You are totally correct. Plus it's just so much harder to get so many people's attention directed at one show.
How Seinfeld Mastered Its Domain

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“Time Warner’s sale is signaling impending danger for all. AT&T is not buying Time Warner for its basic cable networks. AT&T is buyi
Wall Street Not Sold On Vertical Integration

Ask people about the network seriously considering dropping the show around Season 3. Good thing it won an Emmy. Nowadays, a potential next-Sei
How Seinfeld Mastered Its Domain

Will there be a season 3,,, Steve Harvey Family Feud
'Family Feud’ Headed to Primetime On ABC

The NHL should look to provide free streaming of NHL Network over the web, subscribers are blacked out of NHL Network broadcasts which is
NHL Network Goes OTT for First Time

Trump Has Your Number
ve7kfm dot net
FCC Fighting 'Hostile Workplace' Charges

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I like the premise, looking forward to it and I hope it is in 4K UHD.
CBS Slates Asteroid Drama ‘Salvation’ for Summer

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I was born on October 1, 1980, and I agree with you that this discussion has become no longer worth the effort.

Stop horsing around- go with 72MHz of spectrum (+ guard bands) and be done with it.

John Willkie
A good first step to make your apparent intellectual age match your actual age is to stop engaging in "limited hangouts." I stand by my estimat