Standard Media Index

Standard Media Index

TV Ad Spending Rose 4% in May

by Jon Lafayette | June 21, 2016

Ad spending on TV rose 4% in May as media buyers and the television networks negotiated upfront ad deals

TV Ad Spending Rose 5% in April

by Jon Lafayette | May 19, 2016

TV advertising revenue rose 5% in April, according to data from research company Standard Media Index. The

TV Ad Revenues Grew 4% in Q1

by Jon Lafayette | April 21, 2016

March was a mixed month for TV advertising, with a big gain on the broadcast networks nearly offset by

TV Ad Spending Rose 5% in February

by Jon Lafayette | March 17, 2016

Advertising spending on TV was up 5% in February from a year ago, according to research company Standard

TV Ad Spending Rises 1% in January

by Jon Lafayette | February 22, 2016

The TV industry got off to a positive start in 2016 with ad spending up 1% in January, according to new



Ratings Slide for ‘Dead’ Could Cut AMC Ad Sales

Jul 26, 2016 - Analyst Nathanson asks if stock will turn into a zombie... More


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