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KGMB(TV) Honolulu, KGMD(TV) Hilo, KGMV(TV) Wailuku, K69BZ Lihue and K57BI Waimea, Hawaii
PRICE: $40 million
BUYER: HITV License Subsidiary Inc. (Michael McHugh, president)
SELLER:Emmis Communications (Jeff Smulyan, president/CEO)
FACILITIES: KGMB(TV): Ch. 9, 105 kW, ant. -39 ft., KGMD(TV): Ch. 9, 10 kW, ant. -292 ft., KGMV(TV): Ch. 3, 14.1 kW, ant. 5952 ft., K69BZ: Ch. 69, 0.580 kW, K57BI: Ch. 57, 0.366 ft.
W44AC Key West, Fla.
PRICE: $250,000
BUYER: Miranda Broadcasting Co. (Tony Miranda, president)
SELLER: Gerald Benavides
FACILITIES: Ch. 44, 3.9 kW
W55BT Talleyville, Del.
PRICE: $70,000
BUYER: Mako Communications LLC (Sean Mintz, president)
SELLER: Mediacasting LLC (William Mattis, member)
FACILITIES: Ch. 53, 18.1 kW, ant. 194 ft.
KCCX(LP) Corpus Christi, Texas
PRICE: $50,000
BUYER: Mako Communications LLC (Sean Mintz, president)
SELLER: LocalOne TV LP (James Anderson, president of general partner)
FACILITIES: Ch. 24, 6.230 kW
K56IQ Park City, Utah
PRICE: $35,000
BUYER: 9th Island Broadcasting Inc. (Rubin Rodriguez Jr., president)
SELLER: Utah Communications (Lawrence Rogow, managing partner)
FACILITIES: Ch. 56, 0.710 kW
W63DC Ocean City, Md.
PRICE: $10,000
BUYER: Chang Broadcasting (Jeff Chang, owner)
SELLER: Chris McHale
FACILITIES: Ch. 63, 0.200 kW
COMMENT: 90% of W63DC is being sold to Chang.
K54JK Jasper, Texas
PRICE: $5,000
BUYER:Grace Fellowship Church (Richard Tallent, director)
SELLER:Trinity Broadcasting Network (Paul Crouch, president)
FACILITIES: Ch. 54, 9 kW, ant. 503 ft.
WLNE(TV) New Bedford, Mass.
PRICE: Undisclosed
BUYER:Global Broadcasting LLC (Kevin O’Brien, co-owner)
SELLER: Freedom Broadcasting Inc. (Doreen Wade, president)
FACILITIES: Ch. 6, 100.0 kW, ant. 929 ft.
BROKER: Kalil and Co.


KAAN(AM) and KAAN(FM) Bethany, KMRN(AM) and KKWK(FM) Cameron, KREI(AM) and KTJJ(FM) Farmington, KJFF(AM) Festus (St. Louis), KBNN(AM) and KJEL(FM) Lebanon, KIRK(FM) Macon, KWIX(AM) and KRES(FM) Moberly, KJPW(AM), KOZQ(AM), KJPW(FM) and KFBD(FM) Waynesville, Mo.
PRICE: $30.6 million
BUYER: Dean Radio.TV Co. (Dean Goodman, president/CEO); owns six other stations, none in this market
SELLER:Shepherd Group (David Shepherd, president/treasurer)
FACILITIES:KAAN(AM): 870 kHz, 930 W; KAAN(FM): 95.5 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 354 ft.; KMRN(AM): 1360 kHz, 500 W day/25 W night; KKWK(FM): 100.1 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 492 ft.; KREI(AM): 800 kHz, 1 kW day/150 W night; KTJJ(FM): 98.5 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 1040 ft.; KJFF(AM): 1400 kHz, 1 kW; KBNN(AM): 750 kHz, 5 kW; KJEL(FM): 103.7 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 984 ft.; KIRK(FM): 99.9 MHz, 13 kW, ant. 463 ft.; KWIX(AM): 1230 kHz, 490 W day/1 kW night; KRES(FM): 104.7 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 1020 ft.; KJPW(AM): 1390 kHz, 5 kW; KOZQ(AM): 1270 kHz, 500 W; KJPW(FM): 102.3 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 492 ft.; KFBD(FM): 97.9 MHz, 10 kW, ant. 515 ft.
FORMAT:KAAN(FM): Country; KAAN(FM): Country; KMRN(AM): Business News/Talk; KKWK(FM): AC; KREI(AM): News/Talk; KTJJ(FM): Country; KJFF(AM): News/Talk; KBNN(AM): Talk; KJEL(FM): Country; KIRK(FM): Easy/Adult CHR; KWIX(AM): News/Talk; KRES(FM): Country; KJPW(AM): Talk; KOZQ(AM): Sports; KJPW(FM): AC; KFBD(FM): Classic Rock
BROKER: Larry Patrick of Patrick Communications
KFXD(AM) and KTMY(FM) Boise, KSAS(FM) Caldwell, KXLT(FM) Eagle, KCIX(FM) Garden City, KIDO(AM) Nampa (Boise), Idaho
PRICE: $25 million
BUYER: Peak Broadcasting LLC (Todd Lawley, managing member); owns seven other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Clear Channel (John Hogan, CEO, radio)
FACILITIES: KFXD(AM): 630 kHz, 5 kW; KTMY(FM): 104.3 MHz, 52 kW, ant. 2,579 ft.; KSAS(FM): 103.3 MHz, 54 kW, ant. 2,579 ft.; KXLT(FM): 107.9 MHz, 45 kW, ant. 2,684 ft.; KCIX(FM): 105.9 MHz, 49 kW, ant. 2,700 ft.; KIDO(AM): 580 kHz, 5 kW
FORMAT: KFXD(AM): Country; KTMY(FM): Country; KSAS(FM): Top 40; KXLT(FM): Soft AC; KCIX(FM): AC; KIDO(AM): News/Talk
BROKER: Kalil and Co. Inc.
Information provided by: BIA Financial Networks’ Media Access Pro Chantilly, Va. 703-818-2425

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