New Network Has Right Accent for Advertisers

MundoFox upfront sales to 50 marketers are said to exceed plan

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Ad buyers say MundoFox is shaking up the
Spanish-language TV market, and they are
putting their money where their mouths are.

“Most of our major clients are defi nitely
partners with the launch,” says Brett Dennis,
chief media communications officer at
Conill, a major multicultural agency.

The money that is going to MundoFox—
the broadcast competitor to Univision
and Telemundo that News Corp. and RCN
are launching this month—“definitely is
money that we channeled from other
broadcast options,” Dennis says. Having
another player in the market “makes
everybody work hard for the dollars.”

Lou LaTorre, president of cable ad sales
for Fox Networks Group, says MundoFox
has more than doubled its budget targets
for the upfront and will have more than 50
upfront advertisers on the air, including
charter sponsors Toyota, L’Oreal and
T-Mobile. “We knew the marketplace
would embrace it, but they’re spooning it.
They just love this brand,” LaTorre says.

The new network is taking a bite out of
a large and growing market. Last year’s
Spanish-language broadcast upfront generated
sales of about $2 billion, according to
David Joyce, analyst at Miller Tabak + Co.

Buyers say MundoFox is offering more
flexibility than established networks.

Getting in on the ground floor with a
new network means clients get good
prices. But MundoFox is offering other
benefits as well. The network will allow
advertisers to run commercials
in either Spanish
or English, something the
more traditional Hispanic
broadcast networks resist,
says Lia Silkworth, senior VP,
managing director at Tapestry,
a multicultural division of
SMG Group.

MundoFox will also start
out subscribed to Nielsen
and guarantee ratings comparable
to competitors, Silkworth
says. It is also offering
daypart guarantees.

And as a new network, it’s
coming to the market with a
slate of familiar programming
from RCN that has drawn big
ratings before.

“I don’t know that we’re seeing it as
completely unproven,” Silkworth says. “It
strengthens our marketplace to have more
choices, especially when it’s a network coming
on board that’s backed by News Corp.”

Conill’s Dennis also likes the network’s
programming plans. “One of the things
we hear from Hispanics oftentimes is that
they would have watched more Spanishlanguage
television if the production quality
were a little bit higher,” he says.

Dennis says MundoFox
is looking for more ways
to integrate clients with
programming. “They’re very
open to thinking about commercial
time in a different
way outside of the traditional
30-second, 15-second delivery
systems,” he says.

Tom Maney, senior VP
of advertising sales at
Fox Hispanic Media, says
MundoFox has aimed to
work in a collaborative way
with advertisers.

Maney says the network
will start running advertising
on Aug 12. The first spot
belongs to 20th Century Fox
for its film Won’t Back Down. “We’re doing
some really innovative stuff with 20th
Century Fox,” Maney says.

Upfront deals go into effect Oct. 1, but
MundoFox will start running sponsors’
spots before that for free, Maney says:
“We’re going to start to bonus them to say
thank you.”