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TV Review: Southland

4/09/2009 12:51:50 PM

Southland, the new drama from ER creator John Wells, premieres April 9 at 10 ET on NBC. Watch our ‘BC Review in 90 Seconds’ round-up of what critics thought and check out what others are saying about Southland.

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Southland is unbearable - a pretentious, foul-mouthed, overly arty chore that will leave you with a headache should you linger too long. (Robert Bianco, USA Today)

“Southland” doesn’t steal from “The Wire,” but it is inspired by that HBO show’s intense, intimate look at the inner workings of street crime and beat police work. The first episode is one of the most gripping opening episodes of any network crime series. That’s partly because “Southland” leaves behind the hokey forensics fetishes of “CSI” and the soap-opera anguish of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (Alessandra Stanley, The New York Times)

“Southland” is a little reminiscent of “The Shield”; in this NBC drama, dogs are constantly barking, crimes make little sense and bystanders are too afraid to act as witnesses.” (Maureen Ryan, Chicago Tribune)

Now batting, in place of “ER,” a new cop show starring Ben (”The O.C.”) McKenzie. This show’s got big shoes to fill, at least until Jay Leno takes over this time slot. But judging from the pilot episode, it might just have what it takes. (Marshall Fine, Star)

“Southland” is the more technically accomplished show, as you might expect from “ER” producer John Wells and frequent collaborators like writer Ann Biderman and director Christopher Chulack.” (Alan Sepinwall, New Jersey Star-Ledger)