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The Original Survivor

1/14/2001 07:00:00 PM Eastern

star and champion Richard Hatch has surfaced, and he's not working with CBS. Hatch, the Rhode Island resident who outlasted the other 15 contestants on the reality series, is working with NBC on a new game/reality show called The Weakest Link. Hatch is currently in London taping a pilot of the UK series, which is produced by the BBC. NBC executives are looking to bring the quiz show, which is hosted by a dominatrix type in the U.K., to prime time possibly this spring. Sources say Hatch is not hosting the series but is playing a "pivotal" role on the show. The Weakest Link
may wind up in syndication next fall with NBC's new distribution division and could end up on co-owned Pax TV, sources say. It's unclear how a dominatrix-hosted series would fare on family-friendly Pax, though.