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NAB's Rehr Seeks Viewer-in-Chief for DTV Campaign

NAB chief solicits Bush administration help in spreading the word on the Feb. 2009 analog shutoff 5/07/2008 05:46:00 AM Eastern

National Association of Broadcasters president David Rehr is trying to enlist another president, George W. Bush, for a DTV transition TV spot. He would take Vice President Dick Cheney, too.

President George W. BushRehr sent a letter to the White House this week saying broadcasters could use some administration help in getting the word out about the Feb. 17, 2009, date for the end of full-power analog signals.

Among his suggestions for the Viewer-in-Chief, in addition to the spots, are: a DTV transition postage stamp; requiring a DTV information Internet link on every government agency Website; DTV transition posters in Post Offices; and bill stuffers in Social Security checks and payroll statements.
The FCC has already said it would get Post Offices to post DTV posters.

The administration's telecom policy arm, the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications & Information Administration, is already getting help from a number of government agencies in its DTV education campaign. "NTIA welcomes all efforts by the private sector and government agencies to help inform the nation about the digital TV transition," said spokesman Todd Sedmak.

Rehr is asking for an administration effort on par with the Y2K campaign, saying broadcasters will need a similar effort if the DTV transition is to be successful.