BC Review

Indie Sex: IFC

8/01/2007 09:55:51 AM

Variety: "IFC’s "Indie Sex" provides an intriguing snapshot of where we are and how we got here without delivering much depth…That said, the documentary’s a worthy endeavor, if only to remind us how old, recurring and inevitable the sex-in-movies "controversy" truly is." The Washington Post: "Although the dozens of clips include nothing that technically qualifies as "hard-core" material, there are relatively large amounts of frontal nudity, simulated sex and four-letter commentary. Still, it’s an earnest and intelligent production, not an exploitative peep show." The Hollywood Reporter: "…we are treated to what seems like the long, long history of sex in the cinema and, following on its tail, the history of censorship in the movies. Can’t have one without the other, as we’ve discovered many times before in countless other such docus on the subject. This latest, put together by filmmakers Lisa Ades and Lesli Klainberg, is loaded with such a stockpile of facts that it becomes, after a while, not in the least bit sexy." The Los Angeles Times: "Even four hours will allow only a cursory look at a subject that stretches from "Tarzan and His Mate" to "Blue Velvet" — and whose particular representation is, as always, dependent on the clips available and the budget for licensing them — but the series manages to hit the important historical, philosophical and aesthetic bases."

Compiled by Sarah Outhwaite