The Top 25 M&A Forecast

TV station business has cooled, but there are warm spots

The climate is cooling for TV station mergers and acquisitions, as recession fears linger and the credit crunch makes financing more costly and difficult to obtain.

But there are some warm spots: Election-year advertising is proving solid, and M&A deals still get done. The $1.1 billion sale of eight Fox O&Os to an affiliate of private equity firm Oak Hill Capital Partners changed the landscape. It pushed Fox from first to third in B&C’s ranking of the Top 25, and made Oak Hill’s Local TV LLC a new member of the Top 25. Lincoln Financial received $583 million in the disposal of three stations to Raycom Media in November, and helped take Raycom from 17th to 15th on the list.

“Stations will sell if they are priced correctly,” says Frank Kalil, president of Kalil & Co., a major TV stations sales broker. “The chickens are running around crying that the sky is falling, but it’s not true.”

These days, the TV station sales market is divided into haves and have-nots. M&A execs say that TV stations with strong local news are still desirable because it’s expected they’ll negotiate improved retransmission fees from cable operators. Such gains flow straight to the bottom line because there’s little associated expense.


Also, SNL Kagan indicates TV stations in metro markets No. 76 and under are fetching good prices. Such small-market stations sold in 2007 at an average of a 12.5 multiple of cash flow, which is near a recent high, and SNL Kagan now groups small-station sales near the multiples for bigger-market stations, after lagging in recent years. Audiences are less plugged into the Internet in rural America, making them more dependent on traditional media in small cities, and small-market stations often are not aggressively managed by sellers, so buyers expect more upside.

But recession fears and tight credit make financing more difficult to obtain and more costly. “Prior to five months ago, it was a strong though not overwhelming market for TV stations,” observes Mark Fratrik, VP at BIA Financial Network. “Until this credit cycle ends—and I don’t see that in 2008—I don’t see a strong market returning.”

With higher financing costs, buyers ratchet down their estimates of what stations will earn in future years. That lowers prices they will pay. “If the macro environment improves next year, it’ll result in a better pricing environment for sellers,” says Robin Flynn, senior analyst at SNL Kagan. That’s not a pipe dream. Many analysts think things will improve in the second half of the year as the Fed floods the financial sector with cheap money.


In the meantime, the inventory of TV stations for sale piles up or properties are withdrawn. A major-market TV station languishing for a buyer is Young Broadcasting’s KRON San Francisco.

Smaller stations not affiliated with a Big Four network are perhaps the weakest segment. Spanish-language broadcaster Equity Media Holdings announced the sale of five small stations April 4 for $8 million, days after alerting its stockholders that it faced a cash crunch. M&A executives expect more forced sales of small stations. Also, some new broadcasting private equity investors “are just panicked now” and could flood the auction block, said Larry Patrick, media broker at Patrick Communications, speaking at a recent SNL Kagan conference.

Sellers often hope deregulation will help them. In December, an FCC rulemaking loosened the newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership ban, but the FCC did not change rules that would allow TV duopolies in smaller markets, which disappointed many broadcasters. And cross-ownership change is in doubt because opponents immediately filed suit.

Still, with stations holding on to advertising dollars in the fragmenting media landscape, one broker figures TV stations should always find buyers despite any economic gyrations. Says Kalil, “When TV stations don’t sell, it’s because of an unrealistic price by the seller and an inept sales effort.”

How They Were Ranked

The Top 25 Station Groups in B&C's annual list are ranked according to the percentage of U.S. TV homes they reach. This potential audience reach is calculated in two ways: by total coverage and by FCC rules. Total coverage assumes the station reaches everyone in the Designated Market Area (DMA). The FCC, meanwhile, discounts by half the reach of UHF stations, those using channels 14 and above. B&C ranks groups according to the FCC method but also shows total coverage, an increasingly important measurement in a TV landscape where the vast majority of homes get their broadcast programming via a cable, satellite or telco multichannel provider. If a group owns more than one station in the market, the additional coverage is not counted.

BIA Financial Network provides the baseline data for this ranking, with a listing of each group's stations, the affiliate status of those stations and their channels. The station listing includes BIA data for deals announced before March 10; subsequently announced transactions are noted where possible.

Each group's list includes wholly owned stations and those run under local marketing agreements and joint sales agreements. Digital stations, low-power stations, satellite stations, translators, and stations with only cable distribution are also left out because their coverage is duplicative.

Only groups that own three or more stations are included. That means WRNN License Company LLC, which owns WRNN in the New York DMA and WTVE in the Philadelphia market, is excluded. The company's stations, which cover 7.86% of all TV-homes coverage under FCC rules and a total coverage of 9.16%, would have otherwise ranked No. 18.

The rankings also assume that all currently announced deals are completed. As a result, the acquisition of the eight Fox stations by Oak Hill Capital Partners that was announced in December is included in coverage figures for Local TV LLC even though the deal is not expected to close until the third quarter of 2008.

This year's rankings include two new companies. Thanks to the Fox deal, Local TV jumps onto the ranking as the 14th largest station group (and Fox falls from first to third). Multicultural Television Broadcasting, which acquired six stations from E.W. Scripps last year, is ranked for the first time at No. 16.

Two others fell out of the rankings. The sale of the Clear Channel stations to Newport Television was finally completed in March, bumping Clear Channel off the list.

However, Newport Television is selling a number of stations or has put them into a trust, and its remaining stations do not have enough coverage to make the list. Gray Television, which was ranked No. 24 last year, also drops off the rankings.

The data for the rankings and listings was compiled from BIA data and company sources by George Winslow during late March.


1. CBS Corp. CBS, CBS A

35.65% coverage (FCC)
27 stations
38.64% coverage (total)
CBS Corp.
51 W. 52nd St.
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212-975-4321
TOM KANE, president/CEO, CBS Television Stations

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WCBSNew York (CBS, 2)16.5536.553
KCBSLos Angeles (CBS, 2)25.0075.007
KCALLos Angeles (Ind., 9)2  
WBBMChicago (CBS, 2)33.0763.076
KYWPhiladelphia (CBS, 3)42.6062.606
WPSGPhiladelphia (CW, 57)4  
KTVTDallas-Fort Worth (CBS, 11)52.1592.159
KTXADallas-Fort Worth (Ind., 21)5  
KPIXSan Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (CBS, 5)62.1452.145
KBCWSan Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (CW, 44)6  
WBZBoston (CBS, 4)72.1222.122
WSBKBoston (Ind., 38)7  
WUPAAtlanta (CW, 69)81.0242.048
WKBDDetroit (CW, 50)110.85351.707
WWJDetroit (CBS, 62)11  
WTOGTampa-St Petersburg,-Sarasota (CW, 44)130.7911.582
KSTWSeattle-Tacoma (CW, 11)141.581.58
WCCOMinneapolis-St. Paul (CBS, 4)151.5131.513
WFORMiami-Fort Lauderdale (CBS, 4)161.3621.362
WBFSMiami-Fort Lauderdale (My, 33)16  
KCNCDenver (CBS, 4)181.311.31
KOVRSacramento-Stockton-Modesto (CBS, 13)201.2341.234
KMAXSacramento-Stockton-Modesto (CW, 31)20  
KDKAPittsburgh (CBS, 2)221.0271.027
WPCWPittsburgh (CW, 19)22  
WJZBaltimore (CBS, 13)240.9710.971
WGNTNorfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News (CW, 27)420.3180.636
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: CBS Television Network; joint venture with Warner Bros. in The CW; Showtime Networks; CSTV Networks; CBS Paramount Network Television; CBS Television Distribution; CBS Radio; CBS Outdoor; Simon & Schuster; CBS Consumer Products; CBS Interactive; CBS Outernet (provider of media channels to retail outlets); CBS Mobile; CBS Records; CBS Home Entertainment; CBS Films.


