tenn. (ch. 28)300.8260.413
WPXE(TV)Milwaukee (ch. 55)310.8070.404
KPXE(TV)Kansas City, Mo. (ch. 50)330.8010.401
KUPX-TVSalt Lake City (ch. 16)360.7210.361
KPXL(TV)Uvalde-San Antonio (ch. 26)370.6740.337
WZPX(TV)Battle Creek-Grand Rapids (ch. 43)380.6690.335
WPXP(TV)West Palm Beach, Fla. (ch. 67)390.6570.329
WPXH(TV)Birmingham-Tuscaloosa (ch. 44)400.6470.324
WPXV(TV)Norfolk, Va. (ch. 49)410.6350.310
WPXL(TV)TNew Orleans (ch. 49)420.6190.310
WPXJ(TV)Buffalo, N.Y. (ch. 51)440.5990.300
KOPX(TV)Oklahoma City (ch. 62)450.5970.299
WGPX(TV)Greensboro, N.C. (ch. 16)460.5950.298
WPXQ(TV)Providence, R.I. (ch. 69)480.5850.293
WBNA(TV)TLouisville, Ky. (ch. 21)500.5740.287
WPXC-TVBruns., Ga.-J'ville, Fla. (ABC; ch. 21)510.5510.276
WQPX(TV)Wilkes-Barre-Scranton, Pa. (ch. 64)530.5440.272
WYPX(TV)Albany, N.Y. (ch. 55)550.4990.250
KTPX(TV)Tulsa, Okla. (ch. 44)600.4660.233
WLPX-TVCharleston, W.Va. (ch. 29)610.4640.232
WPXK(TV)Knoxville, Tenn. (WB/Pax; ch. 54)630.4590.230
WAOM(TV)Morehead-Lexington, Ky. (ch. 67)650.4260.213
WPXR(TV)Roanoke, Va. (ch. 38)670.4170.209
KPXO(TV)Kaneohe-Honolulu (ch. 66)710.3780.189
KFPX(TV)Newton-Des Moines (ch. 39)720.3760.188
KGPX(TV)Spokane, Wash. (ch. 34)790.3570.179
WSPX-TVSyracuse, N.Y. (ch. 56)800.3520.176
KPXJ(TV)Shreveport, La. (ch. 21)810.3500.175
KPXR(TV)Cedar Rapids, Iowa (ch. 48)880.3040.152
WEPX(TV)Greenville, N.C. (ch. 38)1030.2500.125
WPXU-TVJacksonville, N.C. (ch. 35)103
WTPX(TV)Wausau, Wis. (Pax; ch. 46)1340.1650.083

Other media interests: Pax TV network
5 Tribune / TRB
29.98% coverage (FCC)
27 stations
40.11% coverage (total)
435 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 1800, Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: (312) 222-3333
Fax: (312) 329-0611
John W. Madigan, chairman, Tribune Co. Dennis J. FitzSimons, president/CEO, Tribune Co. Patrick J. Mullen, president, Tribune Broadcasting Co.

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WPIX(TV)New York (ch. 11)16.8296.829
KTLA(TV)Los Angeles (ch. 5)24.9874.987
WGN-TVChicago (ch. 9)33.1433.143
WPHL-TVPhiladelphia (ch. 17)42.6541.327
WLVI-TVBoston (ch. 56)62.2071.104
KDAF(TV)Dallas-Ft. Worth (ch. 33)72.0591.030
WBDC-TVWashington (ch. 50)82.0341.017
WATL(TV)Atlanta (ch. 36)91.8480.924
KHWB(TV)Houston (ch. 39)111.7010.851
KCPQ(TV)Seattle (Fox; ch. 13)121.5561.556
KTWB-TVSeattle (ch. 22)12
WBZL(TV)Miami-Ft. Lauderdale (ch. 39)171.3940.697
KWGN-TVDenver (ch. 2)181.2811.281
KTXL(TV)Sacramento, Calif. (Fox; ch. 40)191.1510.576
KPLR-TVSt. Louis (WB; ch. 11)221.0841.080
KWBP-TVPortland, Ore. (WB; ch. 23)230.9950.497
WTTV(TV)Indianapolis (WB; ch. 4)250.9560.956
WXIN(TV)Indianapolis (Fox; ch. 59)25
WTTK(TV)SIndianapolis (WB; ch. 29)25
KSWB-TVSan Diego (ch. 69)260.9420.471
WTIC-TVHartford-New Haven (Fox; ch. 61)270.9190.460
WTXX(TV)Hartford-New Haven (ch. 20)
WXMI(TV)Grand Rapids, Mich. (Fox; ch. 17)380.6690.335
WGNO(TV)New Orleans (ABC; ch. 26)420.6180.310
WNOL(TV)New Orleans (ch. 38)42
WPMT(TV)Harrisburg, Pa. (Fox; ch. 43)470.5880.294
WEWB(TV)Albany, N.Y. (ch. 45)550.4990.250

Other media interests: Tribune Entertainment, The WB Television Network (22%) and TV Food Network (31%), CLTV Chicago and News 13 (partnership with Time Warner), WGN-AM Chicago, Tribune Interactive; 12 English-language daily newspapers, three Spanish-language weeklies, 50% of Los Angeles Spanish-language daily La Opinion.
(subsidiary of Walt Disney Co.)
23.56% coverage (FCC)
10 stations
23.80% coverage (total)
77 W. 66th St., New York, NY 10023
Phone: (212) 456-7777
Fax: (212) 456-6850
Robert Iger, president-COO, Disney
Alex Wallau, president, ABC Network
Walter Liss, president, Stations Group

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WABC-TVNew York (ch. 7)16.8296.829
KABC-TVLos Angeles (ch. 7)24.9874.987
WLS-TVChicago (ch. 7)33.1433.143
WPVI-TVPhiladelphia (ch. 6)42.6542.654
KGO-TVSan Francisco (ch. 7)52.2842.284
KTRK-TVHouston (ch. 13)111.7011.701
WTVD(TV)Raleigh-Durham, N.C. (ch. 11)290.8720.872
KFSN-TVFresno, Calif. (ch. 30)570.4870.244
WJRT-TVFlint-Saginaw (ch. 12)640.4370.437
WTVG(TV)Toledo, Ohio (ch. 13)680.4060.406

