Scott Koondel, President Of Distribution, CBS Television Distribution

Syndication was once a business of clearly defined
rules. Today, the perspective is more along the
lines of “anything goes.” That’s largely due to
the efforts of innovators like CBS Television Distribution’s
Scott Koondel, who spends his days
crafting the best deal for the product at hand, as opposed to
simply doing things the way they’ve always been done.

Scott Koondel“He thinks so far outside the box,” says John Nogawski, CTD’s
president. “He always comes up with 10 ways to look at something.
I think he wakes up in the morning thinking of new ways to
do things and goes to bed the same way. As a result, we are always
ahead of the curve.”

Koondel was instrumental in the quick sale of CBS’ NCIS: Los
to NBC Universal’s USA Network. NCIS shot to huge ratings
on CBS after USA began playing it in prime in 2008, with
20 million people tuning in per episode. That success allowed
Koondel to sell NCIS: LA to USA for nearly $2 million an episode
just seven episodes into its first season.

“What’s really great about CBS is that it really endorses the entrepreneurial
spirit,” Koondel says.

Koondel crafted another innovative deal in May 2008 when
he sold CBS’ Ghost Whisperer to three networks—Ion, SyFy and
WE—correctly noting that the three have disparate audiences.

Most recently, Koondel
chartered the sale
of CBS Films’ fi rst three
entries—The Back-Up
, Extraordinary Measures
and Faster, due out
this November—to USA.
The sale marks CTD’s return
to film distribution.
Koondel reportedly secured
20% of each film’s
box-office gross, a good
price in a marketplace
where 12% is often the

“At CBS, we’re not
afraid to change the
rules,” Koondel says. “As
the market changes and
evolves, we change and
evolve with it. We want to figure out how we can best monetize
our content, and help our clients do the same thing. That’s the true
definition of partnership.”