2. ION Media Networks Private

(CIG has 100% of voting stock and control of ION Media Networks)
31.86% coverage (FCC)
53 stations
63.07% coverage (total)
601 Clearwater Park Rd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Phone: 561-659-4122
Fax: 561-659-4252
BRANDON BURGESS, chairman/CEO, ION Media Networks

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WPXNNew York (ION, 31)13.27656.553
KPXNLos Angeles (ION, 30)22.50355.007
WCPXChicago (ION, 38)31.5383.076
WPPXPhiladelphia (ION, 61)41.3032.606
KPXDDallas-Fort Worth (ION, 68)51.07952.159
KKPXSan Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (ION, 65)61.07252.145
WBPXBoston (ION, 68)71.0612.122
WPXAAtlanta (ION, 14)81.0242.048
WPXWWashington, D.C. (ION, 66)91.0232.046
KPXBHouston (ION, 49)100.9091.818
WPXDDetroit (ION, 31)110.85351.707
KPPXPhoenix (ION, 51)120.7991.598
WXPXTampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota (ION, 66)130.7911.582
KWPXSeattle-Tacoma (ION, 33)140.791.58
KPXMMinneapolis-St. Paul (ION, 41)150.75651.513
WPXMMiami-Fort Lauderdale (ION, 35)160.6811.362
WVPXCleveland-Akron (ION, 23)170.681.36
KPXCDenver (ION, 59)180.6551.31
WOPXOrlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne (ION; 56)190.63551.271
KSPXSacramento-Stockton-Modesto (ION; 29)200.6171.234
KPXGPortland, Ore. (ION, 22)230.511.02
WIPXIndianapolis (ION, 63)260.4750.95
WRPXRaleigh-Durham (ION, 47)280.4610.922
WFPXRaleigh-Durham (ION, 62)28  
WHPXHartford-New Haven (ION, 26)290.44650.893
WNPXNashville, Tenn. (ION, 28)300.42850.857
KPXEKansas City, Kan.-Mo. (ION, 50)310.4110.822
WPXEMilwaukee (ION, 55)340.3950.79
KUPXSalt Lake City (ION, 16)350.38750.775
KPXLSan Antonio (ION, 26)370.35150.703
WPXPWest Palm Beach-Fort Pierce (ION, 67)380.34350.687
WZPXGrand Rapids-Kalamazoo-Battle Creek (ION, 43)390.3280.656
WPXHBirmingham, Ala. (ION, 44)400.3240.648
WPXVNorfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News (ION, 49)420.3180.636
KOPXOklahoma City (ION, 62)450.30.6
WGPXGreensboro-High Point-Winston-Salem (ION, 16)460.2980.596
WPXXMemphis (My, 50)470.2960.592
WPXCJacksonville (ION, 21)490.29050.581
WPXJBuffalo, N.Y. (ION, 51)500.2820.564
WPXQProvidence, R.I.-New Bedford, Mass. (ION, 69)520.2780.556
WPXLNew Orleans (ION, 49)530.2660.532
WQPXWilkes Barre-Scranton (ION, 64)540.26250.525
WYPXAlbany-Schenectady-Troy (ION, 50)560.4910.491
WPXKKnoxville (ION, 54)580.2370.474
KTPXTulsa (ION, 44)600.23050.461
WUPXLexington, Ky. (ION, 67)630.21750.435
WLPXCharleston-Huntington, W. Va. (ION, 29)650.21150.423
KFPXDes Moines-Ames, Iowa (ION, 39)710.18850.377
KGPXSpokane (ION, 34)770.1790.358
WSPXSyracuse (ION, 56)800.17150.343
KPXRCedar Rapids-Waterloo-Iowa City (ION, 48)870.15050.301
WEPXGreenville-New Bern, N.C. (ION, 38)1050.12250.245
WTPXWausau-Rhinelander, Wis. (ION, 46)1340.1620.162
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: ION Television; low-power TV stations; ION Life digital network; 51% interest in kids' TV network, Qubo.


3. Fox Television Stations NWS

(subsidiary of News Corp. Ltd.)
31.36% coverage (FCC)
27 stations
37.34% coverage (total)
1211 Avenue of the Americas, 21st Floor
New York, NY 10036
Phone: 212-301-5400
K. RUPERT MURDOCH, chairman, News Corp.
ROGER AILES, chairman/CEO, Fox News; chairman, Fox Television Stations; chairman, Twentieth Television
JACK ABERNETHY, CEO, Fox Television Stations
DENNIS SWANSON, president, Fox Television Station Operations

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WNYWNew York (Fox, 5)16.5536.553
WWORNew York (My, 9)1  
KTTVLos Angeles (Fox, 11)25.0075.007
KCOPLos Angeles (My, 13)2  
WFLDChicago (Fox, 32)31.5383.076
WPWRChicago (My, 50)3  
WTXFPhiladelphia (Fox, 29)41.3032.606
KDFWDallas-Fort Worth (Fox, 4)52.1592.159
KDFIDallas-Fort Worth (My, 27)5  
WFXTBoston (Fox, 25)71.0612.122
WAGAAtlanta (Fox, 5)82.0482.048
WTTGWashington, D.C. (Fox, 5)92.0462.046
WDCAWashington (My, 20)9  
KTXHHouston (My, 20)100.9091.818
KRIVHouston (Fox, 26)10  
WJBKDetroit (Fox, 2)111.7071.707
KSAZPhoenix (Fox, 10)121.5981.598
KUTPPhoenix (My, 45)12  
WTVTTampa-St Petersburg-Sarasota (Fox, 13)131.5821.582
KMSPMinneapolis-St. Paul (Fox, 9)151.5131.513
WFTCMinneapolis-St. Paul (My, 29)15  
WJWCleveland-Akron, Ohio (Fox, 8)171.3811.381
WOFLOrlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne (Fox, 35)190.63551.271
WRBWOrlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne (My, 65)19  
WUTBBaltimore (My, 24)240.48550.971
WHBQMemphis (Fox, 13)470.5920.592
KTBCAustin, Tex. (Fox, 7)510.5640.564
WOGXGainesville, Fla. (Fox, 51)1620.05450.109
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Fox Broadcasting Co.; MyNetworkTV; Fox Filmed Entertainment; Fox Television Studios; 20th Century Fox Television; Twentieth Television; 20th Century Fox; cable channels including Fox News Channel, Fox Movie Channel, FX, Speed, Fox College Sports, Fox Reality, Fuel TV, Fox Sports en Español, Fox Sports Net, Fox Soccer Channel, Fox Business Network, regional sports networks, 50% of National Geographic Channel; largest shareholder in Gemstar TV Guide International; international DTH platforms (BSkyB, Star TV, etc.); largest English-language newspaper publisher with properties in Australia, U.K. and the U.S., where it owns Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal; HarperCollins and other book imprints; Web incubator Slingshot Labs; largest investor in digital pay-TV equipment and software vendor NDS;; Fox Interactive Media; Intermix;;;; (joint venture with The Associated Press); (joint venture with NBC Universal; Providence Equity Partners has made a $100 million investment); numerous other Websites tied to channels and newspapers.


