"Top 100 Shows" - Monday, January 4 2016


The Alphabet brought back one of its signature franchises on Monday night, The Bachelor, and the new season got off to a nice start.

  • The Bachelor opened its 20th season with a 2.2 rating among adults 18-49, making it the highest-rated program of the night (barely ahead of Scorpion in 18-49). The season premiere also brought in 7.6 million viewers.
  • The figures above are even with those from the season 19 opener last January.
  • Bachelor Live only managed to retain half of its showing at 10 p.m. It debuted to a 1.1 rating in adults 18-49.
  • ABC was the #2 network of the night, finishing behind CBS in all key categories.

CBS – The Bachelor may have garnered the most attention on social media and with younger audiences, but it was Scorpion which had perhaps the most impressive week to week ratings performance of any broadcast program.

  • Supergirl had an impressive evening, grabbing an 8.8 million total viewer average, (up +21% from its most-recent original episode on 12/14) and a 1.9 in adults 18-49 (up from 1.5).
  • Scorpion was the #1 program of the night in adults 25-54 (3.0). The episode also averaged 11.7 million total viewers, (up +24% from its most-recent first-run episode on 12/14) and a 2.2 in adults 18-49 (up from 1.8).
  • Scorpion posted its largest audience since 2/9/15 and its best 18-49 rating since its season premiere in Q4 '15.
  • NCIS: Los Angeles won the 10 p.m. hour by averaging 10.5 million total viewers at 10 p.m., up +14% from its most-recent original episode on 12/14, and a 1.6 in adults 18-49 (+14% from 1.4) and 2.3 in A25-54 (up +10% from 2.1).
  • CBS was the #1 network of the night across the board.

NBC – It was a noteworthy evening for NBC, as comedies Superstore and Telenovela made their official Monday night premieres. The Biggest Loser returned for its 17th season as well.

  • Superstore was the #4 program of the night, and #1 for NBC. It averaged a strong 1.8 in adults 18-49, and6 million total viewers from 8 – 8:30 p.m.
  • Fellow rookie comedy Telenovela didn’t perform quite as well, earning 4.6 million total viewers and a 1.3 rating in the key 18-49 demo from 8:30 – 9 p.m.
  • The season 17 premiere of The Biggest Loser brought in less than stellar numbers: 3.9 million total viewers and a 1.2 rating in adults 18-49 from 9-11 p.m. ET
  • NBC finished in 3rd place, edging Fox in adults 18-49 and total viewers

FOX – The network aired a special competition program named Superhuman from 8 – 10 p.m.

  • Superhuman averaged a 1.2 rating in adults 18-49 and 3.6 million viewers for Fox.

Top 10 Cable Originals (Adults 18-49%)

  1. VH1 - Love & Hip Hop, season 6 (1.6)
  2. USA - WWE Raw, 10 p.m. (1.3)
  3. USA - WWE Raw, 8 p.m. (1.2)
  4. USA - WWE Raw, 9 p.m. (1.2)
  5. Discovery - Fast N' Loud (1.2)
  6. MTV - Teen Mom season 5 B (1.1)
  7. ESPN - College basketball regular season (1.0)
  8. VH1 - The Breaks (0.9)
  9. Discovery - Diesel Brothers (0.9)
  10. Bravo - Vanderpump Rules (0.7)

Raw was the #1 cable program of the night in total viewers.