Other media interests: ABC TV Network; 68 radio stations; ABC Radio Networks; ABC Entertainment TV Group (production and prime time development): Disney/ABC Cable Networks Disney Channel, Toon Disney, 80% of ESPN, 50% of Lifetime Television (joint partner with Hearst Corp.), 39.5% of E! Entertainment Television, A&E Television Networks (joint venture with NBC and Hearst); Walt Disney Television International. Online interests ABC Multimedia Group,,,
7 Univision / UVN
21.73% coverage (FCC)
36 stations
41.79% coverage (total)
5999 Center Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90045
Phone: (310) 216-3434
Fax: (310) 348-3459
A. Jerrold Perenchio, chairman/CEO
Ray Rodriguez, president/COO, Univision Networks
Thomas Arnost, Michael Wortsman, co-presidents, Television Group

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WXTV(TV)New York (ch. 41)16.8293.415
WFUT(TV)New York (TeleFutura; ch. 68)1
WFTY(TV)Smithtown, N.Y. (TeleFutura; ch. 67)1
KMEX-TVLos Angeles (ch. 34)24.9872.494
KFTR(TV)Los Angeles (TeleFutura; ch. 46)2
WGBO-TVChicago (ch. 66)33.1431.572
WXFT(TV)Chicago (TeleFutura; ch. 60)3
WUVP(TV)Philadelphia (ch. 65)42.6541.327
KDTV(TV)San Francisco (ch. 14)52.2841.142
KFSF(TV)San Francisco (TeleFutura; ch. 66)5
WUTF(TV)Boston (TeleFutura; ch. 66)62.2071.035
KUVN(TV)Dallas-Ft. Worth (ch. 23)72.0591.030
KSTR-TVDallas-Ft. Worth (TeleFutura; ch. 49)7
WFDC(TV)Washington (TeleFutura; ch. 14)82.0341.017
WUVG(TV)Atlanta (ch. 34)91.8480.924
KXLN-TVHouston (ch. 45)111.7010.851
KFTH(TV)Houston (TeleFutura; ch. 67)11
WFTT(TV)Tampa-St. P'burg (Telefutura; ch. 50)131.5190.760
WQHS-TVCleveland (TeleFutura; ch. 61)151.4340.717
KFPH(TV)Phoenix ( TeleFutura; ch. 13)161.4291.429
KTVW-TVPhoenix (ch. 33)16
WLTV(TV)Miami-Ft. Lauderdale (ch. 23)171.3940.697
WAMI-TVMiami-Ft. Lauderdale (ch. 69)17
KUVS(TV)Sacramento, Calif. (ch. 19)191.1510.576
WOTF(TV)Orlando, Fla. (TeleFutura; ch. 43)201.1480.574
WKFT(TV)Fayetteville-Raleigh-Durham (Ind. 40)290.8720.436
KWEX-TVSan Antonio (ch. 41)370.6740.337
KAPX-TVBAlbuquerque-Santa Fe (Tele; ch. 14)490.5820.291
KAKW(TV)Austin, Texas (ch. 62)540.5180.259
KFTV(TV)Fresno, Calif. (Univision; ch. 21)570.4870.244
KTFF(TV)Fresno, Calif. (TeleFutura; ch. 61)
KFTU(TV)Tucson, Ariz. (TeleFutura; ch. 3)740.3750.375
KAKW(TV)Waco, Texas (ch. 62)930.2850.143
KUVI(TV)Bakersfield, Calif. (ch. 45)1300.1750.088
WLII(TV)San Juan, P.R. (Ind.; ch. 11)NR
WSUR-TVsPonce, P.R. (Ind.; ch. 9)NR

Other media interests: Spanish-language network Univision; Spanish-language network TeleFutura; cable network Galavision; 31% of TV-radio group Entravision Communications, Univision Music Group and Univision Online
8 Gannett / GCI
17.51% coverage (FCC)
22 stations
17.68% coverage (total)
7950 Jones Branch Dr., McLean, VA 22107
Phone: (703) 854-6000
Fax: (703) 854-2002
Douglas H. McCorkindale, chairman, Gannett Co. Inc.
Craig A. Dubow, president/CEO, broadcasting

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WUSA(TV)Washington (CBS; ch. 9)82.0342.034
WXIA-TVAtlanta (NBC; ch. 11)91.8481.848
KARE(TV)Minneapolis-St. Paul (NBC; ch. 11)141.4951.495
WTSP(TV)Tampa-St. Petersburg (CBS; ch. 10)131.5191.519
WKYC-TVCleveland (NBC; ch. 3)151.4341.434
KPNX(TV)Phoenix (NBC; ch. 12)161.4291.429
KNAZ-TVsFlagstaff, Ariz. (NBC; ch. 2)16
KMOH-TVsKingman, Ariz. (WB; ch. 6)16
KUSA-TVDenver (NBC; ch. 9)181.2811.281
KXTV(TV)Sacramento, Calif. (ABC; ch. 10)191.1511.151
KSDK(TV)St. Louis (NBC; ch. 5)221.0841.084
WZZM-TVGrand Rapids, Mich. (ABC; ch. 13)380.6690.669
WGRZ-TVBuffalo, N.Y. (NBC; ch. 2)440.5990.599
WFMY-TVGreensboro, N.C. (CBS; ch. 2)460.5950.595
WTLV(TV)Jacksonville, Fla. (NBC; ch. 12)510.5510.551
WJXX(TV)Jacksonville, Fla. (ABC; ch. 25)51
KTHV(TV)Little Rock (CBS; ch. 11)560.4910.491
WBIR-TVKnoxville, Tenn. (NBC; ch. 10)630.4590.459
WCSH(TV)Portland, Maine (NBC; ch. 6)760.3680.368
WLTX(TV)Columbia, S.C. (CBS; ch. 19)840.3360.168
WMAZ-TVMacon, Ga. (CBS; ch. 13)1220.2080.208
WLBZ(TV)Bangor, Maine (NBC; ch. 2)1530.1290.129

Other media interests: 29.31% of Entravision; 100 daily U.S. newspapers, including USA Today, USA Weekend, and 400 non-daily publications. Online interests:, more than 100 Web sites in the US linked to TV and newspapers; Partner in iBlast
9 Hearst-Argyle / HTV
16.00% coverage (FCC)
34 stations
17.64% coverage (total)
888 7th Ave., New York, NY 10106
Phone: (212) 887-6800
Fax: (212) 887-6875
Web site:
Victor Ganzi, president/CEO, Hearst Corp. (66% owner)
David Barrett, president, Hearst-Argyle Television