4. NBC Universal GE

(subsidiary of 80% owner General Electric; 20% owned by Vivendi Universal)
30.41% coverage (FCC)
25 stations
35.86% coverage (total)
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
Phone: 212-664-4444
Fax: 212-664-4085
BOB WRIGHT, vice chairman, General Electric
JEFF ZUCKER, president/CEO, NBC Universal
JOHN WALLACE, president, NBC Owned & Operated Television Stations

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WNBCNew York (NBC, 4)16.5536.553
WNJUNew York (Tel, 47)1  
KNBCLos Angeles (NBC, 4)25.0075.007
KWHYLos Angeles (Tel, 22)2  
KVEALos Angeles (Tel, 52)2  
WMAQChicago (NBC, 5)33.0763.076
WSNSChicago, (Tel, 44)3  
WCAUPhiladelphia (NBC, 10)42.6062.606
KXASDallas-Fort Worth (NBC, 5)52.1592.159
KXTXDallas-Fort Worth (Tel, 39)5  
KNTVSan Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (NBC, 11)62.1452.145
KSTSSan Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (Tel, 48)6  
WNEUBoston (Tel, 60)71.0612.122
WRCWashington, D.C. (NBC, 4)92.0462.046
KTMDHouston (Tel, 47)100.9091.818
KTAZPhoenix (Tel, 39)120.7991.598
WTVJ*Miami-Fort Lauderdale (NBC, 6)161.3621.362
WSCVMiami-Fort Lauderdale (Tel, 51)16  
KDENDenver (Tel, 25)180.6551.31
KNSDSan Diego (NBC, 39)270.4660.932
WVIT*Hartford-New Haven (NBC, 30)290.44650.893
KVDASan Antonio (Tel, 60)370.35150.703
KBLRLas Vegas (Tel, 39)430.31350.627
KNSOFresno-Visalia (Tel, 51)550.2520.504
KHRRTucson (Tel, 40)680.1980.396
*NBC Universal has announced it intends to sell these stations.
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: NBC TV Network; Spanish-language Telemundo network; Universal Media Studios; NBC Universal Television Distribution; Universal Pictures; Universal Studios Home Entertainment; cable channels Bravo, Sci Fi Channel, USA Networks, Oxygen Media, Universal HD, CNBC, NBC Weather Plus, Chiller, Sleuth, MSNBC (with Microsoft), A&E Television Networks (joint venture with Disney and Hearst), Sundance Channel (venture with Showtime Networks and Robert Redford), mun2, Telemundo International and international channels; GE Equity and NBC Universal own 37% of ShopNBC; Universal Parks and Resorts; NBC Universal Digital Media; (venture with News Corp.; Providence Equity Partners has $100 million investment);; many Websites tied to channels and products.


5. Tribune Co. Private

(Tribune Employee Stock Ownership Plan owns 100%; EGI-TRB, an entity run by Sam Zell, invested $315 million in the $8.2 billion buyout, which closed on Dec. 20, 2007, and has a warrant allowing Zell to purchase 40% of the company's common equity)
27.53% coverage (FCC)
23 stations
35.48% coverage (total)
435 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-222-3333
Fax: 312-329-0611
SAM ZELL, chairman/CEO, Tribune Co.
RANDY MICHAELS, executive VP, Tribune Co.; CEO, Tribune Interactive and Broadcasting
GERALD SPECTOR, executive VP/chief administrative officer, Tribune Co.
ED WILSON, president, Tribune Broadcasting

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WPIXNew York (CW, 11)16.5536.553
KTLALos Angeles (CW, 5)25.0075.007
WGNChicago (CW, 9)33.0763.076
WPHLPhiladelphia (My, 17)41.3032.606
KDAFDallas-Fort Worth (CW, 33)51.07952.159
WDCWWashington (CW, 50)91.0232.046
KHCWHouston (CW, 39)100.9091.818
KCPQSeattle-Tacoma (Fox, 13)141.581.58
KMYQSeattle-Tacoma (My, 22)14  
WSFLMiami-Fort Lauderdale (CW, 39)160.6811.362
KWGNDenver (CW, 2)181.311.31
KTXLSacramento-Stockton-Modesto (Fox, 40)200.6171.234
KPLRSt. Louis (CW, 11)211.1031.103
KRCWPortland, Ore. (CW, 32)230.511.02
WTTVIndianapolis (CW, 4)260.950.95
WXINIndianapolis (Fox, 59)26  
KSWB†San Diego (CW, 69)270.4660.932
WTXXHartford-New Haven (CW, 20)290.44650.893
WTICHartford-New Haven. (Fox, 61)29  
WXMIGrand Rapids-Kalamazoo (Fox, 17)390.3280.656
WPMTHarrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon, Pa. (Fox, 43)410.3210.642
WGNONew Orleans (ABC, 26)530.2660.532
WNOLNew Orleans (CW, 38)53  
†Will change affiliation from CW to Fox in August
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: 9 metro English-language daily newspapers (including the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times); free-distribution newspapers RedEye and amNewYork; Spanish-language newspapers Hoy in Los Angeles and Chicago and El Sentinel in Orlando and South Florida; Tribune Entertainment; Tribune Media Services; CLTV Chicago cable news channel; WGN-AM in Chicago; Superstation WGN; Food Network (minority stake); Tribune Interactive; has more than 50 Websites including CareerBuilder (41%); Classified Ventures (28%), which owns and; ShopLocal (43%); (34%); and Plans to complete the sale of the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field and related real estate, and its 25% stake in Comcast SportsNet Chicago in the first half of 2008.


6. ABC TV Stations Group DIS

(subsidiary of Walt Disney Co.)
23.17% coverage (FCC)
10 stations
23.42% coverage (total)
77 W. 66th St.
New York, NY 10023
Phone: 212-456-7777
ROBERT IGER, president/CEO, Disney
WALTER LISS, president, ABC Owned Television Stations

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WABCNew York (ABC, 7)16.5536.553
KABCLos Angeles (ABC, 7)25.0075.007
WLSChicago (ABC, 7)33.0763.076
WPVIPhiladelphia (ABC, 6)42.6062.606
KGOSan Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (ABC, 7)62.1452.145
KTRKHouston (ABC, 13)101.8181.818
WTVDRaleigh-Durham (ABC, 11)280.9220.922
KFSNFresno-Visalia (ABC, 30)550.2520.504
WJRTFlint-Saginaw-Bay City (ABC, 12)660.4170.417
WTVGToledo (ABC, 13)720.3760.376
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: ABC Television Network; ABC Entertainment TV Group (production and primetime development); Walt Disney Television Animation; ABC Studios; Disney-ABC Domestic Television Distribution; Disney-ABC Television International; cable networks: Disney Channel, Toon Disney, ABC Family, SOAPnet, Jetix; 80% of ESPN, 50% of Lifetime Television (with Hearst Corp.), A&E Television Networks (joint venture with NBC and Hearst); international channels; ABC News Radio; Radio Disney; Walt Disney Pictures; Touchstone Pictures; Miramax Films; Buena Vista Motion Picture Group; Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment; Walt Disney Parks and Resorts; Disney Consumer Products; Disney Publishing Worldwide; Hyperion Books; Walt Disney Internet Group; ABC News Digital Media Group;; live and on-demand broadband news channel ABC News Now; new-media content studio Stage 9 Digital Media.


7. Univision

(owned by an investor group including Madison Dearborn Partners, Providence Equity Partners, Saban Capital Group, Thomas H. Lee Partners and TPG)
22.97% coverage (FCC)
37 stations
43.96% coverage (total)
605 Third Ave.
New York, NY 10158
Phone: 212-455-5200

