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History Takes Bite Of Discovery's Crabs (Video)

4/14/2011 04:48:05 PM

Looks like the History Channel is putting some teeth into its friendly rivalry with its non-fiction competitors at Discovery Channel.

On Tuesday, when the new season of Discovery’s top rated Deadliest Catch premiered, History apparently slipped a promo for its Swamp People series into the show by buying time from cable operators in a handful of markets. In the promo, History’s characters look at a crab with distain. “Down here in the swamp we use these as bait,” says gator tagger Terral Evans of  Swamp People as he tosses a good-sized crustacean into the jaws of a alligator. “I got your deadliest catch right here.”

This feud likely isn’t over. At its upfront presentation in New York Thursday, Discovery is introducing a new series of its own called Swamp Brothers, which features brothers who run the largest reptile sanctuary and dealership in Florida.

Which recalls that old saying: imitation is the sincerest form of television.

See the Swamp People promo below: