Megyn Kelly

Anchor, Fox News Channel

It doesn’t matter what your politics are—there’s no debating
Megyn Kelly is a star. A lightning rod with viewers on both sides
of the aisle who fits right in with Fox News Channel’s rock-solid
brand, Kelly is entering her second year as a solo host. Since
February 2010, she has anchored America Live from 1-3 p.m.
on the top-rated cable news network; she previously cohosted a
morning show with Bill Hemmer.

Since breaking out on her
own, Kelly’s star is on the rise.
While she hasn’t reached
the single-name status
of fellow FNC stars
O’Reilly, Beck or
Hannity, she has
garnered plenty of

Some outlets like
to lump Kelly in with
other Fox News talent
because she happens
to be a blond-haired
woman and did a photo
shoot for GQ last year under
the headline “She Reports, We Decided
She’s Hot.” But that is dismissing the bombastic host’s notable
chops, including an extensive news background, both with
Fox (since 2004) and with WJLA in Washington, D.C.

Never one to shy away from conflict when the camera is rolling,
Kelly has built up a strong persona, earning praise from
fans and barbs from traditional FNC rivals like Jon Stewart.

So if Fox News ever ends up looking to make a move later
in the day on its schedule, there’s a good chance its next high profile star is already working in the building.