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WXTVNew York (Uni, 41)13.27656.553
WFUTNew York (Tlf, 68)1  
KMEXLos Angeles (Uni, 34)22.50355.007
KFTRLos Angeles (Tlf, 46)2  
WXFTChicago (Tlf, 60)31.5383.076
WGBOChicago (Uni, 66)3  
WUVPPhiladelphia (Uni, 65)41.3032.606
KUVNDallas-Fort Worth (Uni, 23)51.07952.159
KSTRDallas-Fort Worth (Tlf, 49)5  
KDTVSan Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (Uni, 14)61.07252.145
KFSFSan Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (Tlf, 66)6  
WUTFBoston (Tlf, 66)71.0612.122
WUVGAtlanta (Uni, 34)81.0242.048
WFDCWashington, D.C. (Uni, 14)91.0232.046
KXLNHouston (Uni, 45)100.9091.818
KFTHHouston (Tlf, 67)10  
KFPHPhoenix (Tlf, 13)121.5981.598
KTVWPhoenix (Uni, 33)12  
WFTTTampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota (Tlf, 50)130.7911.582
WLTVMiami-Fort Lauderdale (Uni, 23)160.6811.362
WAMIMiami-Fort Lauderdale (Tlf, 69)16  
WQHSCleveland-Akron (Uni, 61)170.681.36
KTFDDenver (Tlf, 14)180.6551.31
WOTFOrlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne (Tlf, 43)190.63551.271
KUVSSacramento-Stockton-Modesto (Uni, 19)200.6171.234
KTFKSacramento-Stockton-Modesto (Tlf, 64)20  
WUVCRaleigh-Durham (Uni, 40)280.4610.922
KUTHSalt Lake City (Uni, 32)350.38750.775
KWEXSan Antonio (Uni, 41)370.35150.703
KTFQAlbuquerque-Santa Fe (Tlf, 14)440.30050.601
KNICAustin, Texas (Tlf, 17)510.2820.564
KAKWAustin, Texas (Uni, 62)51  
KFTVFresno-Visalia (Uni, 21)550.2520.504
KTFFFresno-Visalia (Tlf, 61)55  
KFTUTucson (Tlf, 3)680.3960.396
KUVETucson (Uni, 46)68  
KUVIBakersfield, Calif. (My, 45)1250.09650.193
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Univision and TeleFutura broadcast networks; Galavisión cable network; Univision Radio, which owns and/or operates 69 radio stations in 16 of the top 25 U.S. Hispanic markets and four stations in Puerto Rico; Univision Music Group (the largest Latin music operation in the U.S., with labels such as Univision Records, Fonovisa Records, La Calle Records, Disa Records); Univision Online;; TuTV (50/50 joint venture with Televisa that owns five Hispanic-targeted cable and satellite networks in the U.S.).


8. Trinity Broadcasting Network Private

17.89% coverage (FCC)
24 stations
35.19% coverage (total)
2442 Michelle Drive
Tustin, CA 92780
Phone: 714-832-2950
Fax: 714-665-2191
PAUL F. CROUCH, president
PAUL F. CROUCH Jr., chief of staff

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WTBYNew York (TBN, 54)13.27656.553
KTBNLos Angeles (TBN, 40)22.50355.007
WWTOChicago (TBN, 35)31.5383.076
WGTWPhiladelphia (TBN, 48)41.3032.606
KDTXDallas-Fort Worth (TBN, 58)51.07952.159
WHSGAtlanta (TBN, 63)81.0242.048
KPAZPhoenix (TBN, 21)120.7991.598
KTBWSeattle-Tacoma (TBN, 20)140.791.58
WHFTMiami-Fort Lauderdale (TBN, 45)160.6811.362
WDLICleveland-Akron (TBN, 17)170.681.36
WHLVOrlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne (Ind., 52)190.63551.271
WCLJIndianapolis (Ind., 42)260.4750.95
WPGDNashville (TBN, 50)300.42850.857
WTJPBirmingham, Ala. (TBN, 60)400.3240.648
KNATAlbuquerque-Santa Fe (Ind., 23)440.30050.601
KTBOOklahoma City (TBN, 14)450.60.6
WBUYMemphis (Ind., 40)470.2960.592
KDORTulsa (TBN, 17)600.23050.461
WMPVMobile, Ala.-Pensacola, Fla. (Ind., 21)610.22950.459
WKOIDayton (TBN, 43)620.22650.453
KAAHHonolulu (TBN, 26)730.1880.376
WELFChattanooga (TBN, 23)860.1570.314
WMCFMontgomery, Ala. (TBN, 45)1180.1080.216
KTAJSt. Joseph, Mo. (TBN, 16)2010.02050.041
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: more than 240 low-power TV stations; cable channels TBN, The Church Channel, TBN Enlace USA, JCTV, TBN Europe, TBN Africa, TBN Asia-South Pacific; Trinity Christian Center International; Trinity Music City USA; International Production Center; TBN Films; Smile of a Child; TBN Radio Paradise; KTBN short-wave radio; Holyland Experience Theme Park in Orlando


9. Gannett Broadcasting GCI

16.44% coverage (FCC)
21 stations
16.61% coverage (total)
7950 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, VA 22107
Phone: 703-854-6000
Fax: 703-854-2002
CRAIG A. DUBOW, chairman/president/CEO, Gannett Co. Inc.
DAVID LOUGEE, president, Gannett Broadcasting

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WXIAAtlanta (NBC, 11)82.0482.048
WATLAtlanta (My, 36)8  
WUSAWashington, D.C. (CBS, 9)92.0462.046
KPNXPhoenix (NBC, 12)121.5981.598
KAREMinneapolis-St. Paul (NBC, 11)151.5131.513
WKYCCleveland-Akron (NBC, 3)171.361.36
KUSADenver (NBC, 9)181.311.31
KTVDDenver (My, 20)18  
KXTVSacramento-Stockton-Modesto (ABC, 10)201.2341.234
KSDKSt. Louis (NBC, 5)211.1031.103
WZZMGrand Rapids-Kalamazoo (ABC, 13)390.6560.656
WFMYGreensboro-High Pt.-Winston-Salem (CBS, 2)460.5960.596
WTLVJacksonville (NBC, 12)490.5810.581
WJXXJacksonville (ABC, 25)49  
WGRZBuffalo (NBC, 2)500.5640.564
KTHVLittle Rock-Pine Bluff (CBS, 11)570.490.49
WBIRKnoxville (NBC, 10)580.4740.474
WCSHPortland-Auburn, Maine (NBC, 6)760.3610.361
WLTXColumbia, S.C. (CBS, 19)810.170.34
WMAZMacon, Ga. (CBS, 13)1210.2080.208
WLBZBangor, Maine (NBC, 2)1520.1270.127
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Captivate, an elevator-based video advertising network; 85 daily U.S. newspapers, including USA Today and USA Weekend; nearly 1,000 non-daily publications; U.K.-based Newsquest PLC, which owns 17 daily newspapers and 300 non-daily publications; Career (40.8%); Classified Ventures (23.6%); (42.5%); (33.7%); Shermans Travel (17.9%); mobile information service 4INFO (minority interest); rich-media firm PointRoll; digital action sports-channel provider; online search and advertising technology provider Planet Discovery; local entertainment Website company Metromix (joint venture with Tribune); Schedule Star (controlling interest), which operates; and many other Websites linked to TV stations and newspapers.


10. Hearst-Argyle Television Inc. HTV

(75.8% owned by privately held Hearst Corp.)
15.28% coverage (FCC)
27 stations
15.85% coverage (total)
888 Seventh Ave.
New York, NY 10106
Phone: 212-887-6800
Fax: 212-887-6875
VICTOR GANZI, president/CEO, Hearst Corp.; chairman, Hearst-Argyle Television
DAVID BARRETT, president/CEO, Hearst-Argyle Television

