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That's M-E-N-D-T-E, Folks

6/21/2010 09:45:59 AM

Typos happen.

Anyone who deals with the written word for a living makes mistakes with those words, me very definitely included.

But getting the name of a star anchor wrong in a promo is just plain bad.

WPIX New York brought former KYW Philly anchor Larry Mendte on board this past winter to get some buzz for the Tribune station; he started doing “topical commentary” in the 10 p news March 1.

Mendte of course has some notoriety, getting house arrest for hacking former anchor teammate Alycia Lane’s email hundreds of times. 

Granted, “Mendte” is a tricky name, but WPIX’s crew got it wrong in a promo I–and scores of others in DMA No. 1–saw during the Mets-Yankees game on WPIX Saturday. mendte.jpg

C’mon, does M-E-D-N-T-E even look like a name? I can’t even pronounce it.

It’s a challenging time for WPIX, which saw its popular GM, Betty Ellen Berlamino, let go two weeks ago.


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