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Sportvision inks NMT agreement

Sport-enhancement technology will be integrated into trucks 11/12/2000 07:00:00 PM Eastern

Sportvision's sport-enhancement systems, such as the popular 1st & Ten virtual first-down line, will be permanently installed in National Mobile Television (NMT) production trucks.

According to NMT President Joe Heitzler, a recently signed agreement between the sports-technology supplier and the mobile truck vendor will make life easier for their mutual customers-among them FOX, ABC and ESPN-by "taking out a middle step." Sportvision currently works on an event-by-event basis, shipping its 1st & Ten systems to individual football games, where they have to be set up and then packed away after each contest.

"It's just going to be a matter of ordering up what you want, because it's going to be there," says Heitzler.

Besides 1st & Ten, Sportvision systems to be integrated into NMT trucks include virtual-signage systems and the new real-time "Premium Telestrator" technology. As part of the deal's marketing component, the NMT trucks will carry the logo "Sportvision Enhanced." But Sportvision will continue to collect the per-game lease fees for using its systems.

Heitzler says NMT "fits and blends in with the Sportvision product mix very well" because the two companies basically serve the same customer base. The Sportvision deal, he adds, is just another sign of the "paradigm shift" that has occurred in big-time sports production as networks have moved to an outsourcing model by selling their production trucks to firms like NMT. Where the networks used to create production breakthroughs, those innovations are now being created by firms like Sportvision.


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