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WCVB-TVBoston (ABC, ch. 5)62.2072.207
WMUR-TVManchester, N.H.-Boston (ABC; ch. 9)6
WMOR(TV)Tampa-St. Petersburg, (WB; ch. 32)131.5190.760
KCRA-TVSacramento, Calif. (NBC; ch. 3)191.1511.151
KQCA(TV)Sacramento, Calif. (WB; ch. 58)19
WESH(TV)Orlando, Fla. (NBC; ch. 2)201.1481.148
WTAE-TVPittsburgh (ABC; ch. 4)211.0931.093
WBAL-TVBaltimore (NBC; ch. 11)240.9940.994
WISN-TVMilwaukee (ABC; ch. 12)310.8070.807
WLWT(TV)Cincinnati (NBC; ch. 5)320.8010.801
KMBC-TVKansas City, Mo. (ABC; ch. 9)330.7990.799
KCWE-TV*Kansas City, Mo. (UPN; ch. 29)33
WYFF(TV)G'ville, S.C.-A'ville, N.C. (NBC; ch. 4)350.7430.743
WPBF(TV)MWest Palm Beach, Fla. (ABC; ch. 25)390.6570.329
WDSU-TVNew Orleans (NBC; ch. 6)420.6180.618
WXII-TVGreensboro, N.C. (NBC; ch. 12)460.5950.595
KOCO-TVOklahoma City (ABC; ch. 5)450.5970.597
WGAL(TV)Harrisburg, Pa. (NBC; ch. 8)470.5880.588
KOAT-TVAlbuquerque-Santa Fe (ABC; ch. 7)490.5820.582
KOCT(TV)SCarlsbad, N.M. (ABC; ch. 6)49
KOFT(TV)SAlbuquerque , N.M. (ABC; ch. 3)49
KOVT(TV)SSilver City, N.M. (ABC; ch. 10)49
WLKY-TVLouisville, Ky. (CBS; ch. 32)500.5740.287
KCCI(TV)Des Moines, Iowa (CBS; ch. 8)720.3760.376
KITV(TV)Honolulu (ABC; ch. 4)710.3760.376
KHVO(TV)SHilo, Hawaii (ABC; ch. 13)71
KMAU(TV)SWailuku, Hawaii (ABC; ch. 12)71
KETV(TV)Omaha, Neb. (ABC; ch. 7)780.3630.363
WAPT(TV)Jackson, Miss. (ABC; ch. 16)890.3000.150
WPTZ(TV)Burlington, Vt.-Platts., N.Y. (NBC; ch. 5)910.2980.298
WNNE(TV)SHartford, Vt. (NBC; ch. 31)91
KHBS(TV)Ft. Smith, Ark. (ABC; ch. 40)1080.2390.120
KHOG-TVSFayetteville, Ark. (ABC; ch. 29)108
KSBW(TV)Monterey-Salinas, Calif. (NBC; ch. 8)1200.2140.214
M=management agreement, station owned by Hearst Corp.

Other media interests: Two radio stations; program and syndication partner with NBC Enterprises. Online interests: ProAct Technologies Corp. (personal-financehuman-resources Web site); about 24% of Internet Broadcasting Systems Inc. (site developer). Parent Hearst owns Hearst Entertainment and Syndication, 50% of Lifetime Television (joint partner with ABC Inc.), New England Cable News (with MediaOne), TVA (Brazilian pay-TV company, with ABC), 20% of ESPN, AE Television Networks (joint venture with NBC and ABC), newspapers, monthly consumer magazines including Esquire, Town & Country, Good Housekeeping, Harpers' Bazaar
10 Trinity Broadcasting / Private
15.68% coverage (FCC)
23 stations
31.29% coverage (total)
2442 Michelle Dr., Tustin, Calif., 92780
Phone: (714) 832-2950
Fax: (714) 730-0657
Web site:
Paul F. Crouch, president
Al Brown, chief financial officer

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WTBY(TV)New York (ch. 54 )16.8293.415
KTBN-TVLos Angeles (ch. 40 )24.9872.494
WWTO(TV)Chicago (ch. 35)33.1431.572
KDTX(TV)Dallas (ch. 58)72.0591.030
WHSG(TV)Atlanta (ch. 63)91.8480.924
KTBW(TV)Seattle (ch.20)121.5560.778
WDLI(TV)Cleveland (ch. 17)151.4340.717
KPAZ(TV)Phoenix (ch. 21)161.4290.715
WHFT(TV)Miami (ch. 45)171.3940.697
WCLJ(TV)Indianapolis (ch. 42)250.9560.478
WPGD(TV)Nashville, Tenn. (ch. 50)300.8260.413
WTJP(TV)Birmingham, Ala. (ch. 60)400.6470.324
WBUY(TV)Memphis, Tenn. (ch. 40)430.6130.307
KTBO(TV)Oklahoma City (ch. 14)450.5970.299
KNAT(TV)Albuquerque, N.M. (ch. 23)490.5820.291
KDOR(TV)Tulsa, Okla. (ch. 17)600.4660.233
WKOI(TV)Dayton, Ohio (ch. 43)580.4750.238
WMPV(TV)Mobile, Ala. (ch. 21)620.4600.230
KAAH(TV)Honolulu (ch. 26)710.3760.188
KLEI(TV)SHonolulu (ch. 6 )71
WELF(TV)Chattanooga, Tenn. (ch. 23)850.3300.165
WMCF(TV)Montgomery, Ala. (ch. 45)1160.2250.113
KTAJ(TV)St. Joseph, Mo. (ch. 4)1930.0540.054

Other media interests: Trinity Broadcast Network, Trinity Music City, USA; International Production Center in Dallas, and TBN Films
11 Sinclair / SBGI
14.19% coverage (FCC)
63 stations
24.07% coverage (total)
10706 Beaver Dam Rd., Hunt Valley, MD 21030
Phone: (410) 568-1500
Fax: (410) 568-1588
David D. Smith, president/CEO
David B. Amy, EVP/CFO

