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Monday, Aug. 1

Palm Pilot and BlackBerry ticklers merrily tickle away in Democrats'
pockets this morning with the reminder that Al
's new TV channel is launching. Not that
Current will be a partisan
—the former VP was quite clear on that score when
addressing television critics in Los Angeles a
couple of weeks ago. In fact, Gore himself isn't so big on the whole
political thing anymore: “I consider myself a recovering politician. I'm on
step nine,” Gore said. Wait a minute. Step nine?
That's the one about making amends to people you've injured in the past,
isn't it? Listen, Al, NBC's already got
that angle covered with My Name Is

Tuesday, Aug. 2

Current: Day Two. The reviews start rolling in. Will the channel succeed
in redressing the problem that, as Gore said this spring, “young adults have
a powerful voice, but you can't hear that voice on television—yet”?
It's about time for a revolution in an industry where nobody under 40 can get
a job and where programmers and advertisers are always chasing the elusive
64-79 demo. Even Nickelodeon skews old! Why,
check out Nick at Nite's Hi-Jinks (premiere, 9:30 p.m. ET),
a hidden-camera show with parents pranking their kids. Grownups, laughing at
children. So sad. (Advisory: Even if your child likes Gilbert Gottfried from his Hi-Jinks
appearance on Sept. 6, do not under any circumstances buy
the kid a DVD of The
for Christmas.) Also tonight: a two-hour
ABC special, CMA Music Festival: Country Music's Biggest
(9 ET), taped at the industry's annual
fan-friendly Nashville, Tenn. gathering.
Performers include Gretchen Wilson,
Alan Jackson and, bless her heart,
Dolly Parton.

Wednesday, August 3

It's Kathy Griffin night on
Bravo: a comedy-performance special,
Kathy Griffin Is … Not Nicole
(9 ET) precedes the debut of her six-episode,
one-hour unscripted series, Kathy Griffin: My
Life on the D-List
(10 ET). In the latter, the
plastic-surgery-dabblin', anti-Lasik-surgery-campaignin',
celebrity-lampoonin' comic lets cameras follow her around as she tends to her
showbiz career. Kinda like Valerie Cherish in HBO's The
, except, uh, Griffin told the critics' tour in
July that she thinks Lisa Kudrow based the
character on her. Given how brittle and pathetic Valerie
is in Kudrow's b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t performance, maybe that's not something to
brag on.

Thursday, Aug. 4

Just in time for the first hint of back-to-school, summer's-winding-
down anxiety: BBC America's
Teachers (premiere, 10
p.m. ET), a series about British molders-of-young-minds who “are as
irresponsible and desperate to be cool as their students,” as the flackogram
says. “Smoking in the toilets and drinking comes first ... marking homework
and preparing lessons comes later!” Not to be pedantic,
but doesn't that have a verb-subject agreement problem?

Friday, Aug. 5

With X Games 11 (9 p.m. ET),
ESPN, er, “EXPN,” reaches out to
young'uns who couldn't care less about Baseball Tonight and
SportsCenter. Somehow, we
don't think there will be any X Games fans out in their driveways—they
don't have driveways—in the wee hours tonight,
tailgating in anticipation of ESPN2's 4 a.m.
telecast of the first NFL preseason game of
the year. Why four-ay-em? The Atlanta Falcons
are playing the Indianapolis Colts—in

—Mark Lasswell

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