Hulk Hogan Wants a New Reality (Show)

If a rookie standup comedian is supposed to go on-stage and
reveal his most embarrassing moment, this may qualify as
my audition. I grew up a huge professional wrestling fan in Minneapolis, one of the birthplaces of the industry.
Furniture and walls often served as ropes
and turnbuckles for my brother and me reenacting
valiant moves from the squared circle.

And here’s the sad part: In what to this day I
consider to be one of the greatest inside jokes
of all time, I once
had a string quartet
adapt a classical version
of Hulk Hogan’s
entrance music. And
then unbeknownst
to everyone in attendance,
I had the musicians
play it as my
brother and I walked
down the aisle—not
at Madison Square
Garden, but at my
own wedding.

So, given my pathetic bond with the Hulkster,
I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to
meet with him recently in Los Angeles. And it
turns out that after a high-profile dark stretch
that led him to thoughts of suicide, which may
have been fueled in part by a reality show he
did with his family, he wants to get back in
that ring, too.

Hogan told me he has talked to networks
such as A&E, TruTV and Fox about a new show
documenting what he calls “the resurrection of
Hulk Hogan.”

“To see a brand
like Elvis or Madonna
or Hulk Hogan
just crash and burn
and then have so
many people want
to see me get back
on my feet, that’s
the story that no
one has,” says Terry
Bollea (whom you
and I know as Hulk

The story of how he crashed is very well
documented, from the Hogan Knows Best reality
show to the pages of the tabloids. Hogan
has lived through the end of his marriage (and
his wife dating a kid who had barely body-slammed puberty), his son going to jail, and
perhaps every father’s true nightmare—his
daughter turning out really good looking.

But he says he has bounced back. “Things
are good. My life is good. I changed my thinking:
Instead of hating the world, hating the
neighbors, hating everyone, I got away from
that craziness I had in my head. I’m just moving

His popularity is still off the charts, as evidenced
by the massive lines at a recent autograph-
signing session. He is back in TV with
the TNA wrestling outfit on Spike, and even
hosted a radio show recently for Sirius-XM.

He is ready for his next on-screen role, and
says he is up for trying anything. Well, almost
anything. When I mention that American Idol
is looking for a judge, the legendary tough
guy admits that he has met his match. “Sorry,
I don’t think I could be as tough as Simon,” he
says with a laugh.

C’mon, Hulk, it’s a karaoke contest. You
want tough? Try admitting to everyone you
had a wrestler’s theme as your wedding song.
Now that’s tough.

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