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WTTA(TV)Tampa-St. Petersburg (WB; ch. 38)131.5190.760
KMWB-TVMinneapolis-St. Paul (WB; ch. 23)141.4950.748
KOVR(TV)Sacramento, Calif. (CBS; ch. 13)191.1511.151
WPGH-TVPittsburgh (Fox; ch. 53)211.0930.547
WCWB(TV)Pittsburgh (WB; ch. 22)21
KDNL-TVSt. Louis (ABC; ch . 30)221.0840.542
WBFF(TV)Baltimore (Fox; ch. 45)240.9940.497
WNUV(TV)*Baltimore (WB; ch. 54)24
WLFL(TV)Raleigh-Durham, N.C. (WB; ch. 22)290.8720.447
WRDC(TV)Durham-Raleigh (UPN; ch. 28)29
WZTV(TV)Nashville, Tenn. (Fox; ch. 17)300.8260.413
WUXP(TV)Nashville, Tenn. (UPN; ch. 30)30
WNAB(TV)ONashville (WB; ch. 58)
WCGV-TVMilwaukee (UPN-Fox; ch. 24)310.8070.404
WVTV(TV)Milwaukee (WB; ch. 18)31
WSTR-TVCincinnati (WB; ch. 64)320.8010.401
KSMO-TVKansas City, Mo. (WB; ch. 62)330.7990.400
WSYX(TV)Columbus, Ohio (ABC; ch. 6)340.7840.784
WTTE(TV)*Columbus, Ohio (Fox; ch. 28)34
WLOS(TV)G'ville, S.C.-A'ville, N.C. (ABC; ch. 13)350.7430.743
WBSC-TVG'ville, S.C.-A'ville, N.C. (WB; ch. 40)35
KABB(TV)San Antonio (Fox; ch. 29)370.6740.337
KRRT(TV)San Antonio (WB; ch. 35)37
WTTO(TV)Birmingham, Ala. (WB; ch. 21)400.6470.324
WABM(TV)Birmingham, Ala. (UPN.; ch. 68)40
WDBB(TV)*Birmingham, Ala. (sim. WTTO; ch. 17)40
WTVZ(TV)Norfolk, Va. (WB; ch. 33)410.6350.318
WUTV(TV)Buffalo, N.Y. (Fox; ch. 29)440.5990.300
WNYO-TVBuffalo, N.Y. (WB; ch. 49)44
KOCB(TV)Oklahoma City (WB; ch. 34)450.5970.299
KOKH-TVOklahoma City (Fox; ch. 25)45
WXLV-TVGreensboro, N.C. (ABC; ch. 45)460.6010.301
WUPN-TVGreensboro, N.C. (UPN; ch. 48)46
KVWB(TV)Las Vegas (WB; ch. 21)520.5490.275
KFBT(TV)Las Vegas (Ind.; ch. 33)52
WKEF(TV)Dayton, Ohio (NBC; ch. 22)580.4750.238
WRGT-TV*Dayton, Ohio (Fox; ch. 45)58
WRLH-TVRichmond, Va. (Fox; ch. 35)590.4740.237
WCHS-TVCharleston, W.Va. (ABC; ch. 8)610.4640.464
WVAH-TV*Charleston, W.Va.(Fox; ch. 11)61
WEAR-TVMobile, Ala.-Pensacola (ABC; ch. 3)620.4600.460
WFGX(TV)*Mobile, Ala-Pensacola (Ind.; ch. 35)62
WSMH(TV)Flint-Saginaw, Mich. (Fox; ch. 66)640.4370.219
WDKY-TVLexington, Ky. (Fox; ch. 56)650.4260.213
KDSM-TVDes Moines, Iowa (Fox; ch. 17)720.3760.188
KBSI(TV)Paducah, Ky. (Fox; ch. 23)750.3710.186
WDKA(TV)*Paducah, Ky. (WB; ch. 49)75
WGME-TVPortland, Maine (CBS, ch. 13)760.3680.368
WUHF(TV)Rochester, N.Y. (Fox; ch. 31)770.3640.182
WSYT(TV)Syracuse, N.Y. (Fox; ch. 68)800.3520.176
WNYS-TV*Syracuse, N.Y. (WB; ch. 43)80
WICD(TV)Champaign-Decatur, Ill. (NBC, ch. 15)820.3480.174
WICS(TV)Springfield-Decatur, Ill. (NBC, ch. 20)82
WMSN-TVMadison, Wis. (Fox; ch. 47)860.3270.164
KGAN(TV)Cedar Rapids-Dubuque (CBS, ch. 2)880.3040.304
WEMT(TV)Tri-Cities, Tenn.-Va. (Fox; ch. 39)900.2990.150
WMMP(TV)Charleston, S.C. (UPN; ch. 36)1050.2460.123
WTAT-TV*Charleston (Fox; ch. 24)105
WGGB-TVSpringfield, Mass. (ABC; ch. 40)1060.2420.121
WTWC(TV)Tallahassee, Fla. (NBC; ch. 40)1070.2400.120
WTXL(TV)OTallahassee (ABC; ch. 27)107
WYZZ-TVPeoria, Ill. (Fox; ch. 43)1170.2220.111

Other media interests: Sinclair Ventures (makes Internet-related investments); Acrodyne Industries Inc.
12 Belo Corp. / BL
12.97% coverage (FCC)
19 stations
13.69% coverage (total)
P.O. Box 655237, Dallas, TX 75265
Phone: (214) 977-6606
Fax: (214) 977-6603
Robert W. Decherd, chairman/president/CEO
John L. "Jack" Sander, EVP, media operations/president, television group

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WFAA-TVDallas-Ft. Worth (ABC; ch. 8)72.0592.059
KHOU-TVHouston (CBS; ch. 11)111.7011.701
KING-TVSeattle (NBC; ch. 5)121.5561.556
KONG-TVSeattle (Ind.; ch. 16)12
KTVK(TV)Phoenix (Ind.; ch. 3)161.4291.429
KASW(TV)Phoenix (WB, ch. 61)16
KMOV(TV)St. Louis (CBS; ch. 4)221.0841.084
KGW-TVPortland, Ore. (NBC; ch. 8)230.9950.995
WCNC-TVCharlotte, N.C. (NBC; ch. 36)280.9030.452
KENS-TVSan Antonio (CBS; ch. 5)370.6740.674
WVEC-TVNorfolk, Va. (ABC; ch. 13)410.6350.635
WWL-TVNew Orleans (CBS; ch. 4)420.6180.618
WHAS-TVLouisville, Ky. (ABC; ch. 11)500.5740.574
KVUE-TVAustin, Texas (ABC; ch. 24)540.5180.259
KMSB-TVTucson, Ariz. (Fox; ch. 11)740.3750.375
KTTU-TVTucson, Ariz. (UPN; ch. 18)74
KREM-TVSpokane, Wash. (CBS; ch. 2)790.3570.357
KSKN(TV)Spokane, Wash. (UPN-WB; ch. 22)79
KTVB(TV)Boise, Idaho (NBC; ch. 7)1240.20830.203

Other media interests: Two AMs; local-regional cable news channels Northwest Cable News, Texas Cable News, Arizona News Channel (joint venture with Cox Communications Inc.), Local News on Cable and NewsWatch on Channel 15, Virginia; eight daily newspapers, including Dallas Morning News, Providence Journal, Riverside, Calif., Press-Enterprise. Online interests:, AdOne LLC
13 Cox / Private
10.07% coverage (FCC)
15 stations
10.20% coverage (total)
6205 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd., Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone: (678) 645-0000
Fax: (678) 678-5290
Andrew S. Fisher, president, Cox Television

