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Special Report: Four Things You Should Know About the 2010 Primetime Emmys

B&C’s cheat sheet of nominee trivia about the 62nd annual awards 7/26/2010 02:07:00 AM Eastern

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With the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy
telecast set for Aug. 29, now
is the time to bone up on Emmy
knowledge. Which series has been nominated
the most times? Which actor? And which is the
most nominated network? Here is all you need to
dazzle (or bore) every guest at your Emmy party.

Which scripted series have
received the most nominations?

This year’s Emmy darling is Fox freshman
Glee, with 19 nods, but that still trails NBC’s 30
’s single-season record; last year, the show
was nominated for 22 Emmys and won five. This
year, 30 Rock’s star has faded a bit, but the show
still garnered a respectable 15 nominations.

Other shows that hauled in a raft of nods
include AMC’s Mad Men, with 17, and ABC’s
Modern Family, with 14. And HBO’s The Pacific,
a miniseries, scored 24 nominations, making it
this year’s most nominated program of any sort.

The scripted series on this year’s ballot with
the most nominations over its run is Fox’s 24,
with 68 nominations and 18 wins since it became
eligible in 2002. This year, 24’s last season,
it’s nominated for five Emmys. 30 Rock has
racked up 64 nominations and 14 wins over its
four years in contention.

NBC’s ER holds the record for most Emmy
nominations for a scripted series, with 124, while
NBC’s Frasier notched the most wins, with 37.

Which reality competition series
earned the most nominations?

Besides managing to remain TV’s highest-rated
show for eight years, Fox’s American Idol is also
TV’s most-nominated reality competition, with
48 nominations and six wins under its belt.
This year and last, however, ABC’s Dancing
With the Stars
was the most nominated non-fiction/
reality program, with nine nods this year
and 10 last.

The winningest reality competition is CBS’
The Amazing Race, with 12 wins.

Who are the winningest actors
on the ballot?

This year’s most-nominated performer is Curb funny ladies: Tina Fey and Betty White, each
with 16 nominations. Fey, less than half White’s
age, has already outpaced White, bringing home
seven wins to White’s four.

Fey, like David, has the advantage of being a
triple-threat. She has won Emmys for writing,
executive-producing and starring on 30 Rock,
and for producing and writing NBC’s Saturday
Night Live
, which, ironically, is the show that
White is nominated for guesting on last spring.
Fey also won for guesting on SNL in 2009.

What is the most nominated net?

ABC gets that distinction among the broadcast
networks, with 63 nominations this year,
up from last year’s 55. NBC declined the most
year-to-year, dropping to 48 nominations this
year from 67 last year. Per usual, Fox has the
least number of nominees, with 47, but that’s
up four from last year’s 43. About one-fifth of
those nominations come from Glee.

The most nominated network is again premium
cable network HBO, with 101 nominations,
up two from last year. This year, nearly
one-quarter of those nominations came from
The Pacific. Two HBO made-for-TV movies,
Temple Grandin and You Don’t Know Jack, scored
15 each; True Blood, nominated for best drama
series, pulled in five.