'24/7 Newsroom' Highlights Best of Local News

We stumbled upon local TV veteran Tom Petner’s newish website, the247newsroom.com. Petner used to be the editor at TVSpy.com (TVSpy of course just announced that they’re part of TV Newser/MediaBistro/etc.), wrote for NewsPro and TVNewsCheck, and before that, worked in the newsrooms at WCBS New York, WCAU Philadelphia, and others.


The site aggregates news content, offers polls on the story du jour, perspective from “Media Mavens,” and job listings.

“News is more than a career,” goes the new site’s tagline, “it’s a 24/7 lifestyle.”

Writes Petner in his introductory note:

If you’re like many in our newsrooms, your job is more than a career, it’s an all-consuming lifestyle from the market where you live to your circle of friends, your decision-making and how you view world events. I hope what you find in the247newsroom will deal realistically with those lifestyle demands and the pressing issues facing today’s broadcast newsrooms. I will strive to make the content timely, without the name calling, put downs and bad mouthing about our business. While I believe there are many things wrong in the broadcast industry and our newsrooms, local news is far from dead - it’s changing. My hope is that the247newsroom will help you stay ahead of the curve and keep you informed about the changes and trends.