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
KTVU(TV)Oakland-San Francisco (Fox; ch. 2)52.2842.284
KICU-TVSan Jose-San Francisco (Ind.; ch. 36)5
WSB-TVAtlanta (ABC; ch. 2)91.8481.848
KIRO-TVSeattle (CBS; ch. 7)121.5561.556
WFTV(TV)Orlando, Fla. (ABC; ch. 9)201.1481.148
WRDQ(TV)Orlando, Fla. (Ind., ch. 27)20
WPXI(TV)Pittsburgh (NBC; ch. 11)211.0931.093
WSOC-TVCharlotte, N.C. (ABC; ch. 9)280.9030.903
WAXN(TV)Charlotte, N.C. (Ind.; ch. 64)28
WHIO-TVDayton, Ohio (CBS; ch. 7)580.4750.475
WJAC-TVJohnstown, Pa. (NBC, ch. 6)960.2700.276
KFOX-TVEl Paso, Texas (Fox; ch. 14)1010.2590.130
KRXI(TV)Reno, Nev. (Fox; ch. 11)1140.2270.227
KAME-TV*Reno (UPN; ch. 21)114
WTOV-TVSteubenville, Ohio (NBC-ABC; ch. 9)1500.1330.133

Other media interests: Cox Newspapers, Cox Radio Inc.; Cox Communications, 25% Discovery Communications, partner in iBlast
14 Entravision / EVC
(31% owned by Univision)
9.24% coverage (FCC)
21 stations
17.58% coverage (total)
2425 Olympic Blvd., Ste. 6000W, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone: (310) 447-3870
Fax: (310) 447-3899
Walter Ulloa, chairman/CEO (owns 9.12%)
Philips Wilkinson, president (owns 9.12%)

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
KJLA(TV)Ventura-Los Angeles (Ind. ch. 57)24.9872.494
WUNI(TV)Worcester-Boston (ch. 27)62.2071.035
WJAL(TV)Hagerstown, Md. (Ind.; ch. 68)82.0341.017
WVEA-TVTampa-St. Petersburg, Fla. (ch. 62)131.5190.760
KCEC(TV)Denver (ch. 50)181.2810.641
WVEN-TVDaytona Beach-Orlando, Fla. (ch. 26)201.1480.574
XETV(TV)jSan Diego (Fox; ch. 6)260.9420.942
XHAS(TV)TSan Diego (Tele; Ch. 33)26
XUPN(TV)TSan Diego (UPN; Ch. 49)26
WUVN-TVHartford-New Haven, Conn. (ch. 18)270.9190.460
KLUZ-TVAlbuquerque-Santa Fe, N.M. (ch. 41)490.5820.291
KINC(TV)Las Vegas (ch. 15)520.5490.275
KTFN(TV)EL Paso, Texas (UPN-WB; ch. 65)52
KNVO(TV)Harlingen-Brownsville, Texas (ch. 48)970.2690.135
KINT-TVEl Paso, Texas (ch. 26)1010.2590.130
KPMR(TV)Santa Barbara, Calif. (ch. 38)1190.2160.108
KSMS-TVMonterey-Salinas, Calif. (ch. 67)1200.2140.107
KORO(TV)Corpus Christi, Texas (Uni.; ch. 28)1280.1820.091
KUPB(TV)Midland-Odessa, Texas (ch. 18)1580.1240.062
KVYE(TV)El Centro, Calif.-Yuma, Ariz. (ch. 7)1720.0900.090
KLDO-TVLaredo, Texas (ch. 27)1920.0540.027

Other media interests: 58 radio stations;, Spanish-language radio network; El Diario-La Pensa (New York) newspaper; and 11,200 outdoor billboards. Walter Ulloa personally owns KJLA(TV) Ventura-Los Angeles.
15 Clear Channel / CCU
8.69% coverage (FCC)
36 stations
12.61% coverage (total)
200 East Basse Rd., San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone: (210) 822 2828
L. Lowry Mays, chairman/CEO
William G. Moll, president, Clear Channel Television

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
KFTY(TV)San Francisco (Ind.; ch. 50)52.2841.142
KVOS-TVSeattle (Ind. ch. 12)121.5561.556
WKRC-TVCincinnati (CBS; ch. 12)320.8010.801
KTVX(TV)Salt Lake City (ABC; ch. 32)360.7210.721
WOAI-TVSan Antonio (NBC; ch. 100)370.6740.674
WPTY-TVMemphis, Tenn. (ABC-WB; ch. 24)430.6130.307
WLMT(TV)Memphis, Tenn. (UPN; ch. 30)43
WHP-TVHarrisburg, Pa. (CBS; ch. 21)470.5880.294
WTEV(TV)Jacksonville, Fla. (CBS; ch. 47)510.5510.276
WAWS(TV)Jacksonville, Fla. (Fox; ch. 30)51
WXXA-TVAlbany, N.Y. (Fox; ch. 23)550.4990.250
KASN(TV)Little Rock, Ark. (UPN; ch. 38)560.4910.246
KLRT(TV)Little Rock, Ark. (Fox; ch. 16)56
KGPE(TV)Fresno, Calif. (CBS; ch. 47)570.4870.244
KOKI-TVTulsa, Okla. (Fox; ch. 23)600.4660.233
KTFO(TV)Tulsa, Okla. (UPN; ch. 41)60
WJTC(TV)Mobile, Ala. (UPN; ch. 44)620.4600.230
WPMI(TV)Mobile, Ala.(NBC; ch. 15)62
KAAS-TVWichita, Kan. (Fox; ch. 18)660.4180.209
KBDK(TV)Wichita, Kan. (Fox; ch. 14)66
KSAS(TV)Wichita, Kan. (Fox; ch. 24)66
KBDKsWichita, Kan. (Fox; 14)
WOKR(TV)Rochester, N.Y. (ABC; ch. 13)770.3640.364
WIXT(TV)Syracuse, N.Y (ABC; ch. 9)800.3520.352
KCOY-TVSanta Barbara, Calif. (CBS; ch. 12)1190.2160.216
KION(TV)Monterey, Calif. (CBS; ch. 46)1200.2140.107
KMTR(TV)Eugene, Ore. (NBC; ch. 16)1210.2100.105
KMTX-TVEugene, Ore. (NBC; ch. 23)121
KMTZ(TV)Eugene, Ore. (NBC; ch. 46)121
KGET(TV)Bakersfield, Calif. (NBC; ch. 17)1300.1750.088
WIVT(TV)Binghamton, N.Y. (ABC; ch. 34)1540.1280.064
WUTR(TV)Utica, N.Y. (ABC; ch. 20)1670.0970.048
WWTI(TV)Watertown, N.Y. (ABC; ch. 50)1760.0840.042
WJKT(TV)Jackson, Tenn. (UPN; ch. 16)1830.0750.038
KVIQ(TV)Eureka, Calif. (CBS; ch. 6)1900.0550.055
KTVF(TV)Fairbanks, Alaska (NBC; ch. 11)2030.0300.030