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WCVBBoston (ABC, 5)72.1222.122
WMURBoston (ABC, 9)7  
WESHOrlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne (NBC, 2)191.2711.271
WKCFOrlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne (CW, 18)19  
KCRASacramento-Stockton-Modesto (NBC, 3)201.2341.234
KQCASacramento-Stockton-Modesto (My, 58)20  
WTAEPittsburgh (ABC, 4)221.0271.027
WBALBaltimore (NBC, 11)240.9710.971
KMBCKansas City, Kan.-Mo. (ABC, 9)310.8220.822
KCWEKansas City, Kan.-Mo. (CW, 29)31  
WLWTCincinnati (NBC, 5)330.8020.802
WISNMilwaukee (ABC, 12)340.790.79
WYFFGreenville-Spartanburg-Asheville (NBC, 4)360.7430.743
WGALHarrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon, Pa. (NBC, 8)410.6420.642
KOATAlbuquerque-Santa Fe (ABC, 7)440.6010.601
KOCOOklahoma City (ABC, 5)450.60.6
WXIIGreensboro-High Pt.-Winston-Salem (NBC, 12)460.5960.596
WLKYLouisville, Ky. (CBS, 32)480.29150.583
WDSUNew Orleans (NBC, 6)530.5320.532
KCCIDes Moines-Ames, Iowa (CBS, 8)710.3770.377
KITVHonolulu (ABC, 4)730.3760.376
KETVOmaha (ABC, 7)750.3610.361
WMTWPortland-Auburn, Maine (ABC, 8)760.3610.361
WAPTJackson, Miss. (ABC, 16)900.1480.296
WPTZBurlington, Vt.-Plattsburgh, N.Y. (NBC, 5)920.2910.291
KHBSFort Smith-Fayetteville-Springdale (ABC, 40)1020.1280.256
KSBWMonterey-Salinas, Calif. (NBC, 8)1240.1980.198
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Two radio stations; 14 digital simulcast channels; approximately 24% of Internet Broadcasting Systems Inc. (site developer). Parent Hearst Corp. owns: Hearst Entertainment: Lifetime Entertainment Services (50/50 joint venture with Disney); NE England Cable News (joint venture with Comcast); 20% of ESPN; A&E Television Networks (joint venture with NBC and Disney); Cosmopolitan Television, which has cable networks in Spain and Latin America; 12 daily newspapers; 19 U.S. magazines, including Esquire, Town & Country, Good Housekeeping, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and more than 200 international editions; King Features; many Websites tied to newspapers, television stations and magazines, and a variety of investments and partnerships in interactive media.


11. Belo Corp. BLC

13.47% coverage (FCC)
21 stations
14.24% coverage (total)
400 S. Record St.
Dallas, TX 75202-4841
Phone: 214-977-6606
Fax: 214-977-6603
DUNIA SHIVE, president, CEO
PETER DIAZ, executive VP, television operations

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WFAADallas-Fort Worth (ABC, 8)52.1592.159
KHOUHouston (CBS, 11)101.8181.818
KTVKPhoenix (Ind., 3)121.5981.598
KASWPhoenix (CW, 61)12  
KINGSeattle-Tacoma (NBC, 5)141.581.58
KONGSeattle-Tacoma (Ind., 16)14  
KMOVSt. Louis (CBS, 4)211.1031.103
KGWPortland, Ore. (NBC, 8)231.021.02
WCNCCharlotte, N.C. (NBC, 36)250.4810.962
KCWX**San Antonio (CW, 2)370.7030.703
KENSSan Antonio (CBS, 5)37 
WVECNorfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News (ABC, 13)420.6360.636
WHASLouisville, Ky. (ABC, 11)480.5830.583
KVUEAustin, Texas (ABC, 24)510.2820.564
WWLNew Orleans (CBS, 4)530.5320.532
WUPLNew Orleans (My, 54)53  
KMSBTucson (Fox, 11)680.3960.396
KTTUTucson (My, 18)68  
KREMSpokane (CBS, 2)770.3580.358
KSKNSpokane (CW, 22)77  
KTVBBoise (NBC, 7)1130.2230.223
**Lease management agreement
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Low-power TV stations; owns three cable news channels, including NorthWest Cable News and Texas Cable News; operates four other cable news channels in partnership with Cox Communications; many Websites affiliated with TV properties. In 2008, newspaper and TV operations were split into two companies and A.H. Belo, which owns such newspapers as the Dallas Morning News, Providence Journal, The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Calif.) and Denton (Texas) Record-Chronicle, is now a separately traded company.


12. Sinclair Broadcast Group SBGI

12.34% coverage (FCC)
55 stations
21.60% coverage (total)
10706 Beaver Dam Rd.
Hunt Valley, MD 21030
Phone: 410-568-1500
Fax: 410-568-1533
DAVID D. SMITH, president/CEO
STEVEN M. MARKS, COO, television

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WTTATampa-St Petersburg-Sarasota (My, 38)130.7911.582
WUCWMinneapolis-St. Paul (CW, 23)150.75651.513
KDNLSt. Louis (ABC, 30)210.55151.103
WPMYPittsburgh (My, 22)220.51351.027
WPGHPittsburgh (Fox, 53)22  
WBFFBaltimore (Fox, 45)240.48550.971
WNUV**Baltimore (CW, 54)24  
WLFLRaleigh-Durham (CW, 22)280.4610.922
WRDCRaleigh-Durham (My, 28)28  
WZTVNashville (Fox, 17)300.42850.857
WUXPNashville (My, 30)30  
WNAB**Nashville (CW, 58)30  
WSYXColumbus, Ohio (ABC, 6)320.8030.803
WTTE**Columbus, Ohio (Fox, 28)32  
WSTRCincinnati (My, 64)330.4010.802
WVTVMilwaukee (CW, 18)340.3950.79
WCGVMilwaukee (My, 24)34  
WLOSGreenville-Spartanburg-Asheville (ABC, 13)360.7430.743
WMYA**Greenville-Spartanburg-Asheville (My, 40)36  
KABBSan Antonio (Fox, 29)370.35150.703
KMYSSan Antonio (My, 35)37  
WTTOBirmingham, Ala. (CW, 21)400.3240.648
WABMBirmingham, Ala. (My, 68)40  
WTVZNorfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News (My, 33)420.3180.636
KVMYLas Vegas (My, 21)430.31350.627
KVCWLas Vegas (CW, 33)43  
KOKHOklahoma City (Fox, 25)450.30.6
KOCBOklahoma City (CW, 34)45  
WXLVGreensboro-High Pt.-Winston-Salem (ABC, 45)460.2980.596
WMYVGreensboro-High Pt.-Winston-Salem (My, 48)46  
WUTVBuffalo (Fox, 29)500.2820.564
WNYOBuffalo (My, 49)50  
WRLHRichmond-Petersburg, Va. (Fox, 35)590.23350.467
WEARMobile, Ala.-Pensacola, Fla. (ABC, 3)610.4590.459
WFGXMobile, Ala.-Pensacola, Fla. (My, 35)61  
WKEFDayton (ABC, 22)620.22650.453
WRGT**Dayton (Fox, 45)62  
WDKYLexington, Ky. (Fox, 56)640.21750.435
WCHSCharleston-Huntington, W. Va. (ABC, 8)650.4230.423
WVAH**Charleston-Huntington, W. Va. (Fox, 11)100  
WSMHFlint-Saginaw-Bay City, Mich. (Fox, 66)660.20850.417
KDSMDes Moines-Ames, Iowa (Fox, 17)710.18850.377
WGMEPortland-Auburn, Maine (CBS, 13)760.3610.361
WUHFRochester, N.Y. (Fox, 31)780.1740.348
KBSIPaducah, Ky.-Cape Girardeau, Mo. (Fox, 23)790.1730.346
WNTS**Syracuse (My, 43)800.17150.343
WSYTSyracuse (Fox, 68)80  
WICSChampaign-Springfield-Decatur, Ill. (ABC, 20)840.1680.336
WMSNMadison, Wis. (Fox, 47)850.16550.331
KGANCedar Rapids-Waterloo-Iowa City (CBS, 2)870.3010.301
KFXA***Cedar Rapids-Waterloo-Iowa City (Fox, 28)87  
WTAT**Charleston, S.C. (Fox, 24)1000.13050.261
WMMPCharleston, S.C. (My, 36)100  
WTWCTallahassee, Fla.-Thomasville, Ga. (NBC, 40)1080.11850.237
WYZZPeoria-Bloomington, Ill. (Fox, 43)1170.1080.216
** Leased management agreement
***KFXA currently operated by Sinclair under joint sales agrement, but Sinclair is awaiting FCC approval to fully acquire the license.
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Equity interests in TV broadcast equipment manufacturer Acrodyne Industries; Sinclair Ventures has equity interests in companies such as G.1440, Jadoo Power Systems and VisionAir.


