BC Review

Burn Notice: USA

6/28/2007 08:37:56 AM

“If “Burn Notice” can keep up the energy and the inventiveness of its pilot, it’ll be a must-see summer series for me.” (Chicago Tribune) " The dialogue is always to the point, yet it gives even the bit players enough room to create something memorable." (Los Angeles Times) "These folks know how to hit a note, and hold it, which means "Burn Notice" doesn’t wobble around wondering how serious/silly to be. Its pitch is perfect." (Newsday)  "The show is slick and funny and a lotta fun." (New York Post) " A little heavy on exposition…. "Burn" is at its best when Westen is outwitting and outracing bad guys." (Hollywood Reporter) "This show has no illusions of being anything more than a solidly made and terrifically entertaining TV distraction, neat and crisp as citrus soda." (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) "The goal is little more than light, disposable summer entertainment — and the show may even get there, if it can strip away some of its more annoying drags." (USA Today) " The show stumbles at maintaining a breezy tone and a professional sheen." (Orlando Sentinel) "It wants to be a smart-aleck comedy/thriller hybrid in the spirit of Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen, but the jokes are rarely clever enough and the thrills rarely exciting enough." (Newark Star-Ledger) " The pilot is neither thrilling nor funny enough to earn notice." (TV Guide) " Looking for something new and different on TV? It’s not Burn Notice. Looking for some summertime fun? It is Burn Notice." (Philiadelphia Inquirer)

Compiled by Bryon Rudd

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