Five Questions for Chairman and CEO Roger King

What will be the next trend in syndication?

It's going to be the same as it was from day one. Talk shows, game shows, court shows. It's pretty much the same. All the topics have been done. What's different about a show is the host, host, host. Like in real estate, it's not about the house but location, location, location.

Is there a show, currently in syndication, that you would like to distribute?Survivor
! I'd love to have the syndicated version of Survivor.

How has consolidation of the syndication business affected the way you do business?

It hasn't really affected us too much. The biggest effect is that some talented people can't get jobs, and regarding that I feel bad. Because a great idea doesn't have to come from a big company.

Is there a passed-on show or talent you wish you could get back?

Not really. But I'd honest to God tell you if I could think of something.

Where do you think syndication will be 10 years from now?

It will be the same. There'll be variation because of new technology, but it will be pretty similar. Someone asked me that in 1990, and I said the same thing.