(Sorted by Adults 18-49, Live + Same Day Data)
OriginatorProgramTelecast DateTelecast TimeCommon Day of WeekIndicatorsP18-49 Rtg%P18-49 Proj (000 s)P25-54 Rtg %P25-54 Proj (000 s)P2+ Proj (000 s)
ABCBACHELOR, THE01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(P)2.228392.630897554
CBSSCORPION01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY2.227483.0360811668
CBSSUPERGIRL01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY1.923652.529468746
NBCSUPERSTORE01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(P)1.822202.327696036
CBSNCIS: LOS ANGELES01/04/20169:59 PMMONDAY1.620382.3275510513
VH1LOVE AND HIP HOP 601/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(E-O)(P-O)1.619841.517662923
NBCTELENOVELA01/04/20168:30 PMMONDAY(P)1.316451.720514563
USA NETWORKWWE ENTERTAINMENT01/04/201610:00 PMMONDAY(L)(E-O)(P-O)1.315981.315793503
NBCBIGGEST LOSER01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(P)1.215501.618563856
USA NETWORKWWE ENTERTAINMENT01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(L)(E-O)(P-O)1.215301.315653707
USA NETWORKWWE ENTERTAINMENT01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(L)(E-O)(P-O)1.215121.315153516
FOXSUPERHUMAN01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(S)1.215041.518323604
DISCOVERY CHANNELFAST N LOUD01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(P)(P-O)1.214701.315612946
MTVTEEN MOM SSN 5B01/04/201610:00 PMMONDAY(P)(E-O)(P-O)1.114431.012171988
TELSENORA ACERO II - M01/04/201610:00 PMMONDAY1.113821.113262307
ABCBACHELOR LIVE01/04/201610:01 PMMONDAY(P)1.013161.315064172
ESPNCOLLEGE BKBL REG SSN L (OKLA vs. KAN)01/04/20169:08 PMMONDAY(T)(L)(E-O)(P-O)1.012571.012132753
VH1BREAKS, THE01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(P)(M)(E-O)(P-O)0.912030.911101812
DISCOVERY CHANNELDIESEL BROTHERS01/04/201610:02 PMMONDAY(P)(P-O)0.911110.911082044
UNIPASION Y PODER MON01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY0.910880.911282273
TBS NETWORKBIG BANG THEORY, THE01/04/201610:30 PMMONDAY(R)(E-A)(P-A)0.910851.012162079
ADULT SWIMAMERICAN DAD01/04/201610:30 PMMONDAY(R)(P-A)0.810630.78101605
UNIYO NO CREO EN HOMBRES MON01/04/201610:03 PMMONDAY0.810490.910282144
UNIANTES MUERTA LICHITA MON01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY0.810060.89961968
TELBAJO EL MISMO CIELO - M01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY0.89960.89472030
TBS NETWORKBIG BANG THEORY, THE01/04/201610:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-A)(P-A)0.89570.910471774
UNIMUCHACHA ITALIANA CAS MON01/04/20167:00 PMMONDAY0.79100.89592013
ADULT SWIMAMERICAN DAD01/04/201610:00 PMMONDAY(R)(P-A)0.78950.67011420
BRAVOVANDERPUMP RULES01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(E-O)(P-O)0.78550.89021452
DISCOVERY CHANNELFAST N LOUD SPC01/04/20167:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-O)(P-O)0.68180.78181705
TBS NETWORKFAMILY GUY01/04/20168:30 PMMONDAY(R)(P-A)0.68070.67351244
MTVTEEN MOM SSN 501/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-O)(P-O)0.67300.56291023
TBS NETWORKFAMILY GUY01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(R)(P-A)0.67220.66691148
TBS NETWORKAMERICAN DAD01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-A)(P-A)0.67210.66601066
TELCELIA - M01/04/20168:02 PMMONDAY0.67160.67691824
TBS NETWORKAMERICAN DAD01/04/20169:30 PMMONDAY(R)(E-A)(P-A)0.56900.56321019
TELC. CERRADO-ED. ESTELAR M01/04/20167:00 PMMONDAY0.56550.67691866
ADULT SWIMCLEVELAND SHOW, THE01/04/20169:30 PMMONDAY(R)(P-A)0.56410.44811130
FOOD NETWORKKIDS BAKING CHAMP 201/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(P)(E-O)(P-O)0.56070.66671916
ADULT SWIMBOBS BURGERS01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(R)(P-A)0.56060.45001082
CWWHOSE LINE IS IT 1-1/401/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(S)(R)0.56000.67041576
ESPNCOLLEGE BKBL REG SSN L01/04/20167:00 PMMONDAY(T)(L)(E-O)(P-O)0.45540.55721344
CWWHOSE LINE IS IT 2-1/401/04/20168:30 PMMONDAY(S)(R)0.45480.66671466
HOME AND GARDEN TVLOVE IT OR LIST IT01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-O)(P-O)0.45430.56521653
HOME AND GARDEN TVHOUSE HUNTERS01/04/201610:00 PMMONDAY(E-O)(P-O)0.45290.66621695
A&E NETWORKFIRST 48 AC01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-O)(P-O)0.45100.55631134