Other media interests: Clear Channel Entertainment (TV production and event promotions), Music Music Entertainment (joint venture with RLR Productions to develop music-based TV properties) and 1,184 radio stations; Clear Channel Outdoor (billboards)
16 E.W. Scripps / SSP
8.01% coverage (FCC)
10 stations
9.88% coverage (total)
312 Walnut St., Ste. 2300, Cincinnati, OH 45201
Phone: (513) 977-3000
Fax: (513) 977-3728
William R. Burleigh, chairman
Ken Lowe, president/CEO-COO
John Lansing, senior VP, television, Scripps Howard Broadcasting

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WXYZ-TVDetroit (ABC; ch. 7)101.7821.782
WFTS(TV)Tampa-St. Petersburg (ABC; ch. 28)131.5190.760
KNXV-TVPhoenix (ABC; ch. 15)161.4290.725
WEWS(TV)Cleveland (ABC; ch. 5)151.4341.434
WMAR-TVBaltimore (ABC; ch. 2)240.9940.994
WCPO-TVCincinnati (ABC; ch. 9)320.8010.801
KSHB-TVKansas City, Mo. (NBC; ch. 41)330.7990.400
KMCI(TV)Kansas City, Mo. (Ind.; ch. 38)33
WPTV(TV)West Palm Beach, Fla. (NBC; ch. 5)390.6570.657
KJRH(TV)Tulsa, Okla. (NBC; ch. 2)600.4660.466

Other media interests: national television networks Home Garden Television, Food Network , DIYDo It Yourself and Fine Living plus stake in Sports South; television retailer Shop At Home Network; United Media; 21 daily newspapers; Scripps Howard News Service. Online interests: 27 local portals,,,,,
17 Raycom / Private
7.72% coverage (FCC)
34 stations
10.08% coverage (total)
RSA Tower, 201 Monroe St., Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: (334) 206-1400
Fax: (334) 206-1555
Paul McTear, president/CEO
Wayne Daugherty, Marty Edelman, Jeff Rosser, vice presidents, TV group

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WOIO(TV)Cleveland (CBS; ch. 19)151.4340.717
WUAB(TV)Cleveland (UPN; ch. 43)15
WXIX-TVCincinnati (Fox; ch. 19)320.8010.401
WFLX(TV)West Palm Beach,Fla. (Fox; ch. 29)390.6570.330
WMC-TVMemphis, Tenn. (NBC; ch. 5)430.6130.613
WPXX(TV)TMemphis, Tenn. (ch. 50)43
KASA-TVAlbuquerque-Santa Fe (Fox; ch. 2)480.5820.582
WTVR-TVRichmond, Va. (CBS; ch. 6)590.4740.474
WTNZ(TV)Knoxville, Tenn. (Fox; ch. 43)630.4590.230
WNWO-TVToledo, Ohio (NBC; ch. 24)680.4060.203
KHNL(TV)Honolulu (NBC; ch. 8)710.3760.376
KFVE(TV)sHonolulu (UPN-WB; ch. 5)71
KHBCsHonolulu (NBC; ch. 2)71
KOGGsHonolulu (NBC; ch. 15)71
KOLD-TVTucson, Ariz. (CBS; ch. 13)740.3750.375
KFVS-TVPaducah-Cape Girardeau (CBS; ch. 12)750.3710.371
WSTM-TVSyracuse, N.Y. (NBC; ch. 3)800.3520.352
KSLA-TVShreveport, La. (CBS; ch. 12)810.3500.350
WAFF(TV)Huntsville, Ala. (NBC; ch. 48)830.3370.169
WACH(TV)Columbia, S.C. (Fox; ch. 57)840.3360.168
KWWL(TV)Cedar Rapids-Dubuque (NBC; ch. 7)880.3040.304
KXRM-TVColorado Springs, Colo. (Fox; ch. 21)940.2840.142
WAFB(TV)Baton Rouge, La. (CBS; ch. 9)950.2770.277
WTOC-TVSavannah, Ga. (CBS; ch. 11)980.2660.266
KSFY-TVSioux Falls, S.D. (ABC; ch. 13)1120.2290.229
KABY-TVSAberdeen, S.D. (ABC; ch. 9)112
KPRY-TVSPierre, S.D. (ABC; ch. 4)112
WPBN-TVTraverse City-Cadillac, Mich. (NBC; ch. 7)1130.2290.229
WTOM-TVSCheboygan, Mich. (NBC; ch. 4)113
WTVM(TV)Columbus, Ga. (ABC; ch. 9)1260.1910.191
WECT(TV)Wilmington, N.C. (NBC; ch. 6)1440.1460.146
WDAM-TVHattiesburg-Laurel, Miss.(NBC; ch. 7)1680.0950.095
WLUC-TVMarquette, Mich. (NBC; ch. 6)1770.0830.083
KTVO(TV)Ottumwa, Iowa (ABC; ch. 3)1980.0480.048
WSTE(TV)TPonce, P.R. (Ind.; ch. 7)198

Other media interests: Two radio stations; Raycom Sports (production, marketing, events management)
18 Pappas Telecasting / Private
7.57% coverage (FCC)
20 stations
12.29% coverage (total)
500 S. Chinowth Rd., Visalia, CA 93277
Phone: (559) 733-7800
Fax: (559) 733-7878
Harry J. Pappas, president/CEO
Howard Shrier, senior EVP/COO

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
KAZA-TVLos Angeles ( Azteca America. ch.;54)24.9872.494
KFWU(TV)San Francisco (Azteca America; ch. 8)52.2842.284
KTNC-TVSan Francisco (Azteca; ch. 42)5
KAZH(TV)Baytown-Houston (Azteca; ch. 57)111.7010.851
WTWB-TVLexington-G'boro, N.C. (WB; ch. 20)460.5950.298
KMPH(TV)Visalia-Fresno, Calif. (Fox; ch. 26)570.4870.244
KFRE-TV*BFresno (WB; ch. 59)57
WMMF-TVGreen Bay, Wis. (Family; ch. 68)690.3930.200
KPWB-TVAmes-Des Moines, Iowa (WB; ch. 23)720.3760.188
KPTM(TV)Omaha, Neb. (Fox; ch. 42)780.3630.182
KXVO*Omaha, Neb. (WB; ch. 15)78
KHGI-TVLincoln, Neb. (ABC; ch. 13)1020.2500.250
KTVG*Lincoln-Gr. Island, Neb. (Fox; ch. 17)102
KSNB*SLincoln-Superior, Neb. (Fox; ch. 4)102
KREN-TVReno, Nev. (WB; ch. 27)1140.2270.114
WSWS-TVColumbus, Ga. (UPN; ch. 66)1260.1910.096
KAZW-TVYakima-Pasco, Wa. (Ind.; ch. 9)1270.1870.187
KPTH(TV)Sioux City, Iowa (Fox; ch. 44)1400.1480.074
KSWT(TV)Yuma, Ariz. (CBS; ch. 13)1720.0900.090
KWNB-TVNorth Platte, Neb. (ABC; ch. 6)2090.0150.015

