Reaper: The CW

"Never underestimate the power of goofy energy, which elevates this pilot a cut above most recent ‘nerd as hero’ concepts. Learning that your parents sold your soul to the Devil makes for a bummer of a 21st birthday, but it’s a clever series set-up, albeit one that risks becoming ‘Buddy the Vampire Slayer’ on an episodic basis." (Variety)

"It’s not every day that the funniest new comedy of the fall season is an hour long and littered with thriller and paranormal elements instead of 22 mostly predictable minutes pounding to a laugh-track beat. Then again, it’s not every day that the best new series of the fall is on the CW. That’s not normal, para or otherwise. Reaper, which busts out tonight at 9, is the perfect antidote to the increasingly trumped-up machinations of House and the military-at-play operatics of The Unit. It may also be the first time numerous viewers have to find out where the CW actually is on their dial." (San Francisco Chronicle)

"Last season, the best, most instantly apparent marriage of actor and character arrived with the premiere of NBC’s 30 Rock, as Alec Baldwin channeled a career’s worth of charm and smarm to play TV executive Jack Donaghy.

"On the new CW series Reaper, that same type of career-casting lightning strikes again - the second Ray Wise is introduced as the purported villain of the piece, the Devil…. If I sound too enthusiastic about a series that ends up, in the pilot, being a bit too obsessed with special effects, I apologize. The Devil made me do it. Or at least Ray Wise did." (New York Daily News)


"Wise is one lucky devil. And so are viewers who appreciate lighthearted, supernatural dramas." (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)


"The joy of Reaper, of course, isn’t in the outline. It’s in the details. Directed by slacker-master Kevin Smith and created by Law & Order: SVUveterans Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, Reaper layers its light adventure with a mildly satiric comment on the dangers of generational overindulgence. Sam’s parents failed to give him a sense of purpose, so he’ll now get it from another source.

"Wise has been given a great chance to shine, and he makes the most of it, stealing scenes with such aplomb it may almost be a sin. Still, the show has to be carried by Harrison and Labine, and they seem up to the task." (USA Today

Reaper premieres Tuesday, Sept. 25, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. To see a preview clip, check out the B&C Video Player.