nCUBE, SeaChange head for trial

SeaChange's patent lawsuit against nCUBE is moving along faster than expected. SeaChange had originally sought to obtain a preliminary injunction from a Delaware judge as part of its case against nCUBE, in which SeaChange alleges nCUBE has infringed on its MediaCluster storage architecture with MediaCube 4 video server.

But in the first hearing in the case late last month, the judge instead scheduled a one-week jury trial starting Sept. 18.

SeaChange Vice President of Research Branko Gerovac says he is happy to go to trial quickly, that SeaChange had expected prolonged litigation. "That is why we sought the preliminary injunction to begin with," Gerovac explains. "It is not uncommon for cases like this to take a year or 18 months to come to trial."

For its part, nCUBE also applauded the judge's decision to speed things along. "We're very pleased that the judge did not grant SeaChange's request for an injunction, and even more pleased that he set an expedited trial date," says nCUBE President Mike Pohl in a statement.-Glen Dickson