Lenny Daniels, Executive VP/COO, Turner Sports

For more than a decade, Turner
Sports Executive VP/COO
Lenny Daniels has brought
his passion for technology
and television to the organization,
spearheading initiatives for what is
now one of the most robust digital sports
properties in the industry.

Lenny DanielsDaniels was the lead executive behind the move
of the NBA’s digital assets to Turner in 2008, and
he helped turn Turner Sports’ hub in Atlanta
into a world-class technical facility virtually from
scratch. As Turner’s senior VP of sports production
and new media, a position he held for four years,
Daniels oversaw the build-out of NASCAR.com,
PGA.com and PGATour.com, as well as branded
channels on NBA.com and MLB.com.

“We have great people who are tireless and just really passionate
about their job,” Daniels says. “You can teach people the mechanics
of the job, but that you can’t teach.”

Daniels cut his teeth working for a number of local stations
in Miami before moving into sports as a director for ESPN’s SportsCenter, working the famous 11 p.m. “tag
team” show hosted by Keith Olbermann and
Dan Patrick.

“It was just a blast,” he says of his days in
Bristol. “Being able to showcase what I thought
I was good at to a huge audience and a growing
network was exciting.”

For a guy who says, “I could probably spend
24 hours a day at work,” Daniels certainly has
his hands full. The 44-year-old father of two
likes to take his kids tubing on the family boat
and coaches T-ball. And that’s just what takes
up his time on the ground. Daniels, a licensed
pilot, flies, among other craft, a Cessna 172 all
over the Southeast. “I love going somewhere,
picking a place on the map with me and my
wife and saying, ‘Let’s go.’”

The intensity and enthusiasm that Daniels has for his airborne
extracurricular activities matches the challenges and excitement of
his day job. “I love being passionate about something, and I love
being on edge,” he says. “Something can change on a moment’s
notice, and you need to react.”