Industry Tweets That Caught Our Eye: Dec. 8, 2009

Below are B&C’s picks for the top five industry tweets of the day.

@badgate (Research Director, Horizon Media) Will “Young & Restless” be the last soap opera on daytime TV? Show has been highest rated daytime network show for well over one decade.

@JoeNBC  (Joe Scarborough) I played sports and had friends but at night I stayed in my room and listened to Beatles albums and their solo work for years.

@mcuban (Mark Cuban, HDNet Chairman) Life is more fun when you channel your inner Ferris Bueller :)

@CarltonCuse (Writer and Executive Producer, Lost) A beautiful cold crisp day here in LA. The mountains are all rimmed with fresh snow. It makes me think of John Ford.

@kevwilliamson (Writer and Producer, Vampire Diaries) It’s Criminal Minds. I’m not supposed to be sobbing. Poor Andi McPhee!

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