Here's where the buys are

The optimists at thinly attended trade shows this year have been able to exclaim, "Well, at least the people who are here are people who have business to do." True enough. NATPE 2002 may have fewer exhibitors and fewer attendees. But it will also have fewer people strolling down aisles looking for nifty free key chains.

The charts on this page tell who's selling what in the off-net and new–first-run categories, and some of those are so freshly minted we haven't even seen clips.

Of this we're sure: Buyers will be there. Of this we're not: Some station chiefs may leave Las Vegas with the program that's going to become a runaway hit. But we like to believe that, even when times are bad, good things can happen.

New first-runs at a glance
Show Distributor Terms
B.A.I.T. NBC Enterprises barter,
Beyond With James Van Praagh Tribune Entertainment cash + barter
Dr. Phil King World cash + barter
Life Moments Paramount cash + barter
Pyramid Columbia TriStar cash + barter
The Rob Nelson Show Twentieth TV barter
John Woo's Once a Thief October Moon barter
The John Walsh Show NBC Enterprises cash + barter
The Wayne Brady Show Buena Vista TV cash + barter
Weakest Link NBC Enterprises cash + barter
We, the Jury Telco Productions cash + barter
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Buena Vista TV cash + barter
New first-runs at a glance
The off-network sitcoms
Show Distributor Debut
*Could be 2003 or 2004
**Likely available in 2004; no official date set
Dharma & Greg Twentieth TV Fall 2002
That '70s Show Carsey-Werner Fall 2002
The Hughleys Twentieth TV Fall 2002
Will & Grace Warner Bros. Fall 2002
The Larry Sanders Show Columbia TriStar Fall 2002
Road Rules October Moon Fall 2002
Becker Paramount Fall 2003
King of Queens Columbia TriStar Fall 2003
Malcolm in the Middle Twentieth TV Fall 2003*
Family Guy Twentieth TV Fall 2004**
Futurama Twentieth TV Fall 2004**
The Parkers Paramount Fall 2004**
For Your Love Warner Bros. Fall 2004**
Nikki Warner Bros. Fall 2004**