Sponsors Get the Joke at TBS Festival

Network's annual Just for Laughs festival attracts sponsors

TBS calls its annual Chicago comedy festival Just for Laughs, but it’s for
sponsors too.

State Farm is the presenting sponsor of the festival, which starts June 12.
Also signed on are M&M’s candies, KFC, MillerCoors and Icelandic Water. “Just
for Laughs is a great platform,” says Dennis
Adamovich, senior VP of brand and digital activation/
general manager of festivals for TCM,
TBS and TNT. “We take our advertisers on-air
and articulate them in the Chicago market
along with our festival.”

For State Farm, TBS will have street teams
out and about in the city encouraging people
to “Get to a Better State,” through free
pedicab rides, portable charging stations for
electronic devices, ticket giveaways and seat
upgrades. M&M’s and KFC will get sampling
and signage, while MillerCoors brands will be
available in green rooms, giving celebrities
access to them.

The festival is also good for TBS and its late-night star, Conan O’Brien. “It is a
great extension of the brand. It articulates who we are as a funny brand,” says Adamovich.
“We are a broader-based comedy network, and this allows us to show
people what that means, from Conan’s show, to Vince Vaughn performing, to the
Team Coco writers doing a live performance at the broadband show, to us doing
an up-and-comers event to try to fi nd the next wave of talent.”

Beyond doing his shows in the Chicago Theatre this week, Turner will install
machines around Chicago that will give away free Conan T-shirts to people
who have the code number aired during the previous night’s broadcast. The
shirts feature fan art of O’Brien created by local artists.