Tiny Station Gets Major Carriage

Diminutive Denver outlet
KCDO gets a huge boost this
week, as it begins airing on
Comcast. Licensed out of
Sterling, Colo., and running on
Channel 3, KCDO adds around 550,000 Comcast
households May 4, and another 100,000
or so in the coming weeks.

Denver broadcasting vet Greg Armstrong
runs KCDO; he launched it after a long stint
atop former UPN affi liate KTVD, which Gannett
bought in 2006. He and his staff of three wear
multiple hats. “It’s a nice little, I hate to say it,
mom-and-pop operation,” Armstrong says.

KCDO airs a mix of AgDay farmer fare, RTV
classics and paid programming during the
day, and a 10 p.m. news focused on northern
Colorado and produced by KGWN Cheyenne’s
Fort Collins bureau. KCDO has had distribution
with satellite and smaller cable providers for
more than a year, but the Comcast deal marks
a mammoth boost.

“It gives us a little more credibility when
we go talk to advertisers,” Armstrong says.
“Hopefully, the whole thing feeds off itself.”