Canterbury's Law: Fox

“Here’s what is likely to happen to "Canterbury’s Law." The weak writing will chase away fans of better cable fare who come to Fox to take a peek. And Canterbury’s bleak life (and her choices) will scare away mainstream viewers.” (Tim Goodman, San Francisco Chronicle)

“The writing and production, overseen by "Rescue Me" producers Denis Leary and Jim Serpico, often crackles. ThCanterburys Lawings feel real, even when they seem handily constructed or, in tonight’s pilot, a bit too clipped in tone and timing, trying to do too much at once.” (Diane Werts, Newsday)

“I’m already bored with this show. Don’t we have enough hard-edged people with issues on TV? Don’t Denis Leary, Hugh Laurie, Holly Hunter, Keifer Sutherland and Angie Harmon pretty much have that covered? Apparently, Fox doesn’t think so, because they just added another mad-at-the-world character to their lineup.” (Jane Louise Boursaw, Cinemablend)

“This is a good, old-fashioned legal procedural with few special effects but quite a lot of serious, adult writing. It’s a bit surprising, perhaps, for the action-loving Fox Network, but for those who have always appreciated this actress’s considerable gifts, it is a welcome addition to prime time.” (Gloria Goodale, Christian Science Monitor)

“Those who can get past the amorality of Margulies’ character will be rewarded with a drama that is well written, convincingly played and mature while not salacious. It’s solid but not outstanding theater.” (Tom Jicha, Orlando Sun-Sentinel)

“If your leading ladies don’t have to be saints, you’ll probably enjoy "Canterbury’s Law" and not mind if she colors outside the lines because the picture is so interesting.” (Tom Dorsey, Louisville Courier-Journal)

“The saga of a woman spiraling downward with no end in sight is engrossing, but the legal machinations here are criminally silly. Maybe “Canterbury” will smarten up. It’s on our docket - for the moment.” (Mark Perigard, Boston Herald)