MTVTEEN MOM SSN 501/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-O)(P-O)0.45090.4419687
CWPENN & TELLER-1/401/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(S)(R)0.45080.55661314
HOME AND GARDEN TVLOVE IT OR LIST IT01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-O)(P-O)0.44980.55991418
FOOD NETWORKDINERS, DRIVE INS & DIVES01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(S)(R)(E-O)(P-O)0.44840.45151067
HOME AND GARDEN TVHOUSE HUNTERS INTL01/04/201610:30 PMMONDAY(P)(E-O)(P-O)0.44730.55901643
IONCRIMINAL MINDS MON 10P01/04/201610:00 PMMONDAY(R)0.44710.55511411
IONCRIMINAL MINDS MON 9P01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(R)0.44690.55851469
IONCRIMINAL MINDS MON 8P01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(R)0.34250.45221609
HISTORYTIME MACHINE01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(S)(E-O)(P-V)0.34190.44721219
INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY48 HOURS ON ID01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(R)(P-A)0.34130.45041184
ADULT SWIMBOBS BURGERS01/04/20168:30 PMMONDAY(R)(P-A)0.34110.3345842
FOOD NETWORKGUILTY PLEASURES 201/04/201610:00 PMMONDAY(E-O)(P-O)0.33950.3408863
A&E NETWORKFIRST 48 AC01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-O)(P-O)0.33940.4448986
SPIKE TVCOPS (O)01/04/20168:30 PMMONDAY(R)(E-A)(P-A)0.33770.3393946
A&E NETWORKA&E INDIE FILMS01/04/201610:01 PMMONDAY(P)(E-O)(P-O)0.33680.3407819
NICK-AT-NITEFULL HOUSE01/04/201610:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-A)(P-A)0.33670.2291899
SPIKE TVCOPS (O)01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-A)(P-A)0.33660.3387962
NICK-AT-NITEFULL HOUSE01/04/201610:30 PMMONDAY(R)(E-A)(P-A)0.33620.2295833
ABC FAMILYBIG SCREEN MOVIE01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(R)(M)(E-A)(P-V)0.33610.3349801
FOX NEWS CHANNELKELLY FILE, THE01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(P-O)0.33580.44862800
FXFX MOVIE PRIME01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-A)(P-A)0.33580.3372776
AMCACTION MONTH01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(R)(M)(E-A)(P-A)0.33560.3410745
IONCRIMINAL MINDS MON 7P01/04/20167:00 PMMONDAY(R)0.33530.33941004
SPIKE TVCOPS (O)01/04/20169:30 PMMONDAY(R)(E-A)(P-A)0.33420.3379941
ADULT SWIMKING OF THE HILL01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(R)(P-A)0.33400.2281764
NICK-AT-NITEFULL HOUSE01/04/20169:30 PMMONDAY(R)(E-A)(P-A)0.33400.3305901
FOOD NETWORKTOP 5 RESTAURANTS01/04/201610:30 PMMONDAY(E-O)(P-O)0.33370.3338762
NICK-AT-NITEFULL HOUSE01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-A)(P-A)0.33320.3303985
DISNEY CHANNELZAPPED01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(R)(M)(E-O)(P-O)0.33300.33001641
DISNEY JUNIORDOC MCSTUFFINS01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-O)(P-O)0.33260.3303924
SPIKE TVCOPS (O)01/04/201610:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-A)(P-A)0.33230.3337812
HISTORYTIME MACHINE01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(S)(R)(E-O)(P-V)0.33200.3365953
IONCRIMINAL MINDS MON 6P01/04/20166:00 PMMONDAY(R)0.23130.3339863
SPIKE TVCOPS01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-A)(P-A)0.23130.3348883
E!KEEPING UP KARDASHIANS01/04/201610:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-O)(P-O)0.23120.3302614
ABC FAMILYBIG SCREEN MOVIE01/04/20166:00 PMMONDAY(R)(M)(E-A)(P-V)0.23110.2294642
DISNEY JUNIORQUIET IS01/04/20168:55 PMMONDAY(R)(P-O)(B)0.23100.2286765
SYFYSYFY MOVIE01/04/20166:30 PMMONDAY(R)(M)(E-A)(P-V)0.23080.3353724
UniMasCINEPLEX MON-B01/04/20169:00 PMMONDAY(R)0.23070.3318621
DISNEY JUNIORDOC FILES01/04/20168:25 PMMONDAY(R)(P-O)(B)0.22970.2268827
NICKELODEONHENRY DANGER01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-O)(P-O)0.22970.22651317
BRAVOVANDERPUMP RULES01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-O)(P-O)0.22960.3308538
UniMasROSA DE GUADALUPE, LA MON01/04/20168:00 PMMONDAY(P)0.22860.2272513
NICKELODEONNICKY, RICKY, DICKY &DAWN01/04/20168:30 PMMONDAY(R)(E-O)(P-O)0.22820.22521171
COMEDY CENTRALSOUTH PARK01/04/201610:30 PMMONDAY(R)(E-O)(P-O)0.22790.2258427
COMEDY CENTRALSOUTH PARK01/04/20168:30 PMMONDAY(R)(E-O)(P-O)0.22780.2233415
SPIKE TVCOPS01/04/201610:30 PMMONDAY(R)(E-A)(P-A)0.22750.2289713
COMEDY CENTRALSOUTH PARK01/04/201610:00 PMMONDAY(R)(E-O)(P-O)0.22740.2239394