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Super Bowl Ad Expert Surveys the Field

2/02/2010 11:41:16 AM

Clydesdales and Dalmatians will not pull on your football-loving heartstrings during this year’s Super Bowl. Bob Horowitz, president of Juma Entertainment and executive producer of CBS’ Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials 2010 has had a peek at quite a few of the Super Bowl XLIV ads and says there is a lot of frat house humor in this year’s ad roster-something that seems just about as expected on Super Sunday as a Peyton Manning touchdown pass.

Of the ads Horowitz has seen, some of which will be previewed on Greatest Commercials Wednesday night (Feb. 3) at 8 p.m., he predicts CareerBuilder.com and GoDaddy will be water cooler fodder in offices around the country Monday morning. While he didn’t divulge much in the way of specifics, Horowitz says CareerBuilder “pushes the envelope” this year while GoDaddy’s spot features Danica Patrick in a number of famous movie scenes.

For the last few weeks, fans have been voting for their favorite Super Bowl spots of the last decade on CBS.com. On Wednesday night, Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials will count down from number 10 to four, at which point the final three spots will be revealed and fans will be able to vote on the best during the show’s last half hour.

Which snappy spots have caught the eye of the Super Bowl ad expert himself? Horowitz gives praise to last year’s Cedric the Entertainer Budweiser ad and of course Coca-Cola’s classic Mean Joe Greene spot from 1979, which Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials retired last year into the Super Bowl Commercial Hall of Fame.

Horowitz also lauded the FedEx color bars ad in which the company’s ad agency convinced them to place a $2 million Super Bowl spot but didn’t FedEx the ad so it never made air. “[It] shows that you don’t need to pay for animation and have lizards and high-priced talent,” said Horowitz on what made the ad effective. “It’s about clever, and sometimes clever can be achieved by not have to write a big check.” True enough, but dinosaurs stepping on people and Conan O’Brien wearing bunny ears never steered us wrong before.
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