Nanja Urbiznus
I tried watching the Pro Bowl but didn't even make it to half time. It was more boring than ever with the AFC/NFC being mixed together. At least
Pro Bowl Audience Deflates 23% to 8.8 Million Viewers
Jan. 28, 2015

It will be interesting to see what the figures look like in a couple of months. There was a big push on Social Media for people to cancel their
WWE Network Hits One Million Subscriber Mark
Jan. 28, 2015

OMG This is amazing news. I LOVE classic game shows. When Game Show Network premiered I was sooo excited and that lasted for a few years, unt
Fox TV Stations Acquire BUZZR TV, New Multicast Net from FremantleMedia North America
Jan. 28, 2015

Joe Turner
a crappy crime channel that has already reran the same shows 5 times the first week isnt "local content", its garbage, bring back livewell!
ABC To Discontinue Live Well Network
Jan. 28, 2015

What a complete waste of time. As it was 2.2 served a very important function giving me up to date weather, traffic and a little bit of news. It
CBS Stations, Weigel Partner on Oldies Digi-Net Decades
Jan. 28, 2015

Doug Cole
We wont argue over whether TV is sexier than radio, but it would be remiss of me not to point out that the FCC's communique mentioned radio befo
Jan. 27, 2015

What are these ' decision makers' thinking? Obviously nothing. Our D/ FW 8.3 channel got replaced with MORE JUDGE AND CRIME SHOWS...Bring back
ABC To Discontinue Live Well Network
Jan. 27, 2015
It might not air on Wednesday either, if three to five feet of snow fall on the Northeast.CNN (and the other cable news channels) may end up spe
CNN Moves Auschwitz Doc to Wednesday
Jan. 26, 2015

A case of mental health issues or a man who could just no longer take his employer's editorial edict and the facade it represented ?http://scall
Former Fox Station Employee Commits Suicide Outside News Corp. Building
Jan. 26, 2015
If next year's Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary don't take place until after the Super Bowl, expect Super Bowl L to be filled with nasty po
Super Bowl XLIX Ads
Jan. 26, 2015