Other media interests: Two radio stations
19 Meredith / MDP
7.27% coverage (FCC)
11 stations
8.59% coverage (total)
1716 Locust St., Des Moines, IA 50309
Phone: (515) 284-3000
Fax: (515) 284-2393 or -2700
William T. Kerr, chairman, Meredith Corp.
Kevin O'Brien, president, Broadcasting Group

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WGCL(TV)Atlanta (CBS; ch. 46)91.8480.924
KPHO-TVPhoenix (CBS; ch. 5)161.4291.429
KPTV(TV)Portland, Ore. (UPN; ch. 12)230.9950.995
KPDX(TV)Portland, Ore. (Fox; ch. 49)23
WFSB(TV)Hartford-New Haven (CBS; ch. 3)270.9190.919
WSMV-TVNashville, Tenn. (NBC; ch. 4)300.8260.826
KCTV(TV)Kansas City, Mo. (CBS; ch. 5)330.7990.799
WHNS(TV)G'ville, S.C.-A'ville, N.C. (Fox; ch. 21)350.7430.372
KVVU-TVLas Vegas (Fox; ch. 5)520.5490.549
WNEM-TVFlint-Saginaw (CBS; ch. 5)640.4370.437
KFXO-TVBend, Ore. (Fox; ch. 39)2010.0440.022

Other media interests: Parent owns more than 20 magazines, including Better Homes and Gardens and Ladies' Home Journal; publishes Meredith, Home Depot and Ortho book lines. Partner in iBlast (to be national datacasting network)
20 Post-Newsweek / WPO
(subsidiary of Washington Post Co.)
7.25% coverage (FCC)
6 stations
7.25% coverage (total)
550 W. Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226-3123
Phone: (313) 223-2260
Fax: (313) 223-2263
Donald E. Graham, chairman, The Washington Post Co.
Alan Frank, president, Post-Newsweek Stations

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WDIV(TV)Detroit (NBC; ch. 4)101.7821.782
KPRC-TVHouston (NBC; ch. 2)111.7011.701
WPLG(TV)Miami-Ft. Lauderdale (ABC; ch. 10)171.3941.394
WKMG-TVOrlando, Fla. (CBS; ch. 6)201.1481.148
KSAT-TVSan Antonio (ABC; ch. 12)370.6740.674
WJXT(TV)Jacksonville, Fla. (IND; ch. 4)510.5510.551

Other media interests: Parent owns The Washington Post and other daily and weekly (community) newspapers; Newsweek magazine; Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel magazine; Kaplan Inc. (educational and career services); Cable One Inc. (cable systems). Online interests:;; Internet Broadcasting Systems Inc.; iBlast
21 Media General / MEG-A
7.10% coverage (FCC)
26 stations
8.81% coverage (total)
111 N. Fourth St., Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: (804) 775-4600
Fax: (804) 775-4603
J. Stewart Bryan III, chairman, Media General Inc.
James A. Zimmerman, president, Broadcast Division

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WFLA-TVTampa-St. Petersburg (NBC; ch. 8)131.5191.519
WSPA-TVG'ville, S.C.-A'ville, N.C. (CBS; ch. 7)350.7430.743
WNEG-TVG'ville, S.C.-A'ville, N.C. (CBS; ch. 32)35
WASV-TVG'ville, S.C.-A'ville, N.C. (UPN; ch. 62)35
WIAT(TV)Birmingham, Ala. (CBS; ch. 42)400.6470.324
WJWB(TV)Jacksonville, Fla. (WB; ch. 17)510.5510.276
WKRG-TVMobile, Ala. (CBS; ch. 5)620.4600.460
WTVQ-TVLexington, Ky. (ABC; ch. 36)650.4260.213
KWCH-TVWichita, Kan. (CBS; ch. 12)660.4180.418
KBSD-TVSEnsign, Kan. (reb. KWCH-TV; ch. 6)66
KBSL-TVSGoodland, Kan. (reb. KWCH-TV; ch. 10)66
KBSH-TVSHays, Kan. (reb. KWCH-TV; ch. 7)66
WSLS-TVRoanoke, Va. (NBC; ch. 10)670.4170.417
WDEF-TVChattanooga, Tenn. (CBS; ch. 12)850.3300.330
WJTV(TV)Jackson, Miss. (CBS; ch. 12)890.3000.300
WJHL-TVTri-Cities, Tenn.-Va. (CBS; ch. 11)900.2990.299
WSAV-TVSavannah, Ga. (NBC; ch. 3)980.2660.266
WNCT-TVGreenville, N.C. (CBS; ch. 9)1030.2500.250
WCBD-TVCharleston, S.C. ( NBC; ch. 2)1050.2460.246
WBTW(TV)Myrtle Beach, S.C. (CBS; ch. 13)1100.2380.238
WJBF(TV)Augusta, Ga. (ABC; ch. 6)1150.2260.226
WRBL(TV)Columbus, Ga. (CBS; ch. 3)1260.1910.191
KIMT(TV)Rochester, Minn. (CBS; ch. 3)1520.1300.130
WMBB(TV)Panama City, Fla. (ABC; ch. 13)1590.1230.123
WHLT(TV)Hattiesburg, Miss. (CBS; ch. 22)1680.950.048
KALB-TVAlexandria, La. (NBC; ch. 5)1790.0800.080

Other media interests: Parent owns 25 newspapers, including Tampa (Fla.) Tribune; about 100 other periodicals; 20% of Denver Post. Online interests include:,, investment in PowerOne Media, Inc. and partner in iBlast.
22 Summit America TV / SATH
(formerly Shop at Home)
6.75% coverage (FCC)
5 stations
13.63% coverage (total)
400 5th Avenue S., Ste. 205, Naples, FL 34102
Phone: (786) 206-0047
Fax: (239) 643-3682
Web site:
J.D. Clinton, chairman of the board
George R. Ditomassi, president/CEO
Charles W. Bone, chairman, executive committee/secretary