13. Cox Enterprises Private

10.24% coverage (FCC)
15 stations
10.37% coverage (total)
6205 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone: 678-645-0000
Fax: 678-678-0079
JAMES C. KENNEDY, chairman/CEO, Cox Enterprises
JIMMY W. HAYES, president/COO, Cox Enterprises
PATRICK J. ESSER, president, Cox Communications
ANDREW S. FISHER, president, Cox Television
BRUCE R. BAKER, executive VP, Cox Television

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
KTVUSan Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (Fox, 2)62.1452.145
KICUSan Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (Ind., 36)6  
WSBAtlanta (ABC, 2)82.0482.048
KIROSeattle-Tacoma (CBS, 7)141.581.58
WFTVOrlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne (ABC, 9)191.2711.271
WRDQOrlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne (Ind., 27)19  
WPXIPittsburgh (NBC, 11)221.0271.027
WSOCCharlotte, N.C. (ABC, 9)250.9620.962
WAXNCharlotte, N.C. (Ind., 64)25  
WHIODayton (CBS, 7)620.4530.453
KFOXEl Paso (Fox, 14)980.1340.268
WJACJohnstown-Altoona, Pa. (NBC, 6)990.2620.262
KRXIReno (Fox, 11)1100.2330.233
KAME**Reno (My, 21)110  
WTOVWheeling, W. Va.-Steubenville, Ohio (NBC, 9)1590.120.12
** Leased management agreement
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Cox Newspapers, which owns 17 daily newspapers and 26 non-daily publications; Cox Radio, which has 67 FM and 13 AM stations; cable operator Cox Communications;, Cox Radio Interactive, Manheim Auctions.


14. Local TV LLC Private

(owned by Oak Hill Capital Partners, management and a consortium of bankers and high-yield lenders)
9.92% coverage (FCC)
17 stations
11.00% coverage (total)
1717 Dixie Highway, Suite 650
Fort Wright, KY 41011
LOU KIRCHEN, regional VP
DALE R. WOODS, regional VP

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WJW††Cleveland-Akron (Fox, 8)171.361.36
KDVR ††Denver (Fox, 31)180.6551.31
KTVI ††St. Louis (Fox, 2)211.1031.103
WDAF ††Kansas City, Kan.-Mo. (Fox, 4)310.8220.822
WITI ††Milwaukee (Fox, 6)340.790.79
KSTU ††Salt Lake City (Fox, 13)350.7750.775
WBRC ††Birmingham, Ala. (Fox, 6)400.6480.648
WTKRNorfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News (CBS, 3)420.6360.636
KFOROklahoma City (NBC, 4)450.60.6
KAUTOklahoma City (My, 43)45  
WGHP††Greensboro-High Point (Fox, 8)460.5960.596
WREGMemphis (CBS, 3)470.5920.592
WNEPWilkes Barre-Scranton (ABC, 16)540.26250.525
WHODes Moines-Ames, Iowa (NBC, 13)710.3770.377
WHNTHuntsville-Decatur-Florence (CBS, 19)830.16950.339
WQADDavenport-Rock Island-Moline (ABC, 8)960.2740.274
KFSMFt. Smith-Fayetteville-Springdale (CBS, 5)1020.2560.256
†† In December 2007, Fox announced these stations would be sold to Oak Hill Capital Partners; the deal is due to close by the third quarter of 2008.
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Websites tied to TV stations. Private equity group Oak Hill Capital Partners has investments in companies such as cable operator Atlantic Broadband Group LLC.


15. Raycom Private

9.38% coverage (FCC)
35 stations
11.45% coverage (total)
RSA Tower, 20th Floor
201 Monroe St.
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: (334) 206-1400
Fax: (334) 206-1555
PAUL McTEAR, president/CEO

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WOIOCleveland-Akron (CBS, 19)170.681.36
WUABCleveland-Akron (My, 43)17  
WBTVCharlotte, N.C. (CBS, 3)250.9620.962
WXIXCincinnati (Fox, 19)330.4010.802
WFLXWest Palm Beach-Fort Pierce (Fox, 29)380.34350.687
WMCMemphis (NBC, 5)470.5920.592
WAVELouisville, Ky. (NBC, 3)480.5830.583
WTNZKnoxville (Fox, 43)580.2370.474
WTVRRichmond-Petersburg, Va. (CBS, 6)590.4670.467
WWBTRichmond-Petersburg, Va. (NBC, 12)59  
KOLDTucson (CBS, 13)680.3960.396
WTOLToledo (CBS, 11)720.3760.376
KFVEHonolulu (My, 5)730.3760.376
KHNLHonolulu (NBC, 13)73  
KFVSPaducah, Ky.-Cape Girardeau, Mo. (CBS, 12)790.3460.346
WISColumbia, S.C. (NBC, 10)810.340.34
KSLAShreveport (CBS, 12)820.340.34
WAFFHuntsville-Decatur-Florence, Ala. (NBC, 48)830.16950.339
WLBTJackson, Miss. (NBC, 3)900.2960.296
WAFBBaton Rouge (CBS, 9)940.2820.282
WTOCSavannah (CBS, 11)970.2720.272
WCSCCharleston, S.C. (CBS, 5)1000.2610.261
WFIEEvansville (NBC, 14)1010.12850.257
KLTVTyler-Longview, Texas (ABC, 7)1110.2310.231
WSFAMontgomery, Ala. (NBC, 12)1180.2160.216
WTVMColumbus, Ga. (ABC, 9)1280.1840.184
WECTWilmington, N.C. (NBC, 6)1350.1590.159
WALBAlbany, Ga. (NBC, 10)1460.1370.137
KCBDLubbock (NBC, 11)1480.1350.135
WPGXPanama City, Fla. (Fox, 28)1540.0630.126
WLOXBiloxi-Gulfport, Miss. (ABC, 13)1600.1150.115
WDAMHattiesburg-Laurel, Miss. (NBC, 7)1680.0940.094
WDFXDothan, Ala. (Fox, 34)1720.04450.089
KPLCLake Charles, La. (NBC, 7)1760.0840.084
KAITJonesboro, Ark. (ABC, 8)1820.0710.071
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Raycom Sports (production, marketing, events management); Raycom Post (a post-production facility); Broadview Media (a post-production/telecommunications company); CableVantage (a cable-advertising sales group).


16. Multicultural Television Broadcasting Private

9.05% coverage (FCC)
6 stations
18.11% coverage (total)
449 Broadway
New York, NY 10013

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WSAHNew York (Ind., 43)13.27656.553
KHIZLos Angeles (Ind., 64)22.50355.007
KCNSSan Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (Ind., 38)61.07252.145
WMFPBoston (Ind., 62)71.0612.122
WOACCleveland-Akron (Ind., 67)170.681.36
WRAYRaleigh-Durham, N.C. (Ind., 30)280.4610.922
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Inc. (MRBI) owns and operates 43 radio stations in 10 states; the company's Chinese Media Group includes Sino Radio Broadcasting, Sino Television Broadcasting, Sino Print Publications, Sino Sports Entertainment and Sino Music Entertainment divisions, which serve Chinese audiences; Networks Asia is the national sales organization of MRBI.


