Movies, Miniseries Make Way for HBO's 'Mildred Pierce'

Drama could well dominate in the newly combined category

This year, the TV Academy finally
merged movies and miniseries so the
two programming formats are competing
against each other. The change makes
sense. Last year, only two miniseries—HBO’s
dominant The Pacific and PBS’ Return to Cranston
—were even eligible to compete. This year,
the category was robust enough to include six
programs: four miniseries and two movies.

The movie and minis categories are packed
with talent. Oscar nominee Todd Haynes directed
Oscar winners Kate Winslet and Melissa
Leo and Oscar nominee Mare Winningham in
HBO’s most-nominated Mildred Pierce. Another
Oscar winner, William Hurt, starred in HBO’s
Too Big to Fail, while the legendary Maggie
Smith is nominated for her role in PBS’ Downtown
. Many of this year’s nominated actors
also are Oscar nominees, including Cinema
’s Diane Lane, Thurgood’s Laurence
Fishburne, The Kennedys’ Greg Kinnear and
Tom Wilkinson, Too Big to Fail’s Paul Giamatti,
Downtown Abbey’s Elizabeth McGovern and
Taken From Me’s Taraji P. Henson.