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WSAH(TV)Bridgeport, Conn.-New York (ch. 43)16.8293.415
KCNS(TV)San Francisco (ch. 38)52.2841.142
WMFP(TV)Boston (ch. 62)62.2071.035
WOAC(TV)Cleveland (ch. 67)151.4340.717
WRAY-TVRaleigh-Durham, N.C. (ch. 30)290.8720.436

Other media interests: Internet shopping, 30% interest in Shop At Home Network LLC
23 Emmis / EMMS
6.03% coverage (FCC)
16 stations
6.88% coverage (total)
1 Emmis Plaza, 40 Monument Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 266-0100
Fax: (317) 684-2900
Jeffrey H. Smulyan, chairman
Randy Bongarten, president, TV Group

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WKCF(TV)Orlando, Fla. (WB, ch. 18)201.1480.574
KOIN(TV)Portland, Ore. (CBS, ch. 6)230.9950.995
WVUE(TV)New Orleans (Fox, ch. 8)420.6180.618
KRQE(TV)Albuquerque-Sante Fe (CBS, ch. 13)490.5820.582
WSAZ-TVHuntington, W.Va. (NBC, ch. 3)610.4640.464
WALA-TVMobile, Ala. (Fox, ch. 10)620.4600.460
WBPG(TV)Mobile, Ala. (WB, ch. 55)62
KSNW(TV)Wichita, Kan. (NBC, ch. 3)660.4180.418
WLUK-TVGreen Bay, Wis. (Fox, ch. 11)690.3930.393
WFTX(TV)Ft. Myers, Fla. (Fox, ch. 36)700.3880.194
KGMB(TV)Honolulu (CBS, ch. 9)710.3760.376
KHON-TVHonolulu (Fox, ch. 2)71
KGUN(TV)Tucson, Ariz. (ABC, ch. 9)740.3750.375
KMTV(TV)Omaha, Neb. (CBS, ch. 3)780.3630.363
KSNT(TV)Topeka, Kan. (NBC, ch. 27)1380.1580.080
WTHI-TVTerre Haute, Ind. (CBS, ch. 10)1460.1420.142

Other media interests: 18 FMs, 3 AMs, 6 city/regional magazines, other ancilliary businesses
24 Youngy / BTVA
6.01% coverage (FCC)
15 stations
6.14% coverage (total)
599 Lexington Ave., New York, N.Y. 10022
Phone: (212) 754-7070
Fax: (212) 758-1229
Web site:
J. Vincent Young, chairman/35.4% owner
Deborah A. McDermott, EVP, operations

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
KRON-TVSan Francisco (Ind., ch. 4)52.2842.284
WKRN-TVNashville, Tenn. (ABC; ch. 2)300.8260.826
WTEN(TV)Albany, N.Y. (ABC; ch. 10)550.4990.499
WCDC(TV)sAlbany, N.Y. (ABC; ch. 19)55
WRIC-TVRichmond, Va. (ABC; ch. 8)590.4740.474
WATE-TVKnoxville, Tenn. (ABC; ch. 6)630.4590.459
WBAY-TVGreen Bay, Wis. (ABC; ch. 2)690.3930.393
KWQC-TVDavenport, Iowa (NBC; ch. 6)920.2870.287
WLNS-TVLansing, Mich. (CBS; ch. 6)1110.2330.233
KELO-TVSioux Falls, S.D. (CBS; ch. 11)1120.2290.229
KPLO-TVsSioux Falls , S.D. ( CBS; ch . 5)112
KDLO-TVsFlorence, S.D. (CBS; ch. 3)112
KLFY-TVLafayette, La. (CBS; ch. 10)1250.2000.200
WTVO(TV)Rockford, Ill. (NBC; ch. 17)1350.1650.083
KCLO-TVRapid City, S.D. (ch. 15)1750.0860.043

25 LIN TV / Private
5.97% coverage (FCC)
26 stations
7.09% coverage (total)
4 Richmond Square, Ste. 200, Providence, RI 02906
Phone: (401) 454-2880
Fax: (401) 454-5286
Gary R. Chapman, president/CEO
Paul Karpowicz, vice president, television

Coverage %
Station Market (affiliate; ch.) DMA Total FCC
WISH-TVIndianapolis (CBS; ch. 8)250.9560.956
WTNH-TVNew Haven-Hartford (ABC; ch. 8)270.9190.919
WCTX(TV)*New Haven-Hartford (UPN; ch. 59)27
WOOD-TVGrand Rapids, Mich. (NBC; ch. 8)380.6690.669
WOTV(TV)Grand Rapids, Mich. (ABC; ch. 41)38
WAVY-TVNorfolk, Va. (NBC; ch. 10)410.6350.635
WVBT(TV)Virginia Beach-Norfolk (Fox; ch. 43)41
WPRI-TVProvidence, R.I. (CBS; ch . 12)480.5850.585
WNAC-TV*Providence, R.I. (Fox; ch. 64)48
WIVB-TVBuffalo, N.Y. (CBS; ch. 4)440.5990.599
WNLO-TVBuffalo, N.Y. (Ind.; ch. 23)44
KXAN-TVAustin, Texas (NBC; ch. 36)540.5180.259
KXAM-TVAustin, Texas (sim. KXAN-TV; ch. 14)54
KNVA(TV)*Austin, Texas (WB; ch. 54)54
WDTN(TV)Dayton, Ohio (ABC; CH. 2)580.4750.475
WEYI-TVFlint-Saginaw, Mich. ( NBC; ch . 25)640.4370.219
WUPW(TV)Toledo, Ohio ( Fox; ch . 36)680.4060.203
WAND(TV)Champaign-Decatur, Ill. (ABC; ch. 17)820.3480.174
WANE-TVFt. Wayne, Ind. (CBS; ch. 15)1040.2480.124
WWLP(TV)Springfield, Mass. (NBC; ch. 22)1060.2420.121
WLFI-TVLafayette, Ind. (CBS; ch. 18)1890.0550.028
WAPA-TVSan Juan, P.R. (Ind.; ch. 4)NR
WTIN-TV*SPonce, P.R. (simulcasts WAPA-TV)NR
WJPX(TV)San Juan, P.R. (Pax; ch. 24)NR
WKPV(TV)Ponce, P.R. (Ind.; ch. 20)NR
WJWN-TVSan Sebastian, P.R. (Ind. ch. 38)NR

Other media interests: Local weather cable stations; 50% of Banks Broadcasting (KWCV Wichita, KNIN(TV) Boise). WAND(TV) is managed by but only one-third owned by LIN. Also owns 20.38% of NBC's KXAS Dallas and KNSD San Diego

Key: B=being bought, *=operated under LMA, j=joint marketing and programming agreement, T= operated under time-brokerage agreement, S=satellite station, NR=not a Nielsen-rated market