17. E.W. Scripps Co. SSP

7.99% coverage (FCC)
10 stations
9.99% coverage (total)
312 Walnut St.
Scripps Center 2800
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 513-977-3000
Fax: 513-977-3721
KENNETH W. LOWE, president/CEO
WILLIAM B. PETERSON, senior VP, Television Station Group

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WXYZDetroit (ABC, 7)111.7071.707
KNXVPhoenix (ABC, 15)120.7991.598
WFTSTampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota (ABC, 28)130.7911.582
WEWSCleveland-Akron (ABC, 5)171.361.36
WMARBaltimore (ABC, 2)240.9710.971
KMCIKansas City, Kan.-Mo. (Ind., 38)310.4110.822
KSHBKansas City, Kan.-Mo. (NBC, 41)31  
WCPOCincinnati (ABC, 9)330.8020.802
WPTVWest Palm Beach-Fort Pierce (NBC, 5)380.6870.687
KJRHTulsa (NBC, 2)600.4610.461
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Cable networks: HGTV, DIY Network, Fine Living, Great American Country, Food Network (about 70%) and Fox-BRV Southern Sports Holdings (7.25%), which owns Sports South and Fox Sports Net South; broadband channels HGTV Pro, HGTV KitchenDesign, HGTV BathDesign, HGTV Simply Quilts, DIY Automotive, DIY Crafts, DIY Gardening, DIY Home Improvement, DIY Tools, DIY Woodworking and GAC Still Rollin'; comic syndicator United Media; daily and community newspapers in 18 markets; Scripps Howard News Service; online comparison-shopping services Shopzilla, UpMyStreet and U.K.-based uSwitch; variety of other Websites, tied to TV, cable and newspaper properties, including, and


18. Meredith Corp. MDP

7.63% coverage (FCC)
11 stations
9.03% coverage (total)
1716 Locust St.
Des Moines, IA 50309
Phone: 515-284-3000
Fax: 515-284-2393
WILLIAM T. KERR, chairman, Meredith Corp.
STEPHEN M. LACY, president/CEO
PAUL KARPOWICZ, president, Meredith Broadcasting Group

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WGCLAtlanta (CBS, 46)81.0242.048
KPHOPhoenix (CBS, 5)121.5981.598
KPTVPortland, Ore. (Fox, 12)231.021.02
KPDXPortland, Ore. (My, 49)23  
WFSBHartford-New Haven (CBS, 3)290.8930.893
WSMVNashville (NBC, 4)300.8570.857
KCTVKansas City, Kan.-Mo. (CBS, 5)310.8220.822
KSMOKansas City, Kan.-Mo. (My, 62)31  
WHNSGreenville-Spartanburg-Asheville (Fox, 21)360.37150.743
KVVULas Vegas (Fox, 5)430.6270.627
WNEMFlint-Saginaw-Bay City, Mich. (CBS, 5)660.4170.417
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Low-power TV stations; more than 25 consumer magazines, including Better Homes & Gardens and Family Circle, and about 200 special-interest publications; Meredith Hispanic Ventures publishes five Spanish-language titles; Meredith Books; over 30 Websites.


19. Media General MEG

7.55% coverage (FCC)
20 stations
7.89% coverage (total)
333 E. Franklin St.
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804-649-6000
Fax: 804-775-4603
J. STEWART BRYAN III, chairman, Media General Inc.
JAMES A. ZIMMERMAN, VP, Media General; president, Broadcast Division

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WFLATampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota (NBC, 8)131.5821.582
WCMHColumbus, Ohio (NBC, 4)320.8030.803
WSPAGreenville-Spartanburg-Asheville (CBS, 7)360.7430.743
WNEG***Greenville-Spartanburg-Asheville (CBS, 32)36  
WYCWGreenville-Spartanburg-Asheville (CW, 62)36  
WVTMBirmingham, Ala. (NBC, 13)400.6480.648
WCWJ***Jacksonville, Fla. (CW, 17)490.29050.581
WJARProvidence-New Bedford (NBC, 10)520.5560.556
WKRGMobile, Ala.-Pensacola, Fla. (CBS, 5)610.4590.459
WSLSRoanoke-Lynchburg, Va. (NBC, 10)670.4000.400
WJTVJackson, Miss. (CBS, 12)900.2960.296
WJHLTri-Cities, Tenn.-Va. (CBS, 11)910.2920.292
WSAVSavannah (NBC, 3)970.2720.272
WCBDCharleston, S.C. (NBC, 2)1000.2610.261
WBTWMyrtle Beach-Florence, S.C. (CBS, 13)1030.2480.248
WNCTGreenville-New Bern-Washington (CBS, 9)1050.245 
WNCNGreenvile-New Bern-Washington, (NBC, 17)105  
WJBFAugusta, Ga. (ABC, 6)1150.2220.222
WRBLColumbus, Ga. (CBS, 3)1280.1840.184
WHLTHattiesburg-Laurel, Miss. (CBS, 22)1680.0470.094
***Media General has said it is considering the sale of these properties.
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Parent owns 25 daily newspapers, including The Tampa Tribune; more than 100 weekly newspapers and periodicals; online interests include,, and more than 75 other Websites tied to TV and newspaper holdings.


20. Post-Newsweek Stations WPO

(subsidiary of The Washington Post Co.)
7.44% coverage (FCC)
6 stations
7.44% coverage (total)
550 W. Lafayette Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48226-3123
Phone: (313) 223-2260
Fax: (313) 223-2263
DONALD E. GRAHAM, chairman/CEO, The Washington Post Co.
ALAN FRANK, president/CEO, Post-Newsweek Stations

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
KPRCHouston (NBC, 2)101.8181.818
WDIVDetroit (NBC, 4)111.7071.707
WPLGMiami-Fort Lauderdale (ABC, 10)161.3621.362
WKMGOrlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne (CBS, 6)191.2711.271
KSATSan Antonio (ABC, 12)370.7030.703
WJXTJacksonville, Fla. (Ind., 4)490.5810.581
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Parent owns The Washington Post and other daily and weekly newspapers; Newsweek magazine; Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel magazine; educational and career service provider Kaplan Inc.; cable operator Cable One; Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, which oversees online properties such as,, and Budget Travel Online


21. LIN TV Corp. TVL

7.43% coverage (FCC)
26 stations
8.56% coverage (total)
1 Richmond Square
Providence, RI 02906
Phone: (401) 454-2880
Fax: (401) 454-5286
BART CATALANE, senior VP/chief financial officer
SCOTT BLUMENTHAL, executive VP, television
GREG SCHMIDT, executive VP, digital media
DENISE PARENT, VP, general counsel and secretary

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WISHIndianapolis (CBS, 8)260.950.95
WNDYIndianapolis (My, 23)26  
WTNHHartford-New Haven (ABC, 8)290.8930.893
WCTXHartford-New Haven (My, 59)29  
WWHOColumbus, Ohio (CW, 53)320.40150.803
WOODGrand Rapids-Kalamazoo (NBC, 8)390.6560.656
WOTVGrand Rapids-Kalamazoo (ABC, 41)39  
WAVYNorfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News (NBC, 10)420.6360.636
WVBTNorfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News (Fox, 43)42  
KASAAlbuquerque-Santa Fe (Fox, 2)440.6010.601
KRQEAlbuquerque-Santa Fe (CBS, 13)44  
WIVBBuffalo (CBS, 4)500.5640.564
WNLOBuffalo (CW, 23)50  
KXANAustin, Texas (NBC, 36)510.2820.564
KNVA**Austin, Texas (CW, 54)51  
WPRIProvidence-New Bedford (CBS, 12)520.5560.556
WNAC**Providence-New Bedford (My, 64)   
WALAMobile, Ala.-Pensacola, Fla. (Fox, 10)610.4590.459
WBPGMobile, Ala.-Pensacola, Fla. (CW, 55)61  
WDTNDayton (NBC, 2)620.4530.453
WLUKGreen Bay-Appleton, Wis. (Fox, 11)700.390.39
WUPWToledo (Fox, 36)720.1880.376
WANEFort Wayne (CBS, 15)1070.1210.242
WWLPSpringfield-Holyoke, Mass. (NBC, 22)1090.1170.234
WTHITerre Haute (CBS, 10)1510.1290.129
WLFILafayette, Ind. (CBS, 18)1890.02950.059
**Lease management agreement
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Local weather cable channels; owns 20% of NBC's KXAS Dallas and KNSD San Diego; 30 Websites.


