Holiday Wishes from the FCC

For the last holiday they will all be together on the commission–FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate is leaving at month’s end–B&C asked the five FCC commissioners for a holiday wish for the industry for 2009.

Here are their contributions to the spirit of the season:

FCC Chairman Kevin MartinKevin Martin: "I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday season.  Our nation faces many difficult challenges related to our economy and the impact on businesses and our citizens.  We face difficult challenges together and it is important that we work together in the spirit of this holiday season. For the FCC, the digital television (DTV) transition in February, 2009, is the single most important initiative.  Our priority and responsibility is to bring the benefits of a digital world to the American people as we help usher in expanded broadband services and the Next Generation of wireless innovations.  We are doing all we can to make that transition as smooth as possible. The Commission should be proud of what it has accomplished on this front and it will build on that momentum as we prepare to make this transition early in the new year."

FCC Commissioner Michael CoppsMichael Copps: "Difficult though this Holiday Season is for our economy and consumers, I believe this period will ultimately be remembered more for the historic migration of our media from analog to digital–and the new business models this will enable–than for the current economic downturn which will inevitably pass.  My wish this Holiday Season is that we all keep in mind what Franklin D. Roosevelt assured us and what President-Elect Obama reminds us–hope matters, and if we all pull together, we can weather any storm."

FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell Robert McDowell: "My wish is that during this tough economic time, the FCC will focus on attracting investment and innovation which will create high paying jobs, lower prices and more choices for consumers."


FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor TateDeborah Taylor Tate: "During this joyous season, I hope we will all remember our men and women in the military and those embedded with them and wish them Godspeed home. I also hope that as we count our blessings, we remember those facing difficult economic days and as individuals, corporations, and a nation, assist and support them to the fullest extent possible.  And finally, I hope the uplifting, meaningful, family-friendly, and inspirational music and stories the media provides us during the holidays will continue throughout the new year, bringing us not only enjoyment but peace and comfort for the trying times and issues ahead. Warmest wishes for a blessed and safe holiday season for you and yours!"

FCC Commissioner Jonathan AdelsteinJonathan Adelstein: "May the Holiday Season and New Year refuel the creativity and innovation in the American media — the best media in the world. Challenging times will invariably compel us to focus on what’s most important, to make the most of what we have, and to invent opportunities for the future. So let our can-do spirit reign, because we’re all in this together. And together… yes, we can."