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Balloon Boy Falcon Heene May Have Been on CNN In 2008

10/15/2009 05:09:29 PM

Falcon Heene, the missing boy who had been feared trapped inside of a runaway UFO shaped balloon, dominated cable news coverage this afternoon, with CNN, MSNBC and Fox News providing live, commercial free coverage.

While it broke early that the family appeared on ABC’s Wife Swap, it appears as though Heene and his family also made a brief appearance on CNN in late 2008, according to a iReport filed by his father, Richard Heene.

In the video below, taken from Richard Heene’s iReport page, you can see the entire family, including Falcon, inside the eye of Hurricane Gustav. As the “On CNN” logo in the corner shows, it appears CNN used the footage on the channel [UPDATE-the “On CNN” logo is only on the video’s iReport page, not the embedded video, but it is there].

Richard Heene has two other videos on his page, both of which show “evidence” claiming that there is a hidden civilization on Mars, which may explain the strange balloon the family was constructing in their backyard.