22. Entravision Communications Corp. EVC

6.58% coverage (FCC)
20 stations
12.75% coverage (total)
2425 Olympic Blvd., Suite 6000 W
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone: 310-447-3870
Fax: 310-447-3899

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WUNIBoston (Uni, 27)71.0612.122
WJALWashington, D.C. (Ind., 68)91.0232.046
WVEATampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota (Uni, 62)130.7911.582
KTFD**Denver (Tlf, 14)180.6551.31
KCECDenver (Uni, 50)18  
WVENOrlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne (Uni, 26)190.63551.271
WOTF****Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne (Tlf, 43)   
XHASSan Diego (Tel, 33)270.4660.932
WUVNHartford-New Haven (Uni, 18)290.44650.893
KINCLas Vegas (Uni, 15)430.31350.627
KLUZAlbuquerque-Santa Fe (Uni, 41)440.30050.601
XRIOHarlingen-Weslaco, Texas (Tr3, 2)880.30.3
KNVOHarlingen-Weslaco, Texas (Uni, 48)88  
KINTEl Paso (Uni, 26)980.1340.268
KTFNEl Paso (Tlf, 65)98  
KPMRSanta Barbara-Santa Maria (Uni, 38)1220.1030.206
KSMSMonterey-Salinas (Uni, 67)1240.0990.198
KOROCorpus Christi (Uni, 28)1290.0870.174
KUPBOdessa-Midland, Texas (Uni, 18)1570.0610.122
KVYEYuma, Ariz.-El Centro, Calif. (Uni, 7)1650.10.1
** Lease management agreement
****Joint sales agreement
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: 25 low-power TV stations; 47 radio stations; Spanish-language radio network; company holds a minority, limited voting interest in licensees of XHAS and XUPN, and provides programming and related services under a time-brokerage arrangement; sale pending for outdoor operations, which has more than 10,000 billboards.


23. Pappas Telecasting Companies Private

6.40% coverage (FCC)
16 stations
12.10% coverage (total)
500 S. Chinowth Rd.
Visalia, CA 93277
Phone: 559-733-7800
Fax: 559-733-7878
DENNIS J. DAVIS, president/COO
HOWARD H. SHRIER, senior executive VP/COO, TV stations group
STEVEN E. ALFIERIS, VP/special counsel
DALE SCHERBRING, VP/director of engineering

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
KAZALos Angeles (Azt, 54)22.50355.007
KTNCSan Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (TuV, 42)61.07252.145
KAZHHouston (TuV, 57)100.9091.818
WCWGGreensboro-High Pt.-Winston-Salem (CW, 20)460.2980.596
KMPHFresno-Visalia (Fox, 26)550.2520.504
KFREFresno-Visalia (CW, 59)55  
WWAZGreen Bay-Appleton, Wis. (Ind, 68)700.1950.39
KCWIDes Moines-Ames, Iowa (CW, 23)710.18850.377
KDBCEl Paso (CBS, 4)980.2680.268
KTVG**Lincoln-Hastings-Kearney, Neb. (Fox, 4)1040.2460.246
KHGILincoln-Hastings-Kearney, Neb. (ABC, 13)104  
KSNB**Lincoln-Hastings-Kearney, Neb. (Fox, 17)104  
KRENReno (CW, 27)1100.11650.233
KCWKYakima-Pasco-Richland, Wash. (CW, 9)1260.1890.189
WLGAColumbus, Ga. (CW, 66)1280.0920.184
KPTHSioux City, Iowa (Fox, 44)1430.06950.139
** Lease management agreement
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Low-power TV stations; owns 16 on-air digital channels and operates three others under lease management agreements; AM radio stations KTRB (AM) and KMPH (AM); construction permits for 10 additional TV stations. In December, Pappas hired Moelis & Co. to assess strategic alternatives for the company, a move that could result in the sale of a portion of its television assets.


24. Young Broadcasting YBTVA

5.79% coverage (FCC)
11 stations
5.83% coverage (total)
599 Lexington Ave.
New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212-754-7070
Fax: 212-758-1229

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
KRONSan Francisco-Oakland-San Jose (My, 4)62.1452.145
WKRNNashville (ABC, 2)300.8570.857
WTENAlbany-Schenectady-Troy, N.Y. (ABC, 10)560.4910.491
WATEKnoxville (ABC, 6)580.4740.474
WRICRichmond-Petersburg, Va. (ABC, 8)590.4670.467
WBAYGreen Bay-Appleton, Wis. (ABC, 2)700.390.39
KWQCDavenport-Rock Island-Moline (NBC, 6)960.2740.274
WLNSLansing, Mich. (CBS, 6)1120.2260.226
KELOSioux Falls-Mitchell, S.D. (CBS, 11)1140.2230.223
KLFYLafayette, La. (CBS, 10)1230.2010.201
KCLORapid City, S.D. (CBS, 15)1750.0420.084
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Satellite TV stations; television rep firm Adam Young Inc.


25. Nexstar Broadcasting Group NXST

5.59% coverage (FCC)
32 stations
7.97% coverage (total)
5215 N. O'Conner Blvd, Suite 1400
Irving, TX 75039
Phone: 972-373-8800
Fax: 972-373-8888
PERRY A. SOOK, chairman/president/CEO

StationMarket (affiliate, ch.)DMACoverage 
WHAGWashington (NBC, 25)91.0232.046
WLYHHarrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon (CW, 15)410.3210.642
WBREWilkes Barre-Scranton (NBC, 28)540.26250.525
KARKLittle Rock-Pine Bluff, Ark. (NBC, 4)570.490.49
KSFXSpringfield, Mo. (Fox, 27)740.1820.364
WROCRochester, N.Y. (CBS, 8)780.3480.348
KTALShreveport (NBC, 6)820.340.34
WCIAChampaign-Springfield-Decatur (CBS, 3)840.3360.336
WTAJJohnstown-Altoona, Pa. (CBS, 10)990.2620.262
WTVWEvansville (Fox, 7)1010.2570.257
WFFTFort Wayne (Fox, 55)1070.1210.242
WMBDPeoria-Bloomington, Ill. (CBS, 31)1170.1080.216
WYZZ****Peoria-Bloomington, Ill. (Fox, 43)117  
KAMRAmarillo (NBC, 4)1310.170.17
WQRFRockford, Ill. (Fox, 39)1320.08350.167
KTVE****Monroe, La.-El Dorado, Ark. (NBC, 10)1360.1580.158
KARDMonroe, La.-El Dorado, Ark. (Fox, 14)136  
KBTVBeaumont-Port Arthur, Texas (NBC, 4)1410.1460.146
WJETErie (ABC, 24)1420.070.14
WFXP**Erie (Fox, 66)142  
KSNFJoplin, Mo.-Pittsburg, Kan. (NBC, 16)1450.0690.138
KLBKLubbock (CBS, 13)1480.1350.135
KFDXWichita Falls, Tex.-Lawton, Okla. (NBC, 3)1490.1350.135
WTWOTerre Haute (NBC, 2)1510.1290.129
KMIDOdessa-Midland, Texas (ABC, 2)1570.1220.122
KTABAbilene-Sweetwater, Texas (CBS, 32)1640.05050.101
WFXVUtica, N.Y. (Fox, 33)1690.0470.094
KHMT**Billings, Mont. (Fox, 4)1700.0930.093
KSVIBillings, Mont. (ABC, 6)170  
WDHNDothan, Ala. (ABC, 18)1720.04450.089
KLSTSan Angelo, Texas (CBS, 8)1970.0470.047
KQTVSt. Joseph, Mo. (ABC, 2)2010.0410.041
** Lease management agreement
**** Joint sales agreement
OTHER MEDIA INTERESTS: Websites tied to TV stations.