BC Beat

KNBC Redeems Itself

7/29/2008 12:18:52 PM

KNBC Los Angeles arguably redeemed itself today, more than two decades after the infamous desk-diving incident involving the station’s newscasters Kent Shockneck and Christopher Nance.

Upon feeling the effects of a quake here in 1987, Shockneck instructed Nance, who was reporting a different story, the camera crew and seemingly the world to take cover, saying, “Under the desk, under the desk.”

Shockneck pointed his finger in the air and said, “Pardon us,” leaving the televised shot one of an empty anchor desk.

Tuesday morning, Chris Schauble and Jennifer Bjorklund were giving KNBC’s 11 a.m. newscast when a 5.4 quake struck. This time Bjorkland was the one reading a story; Schauble piped in about the quake. They stayed put and began reporting the story out, though clearly affected by their rattling set. (Watch the video here.)

We at B&C’s office in Los Angeles understand newscasters’ reactions to the ground moving beneath them. Today’s temblor certainly got our attention too. That’s why we turned to the local newscasts and the Internet for info on what was happening, what to expect further and what it all meant.

It’s the dead of summer and not much going on, so surely a news director or two had to feel tempted to blow out occasions of spilled milk.

But flipping through the local news, we were glad to see mostly measured reports on the gravity of the situation, info from the experts and every single anchor remaining in their seats.